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  • 1. • Chancellor: Heinrich Brünning.• President: Paul von Hindemburg.
  • 2. I didn’t have the support of the Parliament so…I had to call for new elections
  • 3. I demand to be madeChancellor!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
  • 4. I don’t trust I’ll rather wait for theHitler…I will next set of reappoint elections von Papen Mr. Hitler, do you want to be vice-chancellor?
  • 5. We lost 34seats!!!
  • 6. I will call von Schleicher as ChancellorNazis shouldbe weakened
  • 7. I will choose the nazi Strasser to be vice-Chancellor instead of Hitler
  • 8. Don’t accept it, ok? I won’t, mein Führer!
  • 9. What a mess! Whatshould I do…? I ratheroffer Hitler the post of Chancellor… Great idea!
  • 10. I will call for newelections…perhaps wecould win some more seats
  • 11. I still have someopposition…I will declare theCommunist party illegal
  • 12. I will also sign theEnabling Act, which will enable me to governfor 4 years without the Parliament
  • 13. Röhm is my political opponent. I shouldassassinate him and his SA men…
  • 14. I’m nowPresident+Chancellor
  • 15. Factors in the rise of the dictators• Locarno • Isolationism• Depression • France• Democracy • Disarmament failed• Communism
  • 16. Locarno= Western borders
  • 17. Vengeance, German nation!
  • 18. • This is an ancient Roman symbol of power carried by lictors in front of magistrates; a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death.• It’s a symbol of strength through unity
  • 19. • The swastika was a symbol of the Aryan Race (essentially a race of caucasians with no ties to other races) who they claimed were the foundation of the German civilization and were superior to all other races.
  • 20. • Flag of the Spanish Falange, bearing the yoke and arrows, the premier symbol of Falangism.