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English Syllabus 2 A
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English Syllabus 2 A


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  • 1. English: Level 2Pre-intermediate2A - 30 hours8 UnitsTopics Speaking Grammar Reading / Writing / Vocabulary Listening / PronunciationUnit 1 Introducing yourself; talking about Reading about a famous person`s career. Reduced form of Used to. Listening for yourself; Exchanging personal info; Writing a paragraph about your personal info questions and convo. remembering your childhood; asking Simple past; Used to for past habitualPeople; childhood; memories childhood. Vocab related to student`s Listening to topic/grammar related convo. about someone`s childhood; talking actions past life e.g. childhood pet, hobbies, Practicing pronunciation of new vocat about how you have changed: possessions. items. comparing past and presentUnit 2 Transportation related compound nouns Adverbs of quantity with countable and Talking about transportation and related e.g. traffic jam, subway station; Reading Syllable stress. Listening for and uncountable nouns e.g. too many, fewer,Transportation; transportation problems; talking about city services in about new transportation inventions; practicing pronunciation of vocab items. not enough; Indirect questions from Wh-problems; City services your town; asking for and giving info; Introduction to formal writing; Write a Listening to people asking for info with questions e.g Could you tell me...? Do you ideas to attract tourists to your town letter to a newspaper editor about indirect questions. know...? transportation problems and solutionsUnit 3 Describing positive and negative Evaluations and comparisons with Topic related adjectives; Reading about features. Comparing homes; Talking adjectives e.g. not...enough, too, (not)Houses and apartments; Lifestyle ending bad habits and changing lifestyles; Listening to people ask and answer about lifestyle changes; expressing as; Comparisons with nouns e.g. notchanges; Wishes Writing an informal e-mail describing your questions about renting an apartment. present wishes; finding out other enough..., too many ..., (not) as much ... new apartment people`s wishes as; Expressing wishes.Unit 4 Simple past vs. Present perfect for life Talking about food; expressing likes and Reading related topic; reading about how Linking consonant clusters at the experiences e.g Have you ever eaten...?Food; recipes; instructions; cooking dislikes; talking about life experiences food affects the way we feel; food related beginning of words; Listening to and unfinished actions e.g Have youmethods with Present perfect; giving instructions; vocab (nouns, adjectives); Writing down description of food; Rhythm, stress and decided on an appetizer yet?; Sequence Describing your favorite food your favorite recipe/make one up intonation of target language adverbs: first, then, after that, etc.Review. Stop and Check.Unit 5 Future with Be going to (for decisions Topic related vocabulary; Reading made) and Will (for possible plans, Describing vacation plans; Giving travel topic/grammar related conversation; Linked sounds; linking words; PracticingTravel; vacations; plans predictions); Modals for necessity and advice; Planning your dream vacation Reading about tips from an expert pronunciation of vocab items suggestion: must, need to, (don`t) have to, traveler; Writing travel suggestions better, should (not)Unit 6 Two-part verbs with nouns and pronouns Reading about ways to deal with Making requests; accepting and refusing e.g. Turn down the TV, Turn it down; Will annoying neighbors/any topic or grammar Stress in two-part verbs; Rhythm, stressComplaints; household chores; requests; complaining; apologizing; for responding to requests (promises, related reading; Vocab of household and intonation of the target language;requests; excuses; apologies giving excuses offers). Requests with modals (can you, chores with two-part verbs; Writing a set Listening to people make requests could you) and would you mind...? of guidelines in response to complaintsUnit 7 Reading about future technology/life in Infinitives and gerunds for uses and Syllable stress; Listening to the future; Writing a note with Describing technology; giving purposes- to send/for sending; topic/grammar related conversation;Technology; instructions instructions; Technology (computer) instructions, giving suggestions Imperatives and infinitives for giving Listening to a radio program, the host related vocab: nouns, collocations and suggestions- make sure..., don`t forget... giving advice phrasesUnit 8 Relative clauses of time- New Year`s Eve Topic and grammar related reading andHolidays; festivals; customs; Describing holidays; customs; festivals; Rhythm and stress in English sentences; is a night when... Adverbial clauses of vocab; Writing about a specialcelebrations special events Listening to topic related conversation time: when, after, before event/holidayFinal Review