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  1. 1. Stockholm December 10th 2012DEAR KARATE SENSEI!Enclosed please find invitation and entry form to the SWEDISH KATA TROPHY,Saturday, 16th of March, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.The Swedish Kata Trophy, with its main purpose to support and promote traditionalJapanese karate-do, has today become one of the largest karate tournaments in Sweden.Last year we had 65 schools from 7 different countries with a total of 650 individualentries and 20 teams participating!Our aim is to organize an international event all through and we are doing so by invitingWKF-judges from Europe along with high skilled competitors in order to get as highquality as possible.We use the WKF-rules.“Old boys/ladies”, category D-F, no demand for a new kata each round but stillrepecharge. Children categories no demand for new kata each round and no repecharge!BUDO NORD, this great supplier of martial arts equipment, is our main sponsor andhas been so for many years. They are going to be present at the tournamentsite with agreat variety of items for sale.I hope that you and your students are able to participate in this event and helping usmaking the Swedish Kata Trophy an entirely international tournament!Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden, and the Swedish Kata Trophy 2013!Best regardsPer-Ola OlssonOrganizerSweden Inoue-ha Shito-ryu kai
  2. 2. SWEDISH KATA TROPHY 2013 International Open Kata Tournament STOCKHOLM Competition venue: ERIKSDALSHALLEN Saturday March 16th 2013MALE FEMALESeniors SeniorsA from 16 years A from 16 yearsB 1-3 kyu B 1-3 kyuC 4 kyu - C 4 kyu -D 35-39 years D 35-39 yearsE 40-49 years E 40-49 yearsF 50- years F 50-yearsJuniors 16-17 years Juniors 16-17 yearsG GCadets 14-15 years Cadets 14-15 yearsH HTeams TeamsI-Team: Male team from 16 years I-Team: Female team from 16 yearsJ-Team: Male cadets team 14-15 years J-Team: Female cadets team 14-15 yearsCHILDRENS COMPETITIONBoys kata A: B7A, B8A, B9A, B10A, B11A, B12A, B13A, more than 2 years trainingBoys kata B: B7B, B8B, B9B, B10B, B11B, B12B, B13B, less than 2 years trainingGirls kata A: G7A, G8A, G9A, G10A, G11A, G12A, G13A, more than 2 years trainingGirls kata B: G7B, G8B, G9B, G10B, G11B, G12B, G13B, less than 2 years trainingTeams (boys, girls or mixed under 14 years)B/G 1 7-10 yearsB/G 2/ 11-13 years
  3. 3. Date: Saturday March 16th 2013Place: STOCKHOLM: Competition venue: Eriksdalshallen, Ringvägen 70, Metro station: SkanstullSchedule: Children`s competition starts at 10 am. Seniors, Juniors and Cadet categories start about 13.00 amRules: WKF-rules. “Old boys/ladies” (category D-F): no demand for different kata in each round but repecharge. All children categories: no demand for different kata in each round, no repecharge and no bunkai for children team-kata.Entry fee: Seniors, Juniors and Cadets 300 SEK/category Children under 14 years 250 SEK/category Team – children 600 SEK/team Team - cadets and seniors 800:- SEK/team Foreign competitors: Please pay at the registration desk in the competition hall.Entry form to: Minakami Karate Dojo c/o Olsson Farkostvägen 4, 6tr S-181 35 LIDINGÖ, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN E-mail: Deadline March 9th 2013INFORMATION: Mr.Per-Ola Olsson, phone/fax +46-8-643 83 11, mobile: +46-70-635 30 18 E-mail: peo.olsson@inoue.seAccommodation: Stockholm Visitors Board. Phone +46 8 789 24 90, Zinkensdamm, Hotel / Youth Hostel, Zinkens väg 20, Stockholm Phone +46-8-616 81 10, Fax +46-8-616 81 20, Mail Skanstull, Hotel / Youth Hostel, Ringvägen 135 Subway station Skanstull Phone +46 8 643 02 04 Hotel Formule 1, Mikrofonvägen 30, Västberga Phone +46-8-744 20 44, Fax +46-8-744 20 47 Organizer: Sweden Inoue-ha Shito-ryu Keishinkai SUPPORTED BY THE SWEDISH KARATE FEDERATION
  4. 4. Entry form Swedish Kata Trophy 2013Club: _____________________________ Phone/fax: ____________________Contact: ___________________________ E-mail: ______________________Male/boy Name Category1. Name Category1. Name Category1.2.Kata Judge Name Licence1.2.Send to: Minakami Karate Dojo, c/o Olsson Farkostvägen 4, 6tr, S-181 35 LIDINGÖ, STHLM Phone/Fax +46-8-643 83 11 Return entry form before March 9th 2013