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English Syllabus Intro A
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English Syllabus Intro A


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  1. English: Level IntroBeginnerIntro A - 30 hours8 UnitsTopics Speaking Grammar Reading / Writing / Vocabulary Listening / PronunciationUnit 1 Linked sounds; Listening for andAlphabet; greetings and leave- Introducing yourself and friends; saying Possessive adjectives: my, your, his; Writing down phone numbers; spelling practicing pronunciation of vocab items;takings; names and titles; numbers hello and good-bye; asking for names The verb to be; Subject pronouns; names Listening for phone numbers; Listening for1-10 and phone numbers and phone numbers Affirmative statements and contractions personal informationUnit 2 Articles a, an and the; This & These andPossessions; objects around you Reading conversations; Writing and Plural -s different pronunciations; Naming objects; asking and giving info It & They sentences; Yes/No and Whereand personal items; locations in a vocabulary related to the topic; Writing Listening for and practicing pronunciation about the location of objects questions with BE; Prepositions of placeroom about the locations of objects of vocab items e.g. in, in front of, under, behindUnit 3 Asking for and giving info on place ofCities and countries; adjectives of The verb BE: positive and negative origin; Nationality; first language; age; Filling out forms; Requesting personal Listening to descriptions of people andpersonality and appearance; statements; Yes/No and Wh- questions; talking about cities and countries; information places; Syllable stress.numbers and ages Short answers describing people and placesUnit 4 Possessive adjectives our & their; Listening to people describing their Asking about and describing clothing and Possessive pronouns mine, yours, etc. Clothing articles; Writing questions about clothing; Trouble sounds; Listening forClothing; colors; weather and colors (own and celebrities`); Talking and the possessive `s; Whose questions; what people are wearing and and practicing pronunciation of vocabseasons about the weather and seasons; Present continuous statements; Yes/No possessions items; Rhythm, stress and intonation of Learning the owner of objects questions. Conjunctions and & but, target language placement of adjectives before nounsReview. Stop and check.Unit 5 Writing times of the day; Reading a chat Intonation of Yes/No and Wh- questions; Time expressions: at 7 a.m., in theClock time; times of the day; Asking for and telling time; Asking about between two friends in different time- Listening for times of the day, action morning, at night, etc.; Present continuouscurrent activities. and describing current activities zones; Vocabulary of activities of words verbs; Rhythm, stress and intonation of Wh- questions; Conjunction so your student uses frequently target languageUnit 6 Asking for and giving info about how Simple present statements with regular Practicing different pronunciations of 3rdTransportation; family people go to work & school; Talking and irregular verbs; Yes-No and Wh- Reading about people`s schedules; person singular -s endings; Listening forrelationships; daily routines; days about family members; Describing daily questions; Times expression: every day, Writing about own family and schedule verb phrases, activities and days of theof the week & weekly routines late, on the weekend, etc. weekUnit 7 Asking and talking about houses and Read about people`s homes; Write about Listening for descriptions of homes,Houses, apartments; rooms and Simple present short answers; There`s, apartments; Talking about rooms and your dream home; Words with -th- letter people shopping for furniture;furniture there`s no, there isn`t any, etc. statements furniture combination (there, bathroom) Pronouncing words with /th/Unit 8 Simple present Wh- questions with do and does; Use of a with jobs (She`s a Reduction of stress on no information Asking for a giving info about work, receptionist); Placement of adjectives: Adjectives to describe jobs; Reading words do and does; Listening to peopleJobs and workplace giving opinion about jobs; Describing BE+ adjective/after BE. e.i. It`s dangerous/ about jobs; Writing about own job describe their jobs; Rhythm, stress and workday routines adjective + noun/ before noun e.i. A intonation of target language firefighter has a dangerous jobFinal Review