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Emilioblog40th ekf juniors_konya

  1. 1. Organising Commitee : Turkish Karate Federation : Ulus İş Hanı Kat 5 Ulus ANKARA : Tel : + 90 312 310 61 90 : Fax : + 90 312 309 32 62 : Mobile : + 90 532 560 18 59 : E-mail : karate@karate.gov.tr : turkey@karate.gov.tr
  2. 2. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships It is for me and for all of the components of the European karate family agreat pleasure to visit, for the first time ever in an official EKF event, the city ofKonya in Turkey. More than 40 European countries are going to meet in Konyaaround these European Cadet and Junior Championships - as well as under 21European Cup - and around karate, a sport that is proving day by day not onlyhow deep it is merged in our society but also the added value that its practicegives irrespective of age and condition. The Turkish Karate Federation is one of the most important sources ofbrilliant Karate athletes for both the European Karate Federation and the WorldKarate Federation, for both qualitative and quantitative reasons. We are aware ofthe progress that karate has experienced in the country and how positively it hasbeen contributing to the worldwide development of our sport. We also want to congratulate the Turkish Federation for the commitment,professionalism and interest shown for the successful organization of theseChampionships, and wish that this event will serve to further promote karatepopularity and practice throughout the country. In the name of the whole European Karate, thank you for your inestimablecontribution, and be sure that we all will enjoy unforgettable days in Konya. Antonio Espinos President of the European Karate Federation
  3. 3. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate ChampionshipsDear Friends,First of all, I am very excited to welcome you to the EKF’s 40th European Cadet,Junior Karate Championships, and the 5th Under-21 Cup 2013, which is beinghosted this year on 8, 9, 10th February 2013 in Konya, Turkey.This city, known as a center of ancient civilizations dating back over 10,000years to neolithic times, where mankind began living in settled communities forthe very first time in nearby Catalhoyuk Konya, is located in the center ofAnatolia, Turkey, with a population of over one million.Konya is also known as the hometown of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, a great Sufipoet and mystic philosopher, and the founder of Whirling Dervishes.Dear Karate family, we in Konya feel very proud to welcome you all, and I hopeeveryone will retain unforgettable memories of friendship, love and peace tocarry to their hometowns in Europe.Enjoy Konya, Enjoy Turkey.I am looking forward to see you together with the European Karate family inKonya.Sincerely YoursEsat DELIHASANPresidentTurkish Karate Federation
  4. 4. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships Organising Commitee Mr.Esat DELIHASAN President Turkish Karate Federation Mr.Abidin Hikmet YANARTAS Mr. Ramazan ORUC Deputy President of TKF Vice President of TKF E-mail : karate@karate.gov.tr E-mail : turkey@karate.gov.tr Gsm : + 90 532 560 18 59 Championships Official Organiser Mr. Mustafa Nesimi TELLI GSM:+90 555 962 94 72e-mail : mustafa@niraturizm.com
  5. 5. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships Welcome to Konya Konya is a city in Central Anatolia, Turkey, which has protected its name for centuries. Legend says that Perseus killed a dragon that had been ravaging the town. The people set up a special monument to honor him, a stone obelisk with an icon of Perseus carved in it. This event gave the city it’s name, Ikonyon, Ikonyum, Iconium. However, among Muslims, another legend is told. Two dervishes, friends of Allah, were making an excursion through the skies from the far away countries of Horasan toward the west. When they flew over the lands of central Anatolia, one asked the other, “Shall I land?” (”Konayim mi?”). The other answered, “Sure, land.” (”Kon ya!”) So, they landed and founded the city of Konya.Mevlana Mosque,Archaeology shows that the Konya region is one of the most ancient settlements of Anatolia. Theresults of excavations in Catalhöyük, Karahöyük, Cukurkent and Kucukoy show the region wasinhabited as far back as the Neolithic Period (Late Stone Age) of BC 7000. Other settlers of the citybefore Islam were; the Calcolitic Period (Copper Age) civilizations, Bronze Age civilizations,Hittites, Frigians, Lidians, Persians, Romans and finally Byzantines.Konya is an important place for Christians as well because St. Paul and St. Barnabas came to thecity on one of their journeys in Asia Minor around 50 AD. St. Paul preached in Konya but theyangered both Jews and Gentiles so they had to leave the city and went to Derbe and Lystra.The first exposure of the city to Islam happened during the time of the Caliph Muaviya. Later,attacks made by Arabic Muslims, whether Emevi’s or Abbasi’s, yielded no results. Konya’s realmeeting with and adopting of Islam began some time after the victory of Seljuks at Malazgirt in1071, in the time of Kutalmisoglu Suleyman. The attacks of the Crusaders from 1076 to the end ofthe 12th century could not wrench the city from Islam.
  6. 6. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships KONYAMevlana Museum,Konya was the capital of Seljuks between 1071 and 1308. In 1220 Alaaddin Keykubad I repaired the city wallsand decorated them with towers. But the city has been the site of a power - struggle between the Seljuks,Karamanoglu’s, Mongols, and Ilhan’s and it changed hands a few times. In the time of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, in1466, Konya joined the lands of the Ottoman Empire. The first general census was made by the sultan andrepeated in the time of Bayazit II, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, and Murad III.In the time of Kanuni Suleyman, the city, which had been named as Karaman ili, reached the status of statehood.The borders of the Karaman state, which included the regions of Larende (Karaman), Seydisehri, Beysehri,Nigde, Kayseri (Cesarea), Aksaray, Maras, Elbistan, and Bozok, were reduced when Maras became its own stateand Bozok was added to another state.Konya was affected by the Celali Rebellion. This rebellion was an outcome of the instability in the Ottomangovernment and land orders in the Ottoman army was defeated by the command of Ibrahim Pasa, Grand Vizirof Sultan Suleyman, in the Battle of Konya.Mevlana Shrine Mevlana Whirling Dervishe
  7. 7. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships KONYAThe borders of the province of Konya, which was set up in 1867, included Nigde, Isparta, Icel and Teke Sanjaks. In thesame year, the city was affected by a big fire and in 1873 suffered a serious famine.In the 19th century the city appeared shabby and neglected and the city walls were in ruins and even the mosqueswere in terrible conditions. Many of the more recent houses were made of bricks and their lifespan was not morethan 100-150 years. Commercial activity was slow. But at the end of the century, in 1896, after the railway toEskisehir was opened, commercial activity was revived. After 1902, farming with machines developed. The period ofsultan Abdul Hamid II was a productive one for Konya. Transport, education and restoration works flourished the cityas they did in the whole of the country.Jalaluddin Rumi Shrine, Kilistra,The First World War caused the decrease of manpower in Konya and throughout the country. During theoccupation of Anatolia by the Allies, Konya’s railway station was run by the British (January 1919). TheItalian powers which occupied the city in April 1919, left the city in March 1920 during the IndependenceWar led by Atatürk. The most important place to visit in Konya is Mevlana’s Mausoleum, the mystic poeton the way of sufism and the founder of the Whirling Dervish order. Apart from that there is KaratayMedrese, which was a theological school used as tiles museum today, Alaaddin Keykubat Mosque from12th century and Ince Minare (Thin Minaret) Mosque.
  8. 8. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships HISTORICAL KONYA PHOTOS ,Alaeddin Mosque at Alaattins Hill View of the Mevlâna museum, the şadırvan and the green dome.
  9. 9. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUPKarate Championships THE VENUE SELCUKLU MUNICIPAL SPORT HALL Spectators - 5000 Capacity of Stands : Stand of Press – 250 persons Delegation of Stand – 200 persons Number of 3 Sauna Number of 4 Press Rest Hall, Generator is present Number of 1 doping Control Room Number of 4 Meeting Room Number of 4 Training Hall Number of 10 Dressing Room Number of 5 Shower Room Number of 5 WC Number of 1 VIP Hall
  10. 10. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships Accommodation ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE UNTIL 1ST OF JANUARY 2013. The hotels, contracted for the 40th European Cadet, Junior and Under 21 years Karate Championships, are located in the city centre of Konya and in 5 km’s area. The number of rooms available is limited and a first come (with a downpayment of 100% paid) first serve policy will be followed. CANCELLATION CONDITIONS : At least 60 days prior to arrival: free of charge 45 days prior to arrival: 25% of the total price for the booking 30 days prior to arrival: 40% of the total price for the booking 15 days prior to arrival: 75% of the total price for the booking 7 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total price for the booking Please also note, when making changes to your initial reservation, the first change is free of charge, from the second change onwards, the charge is 50,00€/change to cover office fees. DEADLINE FOR RESERVATIONS IS BEFORE 1st, January 2013 Hotels, transfers and entry tickets can be booked only through the Turkish Karate Federation Bank Account INTERNATIONAL EURO BANK ACCOUNT NAME OF ACCOUNT: NIRA TOURS TRAVEL AGENCY COMPANY BANK NAME : SEKERBANK SWIFT CODE: SKTRXX2AI IBAN NO : TR 310005902320130232002409
  11. 11. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championships Official Hotels Accommodation on bed and breakfast basis Prices in Euro(€) per room and night: (1 Euro = 2.20 TL) (Prices are bed and breakfast included) CLASS SINGLE DOUBLE TRIPLE MEAL LUNCH or ROOM ROOM ROOM DİNNER (EACH COURSE) (per room) (per room) EURO EURO EURO EURO5 STAR 80 120 180 204 STAR (HQ) 75 115 170 183 STAR 60 80 115 No2 STAR 50 70 100 No Name of Hotel Category Km. from Sport Hall Km. from AIRPORT1 DEDEMAN KONYA HOTEL 5 STAR 11 KM 14 KM2 HİLTON GARDEN INN (HQ) 4 STAR 13 KM 15 KM3 DERYA HOTEL 3 STAR 13 KM 17 KM4 BAYKARA HOTEL 3 STAR 9 KM 12 KM5 ŞATO HOTEL 2 STAR 15 KM 18 KM CONTACT FOR HOTEL ACCOMODATION Mr. Mustafa Nesimi TELLI GSM:+90 555 962 94 72 e-mail : mustafa@niraturizm.com
  12. 12. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship Registration The registration of the delegations will be at the Headquarters Hotel HOTEL HILTON GARDEN INN KONYA subject to the following schedule: Thursday 7th of February: from 10.00 hrs. to 18.00 hrs. Each Delegation should bring their national anthem and two national flags. Istanbul to Konya Turkish Airlines from İSTANBUL ATATURK AIRPORT: to KONYA: TK2042 00.05 – TK2032 08.10 -TK2036 14.05 - TK2038 22.20 http://www.turkishairlines.com PAGASUS Airlines : ISTANBUL S.GOKCEN AIRPORT to KONYA: PGT4184 09.20 - PGT4188 20.05 - PGT182 21.20 http://www.flypgs.com For railway options from Ankara to Konya;NEW ROUTE! A brand-new high-speed line linking Ankara with Konya opened in August 2011. 250 km/h(150mph) high-speed trains with economy and business class air-conditioned seating and a cafe-bar car now linkthese cities in just 1 hour 40 minutes. The service shown here is the expanded service from 1 December 2011, itmay be further increased to an hourly service as traffic builds up, and there may be further cuts to journey timetoo. The journey from Ankara to Konya is around 309 km (193 miles), including 212 km of new high-speed line.The Turkish term for high-speed train is YHT or Yüksek Hızlı Tren. Ankara ► Konya Konya ► AnkaraDeparts Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily DailyAnkara 07:00 09:30 12:00 14:30 17:00 19:30 21:45Konya 08:52 11:12 13:55 16:22 18:55 21:20 23:37 Konya 07:00 09:30 12:00 14:30 17:00 19:30 21:45arrive:
  13. 13. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship Ankara 08:45 11:21 13:46 16:21 18:51 21:14 23:31 Fares Business class Economy classTL 30 (£11 or $17) TL 20 (£7 or $11) All fares one-way per person. Return tickets cost 20% less than the cost of two one-way fares. Children under 8go free, children 8-11 travel for half the adult fare, children 12 & over must pay the adult fare. For moreinformations please visit www.tcdd.gov.tr Airport Transfers The organisation will provide the transfer from Konya airport to the official hotels and vice versa for those delegations that contract this service through the Turkish Karate Federation in accordance with EKF regulations. Airport – Hotel -Airport Transfer fee is 20 euros per person. Sale Advertising and Marketing Inquiries Please address all subject enquiries to Mr. Mustafa Nesimi TELLI Mobil: +90 555 962 94 72 Training Facilities The organisation will provide the countries, which make the relevant application in time, with a place for training, 7th February, 2013, all one day are inclusive. This application must be received before the 5th January 2013. Transport to the training area, 15 Euro (return) per person, will only be available from the official hotels. Restaurant in the Stadium Turkish Karate Federation will open restaurant in the stadium for the participants. Restaurant will be OPEN BUFFET at 18 Euro per person including one drink and water.
  14. 14. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship Entrance Tickets Entrance to the stadium is free of charge. Farewell Party The party will be held at the HQ hotel on 10.02.2013 from 21.00hrs. to 24.00 hrs. The entry ticket covers entrance, free transportation from and to all official hotels. The ticket price is 15 € per person. Tickets will be sold in the Turkish Karate Federation stand at the Sporthall. All the payments will be done in Euro (Currency) in cash upon arrival in Konya to the Organising Commitee. Media TV The EKF has all the rights related to the European Karate Championships. It means that only the persons with EKF’s permit can take professional photos or videos during the competition. In other words e.g. cameras/video cameras with tripod are prohibited in the sports arena. Should you need more information about press or media related issues, please contact The European Karate Federation´s office in Madrid. EKF APPROVED ITEMSImportant: The use of the WKF Face Mask and new Body Protector is compulsory for Kumite Cadet Categories male &female). It can be purchased from the distritutors of the five WKF approved companies, those details can be found atWKF web site www.wkf.net) The WKF Face Mask can also be purchased at the stands area in the Selcuklumunicipality Sports Hall stands area on the Competition Days.
  15. 15. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship EKF APPROVED ITEMS TRADEMARK MAIN OFFICE SPORTS MASTERS AUSTRALIA P/L 105-111 Jardine st. - Fairy Meadow 2519 NSW Australia Phone: +612-42834363 Fax: +612-42855512 e-mail: sales@sports-master.com PRIDE 410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022, USA www.prideuc.com E-mail: info@prideuc.com Contact Person: Joseph R. McDonald, jmcd@prideuc.com WACOKU No. 168-13, CHYUAN-SHING, Lii. SHIN-HUAH, TAINAN, TAIWAN. R.O.C. Telf: 886-6-5982133 / Fax: 886-6-5970840 e-mail:twitower@ms43hinet.net http.//www.wacaku.com http.//www.twintower.com.twWKF APPROVED Trademarks for sports items will also be permitted.
  16. 16. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship Insurance All participants and members of delegations must effect their own medical insurance an personal trip insurance. The Turkish Karate Federation and the European Karate Federation are taking no liability for these concepts. Note that plain medical insurance is not enough, but the insurance has to have e.g. repatriation option. For further information please see Competition Rules Article 18 point 3. The chief of the delegation have to sign the enclosed term of responsibility and return it by 5th january 2013 at the latest. Passport/Visa Travel DocumentsEntry visa is required for the following countries: AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATEARMENIA HUNGARY RUSSIA AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATEAUSTRIA IRELAND SCOTLAND AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATEBELARUS MALTA SLOVAKIA AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATEBELGIUM NORWAY SPAINCYPRUS AT THE BORDER GATE POLAND AT THE BORDER GATE UKRAINE VİSA CONSULATE AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATE AT THE BORDER GATEENGLAND PORTUGAL WALES For any kind of change kindly visit;All visa applications are given in thehttp://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa
  17. 17. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship OFFICIAL HOTELS HOTEL HILTON GARDEN INN KONYA 4 STARS (HQHOTEL) The Hilton Garden Inn Konya is located near the "Mevlana Culture Center". The hotel is within walking distance to Mevlana Museum and city center, and 20 minutes away from the airport. Our warm and inviting standard Guest Rooms are equipped with the latest in technology and ergonomic comfort for maximum convenience. The luxurious Garden Sleep System® will help ensure a perfect nights sleep and the ergonomic Mirra® desk chair by Herman Miller is beneficial for your posture and better for work. The work area is comfortable and convenient. 228 comfortably decorated and modern guest rooms Equipped with latest technology, 2 day lighted meeting rooms with 110 people capacity each In conference plan, up to 475 people; in seated dinner plan up to 290 people capacity ball-room 24-hour workout facility and Stay Fit Kit(TM) available for check-outThe Lobby Bar offering refreshing cocktails and a rich selection of international drinks 24-hour Pavilion Pantry(TM) convenience market HOTEL DEDEMAN KONYA (5 STARS) Our 5 star luxury hotel offers 206 comfortable guest rooms, several spacious multifunctional rooms a well equipped Business & Congress Center, and a luxurious Health center, as well as many other facilities to ensure your stay is enjoyable. Situated in the heart of Konya Turkey, The Dedeman Konya Hotel is the ideal location for both business trips and holidays in Turkey. Within walking distance to the city center and part of a chic neighborhood in Konya, Turkey with the shopping malls nearby, our 5 star luxury hotel has become a landmark in the city for its blend of modern architecture, advanced technology, superior comfort and aesthetic interiors. The Dedeman Konya Hotel & Convention Center offers "Traditional Dedeman Hospitality" with an eye for detail, and promises a memorable experience in the center of Konya. Providing superlative accommodation and events services at the heart of Anatolia, the Dedeman Konya Hotel & Convention Center is located 14 km from the airport, 7 km from the coach bus station, 4 km from Mevlana Museum and 45 km from Çatalhöyük, next door to Konya’s biggest shopping center within walking distance to the city center. The Ankara, Adana and Mersin highways are also a few minutes drive away.
  18. 18. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship HOTEL DERYA KONYA 3 STARS Admiral Hotel, 46 rooms, 90 beds capacity and accommodate your beautiful spot. Care and hygiene, be able to catch all the details from decoration to service different atmosphere, Admiral Hotel "in Rumi" home "is. Rooms, TV, wireless internet connection, air conditioning, telephone, mini-fridge, bathroom and a work desk. HOTEL BAYKARA KONYA 3 STARS HOTEL SATO KONYA 2 STARS
  19. 19. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP r things to know Karate Championship Other things to knowTime Zone GMT+2Currency TL (Turkish Lira)Foreing Currency Entrance: UnlimitedVoltage: 220Volt/50HzVaccination Need: NoMajority Religion MuslimWeights and sizes: Metric SystemRecommended Clothes: On February: winter clothes; temperature7 February: 5° -4° 8 February: 5° -4° 9 February: 5° -4° 10 February: 5° -4°Shooping Schedule: Shops - From 9:00 to 21.00 hours. From Monday to Saturday Supermarkets and food shops – From 8:00 to 23:00.Credit cards for shopping: Diners Club International, VISA,Mastercard,American Express etc.Banks Schedule: From 9:00 to 17.00 hours. From Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday Closed.Cellular Companies: Turkcell, Aycell, Wodafone, AveaHospital +90 (332) 235 45 00 Useful Web Sites and NumbersGeneral Directorate Youth and Sport www.gsgm.gov.trTurkish Karate Federation www.karate.gov.trTurkish Airlines www.thy.com.trState Railways www.tcdd.gov.trPolice 155First Aid 112Info 118
  20. 20. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship 8/9/10 of February – Konya (Turkey) Event`s Programme Thursday,7th February 201310:00 – 18:00 Registration of Delegations HQ Hotel BATI 1–2 Hall15:00 – 16:30 Referee Comission Meeting HQ Hotel BALO 1 Hall16:30 - 17:30 Licence Renewall Examination HQ Hotel BALO 1 Hall17:00 – 18:00 Medical Comission Meeting HQ Hotel DOGU 1 Hall18:00 – 19:00 Antidoping Comission Meeting HQ Hotel DOGU 1 Hall19:00 – 20:00 Technical Comission Meeting HQ Hotel DOGU 1 Hall18:00 – 19:00 Referees and Judges Meeting HQ Hotel BALO 1 Hall20:00 Hours Open Draw to all Coaches HQ Hotel BALO 1 Hall THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE9th OF FEBRUARY 2013 AT THE HQ HOTEL BATI HALL 1-2 09.00-11.00 h.
  21. 21. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship COMPETITION PROGRAMME Friday, 8/ February 2013 INDIVIDUAL CADET PROGRAMMEWeight in Cadet 10:00 – 11:45 Eliminations & Repechages Male & Female Kata cadet and Female Kata under 21 11:45 – 13:15 Eliminations & Repechages Male (-52, -57, -63 Kg) 13:15 – 14:45 Eliminations & Repechages Female (-47, -54, +54 Kg) 14:45 – 16:15 Eliminations & Repechages Male ( -70, +70 Kg) 16:15 – 17:15 Opening Ceremony 17:15 – 17:25 Final Male and Female Kata 17:25 – 17:35 Medals Award 17:35 – 17:50 Final Male Kumite -52, -57, -63 Kg. 17:50 – 18:05 Medals Award 18:05 – 18:20 Final Female Kumite -47, -54, +54 Kg. 18:20– 18:35 Medals Award 18:35 – 18:45 Final Male Kumite -70, +70 Kg. 18:45 – 18:55 Medals Award Saturday, 9/February 2013 JUNIOR PROGRAMMEWeight in Junior Eliminations & Repechages Male & Female Kata and 10:00 – 11:45 Male Kata under 21 11:45 – 13:30 Eliminations & Repechages Male Kumite (-55, -61, -68 Kg) 13:30 – 15:00 Eliminations & Repechages Female Kumite (-48, -53, -59 Kg) 15:00 – 16:30 Eliminat. & Repech. Female Kumite (+59)& Male(-76,+76 Kg) 16:30 – 16:45 Final Male & Female (Individual) Kata 16:45 – 16:55 Medals Award 16:55 – 17:10 Final Male Kumite (-55, -61, -68 Kg) 17:10 – 17:25 Medals Award 17:25 – 17:40 Final Female Kumite (-48 , -53, -59 Kg) 17:40 – 17:55 Medals Award 17:55 – 18:10 Final Female Kumite ( +59 ) & Male ( -76, +76 Kg) 18:10 – 18:25 Medals Award
  22. 22. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship COMPETITION PROGRAMME Sunday, 10/ February 2013 JUNIOR TEAM & UNDER 21 PROGRAMMEWeight in under – 21 10:00 – 11:30 Eliminations & Repechages Male & Female (TEAM) Kata 11:30 – 13:00 Eliminations & Repechages Female (-53, -60, +60 Kg ) 13:00 – 14:30 Eliminations & Repechages Male (-68, -78, +78 Kg ) 14:30 – 14:45 Final Female (-53, -60, +60 Kg ) 14:45 – 15:00 Medals Award 15:00 – 15:15 Final Male (-68, -78, +78 Kg ) 15:15 – 15:30 Medals Award 15:30 – 15:50 Final Male & Female (TEAM) Kata 15:50 – 16:00 Medals Award – 21 Weighunder Closing Ceremony 16:00FRIDAY Weight in Cadet10:00 – 10:30 Male -52, -57, -63, -70, +70 Kg.11:00 – 11:30 Female -47, -54, +54 Kg.SATURDAY Weight in Junior10:00 – 10:30 Male -55 -61 -68 -76 +76 Kg.11:00 – 11:30 Female -48 -53 -59 +59Kg.SUNDAY Weight in under – 2110:00 - 10:30 Male -68, -78, +78 kg.11:00 - 11:30 Female -53, -60, +60 Kg.
  23. 23. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship TERMS OF RESPONSIBILITY To be filled, signed sent back before by 1st january 2013 I, the undersigned, as the Chief of Delegation of my country, duly enrolled th to participate in the 40 European Karate Championships, which will be held in Konya, Turkey, from the 8th to the 10th of February 2013, with fully knowledge of the Statutes, the Rules and the Norms of The EUROPEAN KARATE FEDERATION, pledge myself to faithfully accomplish the regulations of this before mentioned entity, and I take any and all administrative, civil and criminal responsabilities of whatever happens to our athletes, coaches and other members of our delegation participating in this championship, before, during and after the competition, such as physical injuries, personal expenses, or monetary debts and casual material damages to the hotels, the venue, means of transportation etc. Furthermore, I exempt from any legal, civil or criminal responsibilities the organizers of the Championships, the EKF and the Turkish Karate Federation, its directors, as well as any person, company, or entity related to the event (sponsors, public and private entities). I authorize the organizers of the event to use images, photos and the names of our competitors and other members of our delegation (since it is considered necessary) for the sport activities and publications of karate, related to the event, without any monetary compensation. Country/Nation: Surname,First name: Passport number & expiry date: Credit Card details & expiry date: Position in the federation: Address: Tel.-no.: Fax & email: Fill in, stamp, sign and send to:Organizing Committee :European Cadets and Juniors Karate ChampionshipsTurkish Karate FederationUlus İşhanı Kat 5 Ulus Ankara Turkey SignatureFax. +90 312 309 32 62
  24. 24. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship HOTEL RESERVATION FORMRESPONSABLE PERSON DATACountry; FederationLast Name; First NameAdress; CityTelephone FaxEmailCredit Card Number Expiry DateTRAVEL INFORMATIONArrival DateDeparture DateFlight NumberAirport Transfer Yes NoNumber of PersonsCredit Card NumberCredit Card TypeExpiry DateSecurity NumberHOTEL BOOKING PREFERENCE Hotel Name Preference Number of Number Number of Single Rooms of Double Triple Rooms Rooms12345678910
  25. 25. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship ACCOMMODATION LIST Surname Name Position Check Inn Check Out Sharing Room ( ) Date Date with123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930*Position: C=Competitor, Co= Coaches, De=delegation Head, P=Presidents&leaders ofNational Federation R=Referees/Judges, D=Doctors, V=VIPs, A=Administration,P=Press, O=Others. Please retun this namelist together with term of responsibilityand registration form to Turkish Karate Federation by mail, fax+90 312 309 32 62 or email:karate@karate.gov.tr
  26. 26. 40th Europen Cadet & Junior and 5th Under 21 Years EKF CUP Karate Championship APPLICATION FOR TRAINING AREAS1. COUNTRY :2. HOTEL :3. DAYS -- 07 February 20134. SCHEDULE : Morning AfternoonThe organization will try to comply with all applications received, depending onthe number of countries and schedule available.5. NUMBER OF COMPETITORS : 5.1 Male Kumite 5.2 Female Kumite 5.1 Male Kata 5.1 Female Kata 5.1 Other TOTALSend to: Organizing Committee 40th European Cadets Juniors Karate Championships Turkish Karate Federation Fax +90 312 309 32 62 karate@karate.gov.tr