Unusual Jobs


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Unusual Jobs

  1. 1. Unusual Jobs? Wrinkle Chaser A Wrinkle Chaser is the person that irons wrinkles from shoes as they are being made to ensure they are perfectly smooth when you buy them. Chicken Sexer This is a real job title. A chicken sexer sorts through baby chicks to determine if they are male or female, and then segregate them. Citrus Fruit Colorer A Citrus Fruit Colorer, with the help of steam and chemicals, gives citrus fruit a more natural coloring, because fruit is usually picked before it is fully ripe. Celluloid Trimmer A Celluloid Trimmer shaves down a golf club and then adds celluloid bands onto the golf clubs to make the leather grip stay in place. Odor Judgers Odor Judgers get to smell armpits all day to help make deodorants that will work well. I'm not sure why somebody other than some strange fetishist would want this job. Furniture Tester Now here's a good one. The La-z-Boy Company (and probably others) employs furniture testers to check out their recliners. Want to relax for a living?
  2. 2. Unusual Jobs? Coffee tasters Tea and coffee manufacturers spend millions on researching and perfecting blends that would make their brands blockbusters. And how will they know which blend is the perfect match to the research predictions? Brewers make hundreds of samples and professional tasters taste each one of them and report back to management based on their impressions and notes. Greeting card writer All those mind boggling, emotional yet simple poetry or short write-ups are not done by the card manufacturers. Just take a minute to think about the profit made if the card manufacturers have to pay a fraction of the profits to only a handful of card writers. Now that qualifies to be called lucrative.
  3. 3. Unusual Jobs? Professional Hacker Put your tech skills to work and start hacking into computers — legally! A career as a professional hacker is great for the computer-savvy who love a challenge. Professional hacking, also called penetration testing or ethical hacking, is a way of evaluating security by legally hacking into a computer system or network. These hackers may do work for security consultants, large banks or federal government agencies. A lot of good comes from these hackers through fighting cyber crime, securing valuable government and company information, and protecting citizens.
  4. 4. Unusual Jobs? Pet Psychologist Don't be so shocked. Even Sparky sometimes needs help to keep from gnawing through the neighbor's bed of prized roses. Once the local vet has ruled out physical ailments that can contribute to rude pet behavior, people who love their animals may need to call in a trained, certified behaviorist or pet psychologist. As with human patients, pets can be analyzed and taught to act contrary to destructive impulses. There are even certified applied animal behaviorists. To get into the field, you'll need a master's or doctorate degree in psychology, preferably with additional work in zoology and animal behavior. Salaries vary greatly by locale, but can be upwards of $90,000 a year.
  5. 5. Unusual Jobs? Conservation Consultant There are companies who are greatly concerned with increasing energy efficiency. And there are those with a conscience, striving to reduce their carbon footprint. When Yahoo! decided to go carbon-neutral by 2007, they hired a director of energy strategy and climate change. Combine your thirst for conservation with an engineering degree to prepare for this thriving field. The U.S. Labor Department predicts a hefty 25 percent increase in environmental engineers during the 2006-2016 decade. In 2007, the top 50 percent earned between $70,000 and $106,000.