Shot Types of a Romantic Comedy


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Shot Types of a Romantic Comedy

  1. 1. By Emily Barrett
  2. 2. Over the Shoulder ShotOver the shoulder shots are typically used to show that a conversationbetween two characters is taking place. In this screen shot, you can seeEmma’s body language and facial expression which appears to be happyand relaxed. This supports the idea that these two characters are goodfriends and have been for while due to the idea that she is comfortableenough to be in nightwear around him as he is being shirtless around her.As shot like this also has the potential to establish a relationship betweentwo characters which in this shot could be just friends or illustrate that itcould be more as the film progresses.
  3. 3. Two ShotTwo shots are used throughout romantic comedy’s for the purpose ofshowing how the relationship develops throughout the film. A two shot isalso used in order to show a particular relationship between twocharacters. This is also a mid shot which means that we are able to seetheir body’s upwards but not their legs. The expressions that thecharacters show in this shot gives off a sense of awkwardness and sexualtension knowing that something is about to happen between the twocharacters. The relationship that these characters seem to have is perhapsthe idea that they are at the start of the relationship where everything isnew and tense.
  4. 4. Close-upClose up’s allowed the audience to see just the characters face in order tomake a judgment on what they might be feeling or thinking. In romanticcomedy’s, these shots are usually used to show whether a character mightbe in love, hurt or rejected. In this screen shot you see Adam staring downat Emma’s lips which makes it obvious to the audience that he hasfeelings which are much more intense than the feelings someone mighthave towards a friend. Additionally, from this moment on it comes to lightthat whether the characters like it or not, they are bound to fall in lovewith each other when they share an experience such a this.
  5. 5. Mid-ShotIn romantic comedy’s, these shots are used frequently in order todetermine the characters body language towards the other character tosee whether they are shy around each other, care for one another etc. Inthis screen grab you can see that Adam is looking comfortable and relaxedwhereas Emma on the other hand is looking quite stiff and awkward. Thisconnotes that they are maybe both feeling different towards theirrelationship, Emma is feeling like it may be moving to fast or that it isn’tright and Adam’s feelings for Emma are becoming more intense andwants the relationship to proceed further.
  6. 6. Long ShotWith a long shot the audience is able to see the characters entire bodyalong with some of the scenery. Long shots can determine how muchspace the characters have around them and how close the two maincharacters are to one another which can be a good judgement for anaudience on how much they like/dislike each other at that period in thefilm. In this screen grab you see Adam with his back to Emma whichillustrates that at this point in the film their relationship is beginning toshow it’s flaws.
  7. 7. Extreme Long ShotAn extreme long shot is typically used in order for the audience to see thescenery where the characters are. In romantic comedy’s the scenery willusually be of a famous landmark or town so the audience can relate tofilm. Within this screen shot, you can see that the scenery juxtaposes theaction of the two characters because the lighting is romantic and it’s atnight time where the characters are fighting and arguing. Shot’s like thisalso allow the audience to get a sense of the ambiance and a feel of whatthe characters may be feeling.