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  • The rise of the app industry can be directly traced to the launch of the Apple App Store in 2008 for iPods, which single-handly marked the start of the app revolution.
  • Transcript

    • 1. You Say You Want a Revolution: smartphones, tablets and the rise of the app
      By: @emilyadavies
      FILM 315
      Photo by: Scott Kleinberg-Flickr
    • 2. Photo by: Aaron Escobar-Flickr
    • 3. A phone was just for talking?
    • 4. When computers were bound to a desk?
    • 5. Enter: Smartphone
    • 6. Image by: NewComTech-flickr
      1.2 billion mobile phones were sold in 2009
      19% of all phones sold were smartphones
    • 7. Photo by: ianfogg42-flickr
      Smartphones have changed the way the world communicates. More than just a phone, Smartphones act as HANDHELD COMPUTERS.
    • 8. The typical cell phone user now spends 30% of their cell phone usage on data.
      Image by: Carly & Art-flickr
    • 9. Image by: William Hook-flickr
      The average iPhone user spends 55% of their cellphone usage on non-talking activities.
    • 10. Image by: mikepj-flickr
      The rise of the app industry can directly be traced to Apple’s launch of its “App Store” in 2008, which single-handily marked the start of the app revolution.
    • 11. The App Store originally launched with 500 available apps in July 2008.
      Image by: podsix-flickr
      The App Store opened
      By June 2010, 225 000+ apps were available to download.
    • 12. But Apple isn’t alone….
    • 13. Google and RIM are competing with Apple with their Android and Blackberry OS operating systems.
    • 14. ANDROID
      Image by: leolankan-flickr
      • Launched October 2008
      • 15. Growing by 886% each year
      • 16. 150,000 available apps on Android Market
      • 17. Open source
    • Blackberry
      Image by: ArtistOnline-flickr
      • Blackberry App World launched April 2009
      • 18. 35,000 registered App developers
      • 19. 3 million+ daily downloads
      • 20. 25,000 available apps on App World
    • Regardless of your platform, there’s now an app for practically everything.
    • 21. Enter: Tablet
      Image by: The Life of Ty-flickr
    • 22. According to a 2011 AdMob survey:
      • 43% of respondents said they spend more time on their tablets than their desktops and laptops.
      • 23. 68% of people said they us their tablets for about an hour a day
      • 24. 84% use their tablets primarily for games
      • 25. 28% use their tablet as their primary computer
      Image by: Axel Burhmann-flickr
      Image by: Luis Alberto Arjona Chin-flickr
    • 26. Image by: Carrie Bradshaw-flickr
      The AdMob survey also found that people spend more time with their tablets than reading books.
    • 27. Mobile apps have the ability to store more information than found in any public library or museum.
    • 28. The rise of the app has made traditional books an endangered species
      Image by: Dioctria (David)-flickr
    • 29. Image by: brianpcurran-flickr
    • 30. List of Sources
      All Images