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From Castellar
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From Castellar


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Welcome to Castellar By the 6th. grade students CEIP Emili Carles-Tolrà to our partners…
  • 2.
    • Castellar del Vallès is situated in the East of Catalonia .
    Castellar del Vallès
  • 3.
    • And Catalonia is in the North East of Spain
  • 4. Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities.
  • 5.
    • Catalonia is a historical community.
    It’s 32,114 km2 big and we are more than 7.000.000 inhabitants
  • 6.
    • The climate of Catalonia is typically Mediterranean, with many hours of sunshine, mild in winter and hot in summer.
  • 7.
    • Catalonia is bounded on the east by the Mediterranean Sea , on the north by France and Andorra , and on the west and south by the autonomous communities of Aragon and Valencia .
  • 8.
    • Catalan and Spanish are the two official languages in Catalonia.
  • 9. Our country’s name in different languages: Catalonia in English Cataluña in Spanish Catalunya in Catalan Catalogne in French
  • 10. Some typical food in Spain is... paella morcilla Potato omelette And in Catalonia ... Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomatoe) Crema catalana (catalan custard) Mongetes i butifarra (beans with sausage)
  • 11. The traditional dance in Catalonia is “ la sardana” Flamenco is very popular is the South of Spain
  • 12. The most celebrated festivals are: Christmas Saint John Carnival Saint George Festa Major (Main festival in every town or village)
  • 13. One the 23rd of April you can find stands with books and roses in every town and village. It’s Saint George’s day, the patron saint of Catalunya. People offer a book and a rose to beloved ones and it’s the festival of love and culture.
  • 14. Once upon a time there was a dragon that all the inhabitants of a village feared. To keep it quiet, a sheep and a maid, chosen at random, had to be given to it. Saint Jordi’s legend: One day, the chosen maid was the king's daughter. Saint George miraculously saved her and beat the dragon. From the dragon's blood grew a red rose.
  • 15.
    • We live in Castellar del Vallès , a nice village in the East of Catalonia.
  • 16. It’s 45 km2 and we are 20.600 inhabitants. Castellar is 7km. far from a very important city, Sabadell.
  • 17. Castellar is near a natural parc: Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç
  • 18.
    • Long time ago it was an agricultural village ...
    • ... but now there are many factories and companies.
  • 19. Castellar is very old, there are signs of human life dated in 7000 bc . We also have ruins of the romans.
  • 20. Castellar has had different names : Kastrum Castellare Sagrera de les Fàbregues Tolosa Sant Esteve de Castellar
  • 21.
        • Some people work in Castellar but many workers must go to bigger cities (Sabadell, Barcelona, Terrassa....)
    They go to work by car or bus .
  • 22.
    • Dani Pedrosa,
    • the motorbike
    • worldchampion,
    • lives in Castellar.
    In Castellar people live in houses , flats and there are many housing states People speak Catalan and Spanish . In primary schools we learn English . There are also people from Southamerica, Morocco, China and the East of Europe .
  • 23.
    • There are two mountains near our village:
    • el Puig de la Creu and La Mola.
    • And a river... el Ripoll
  • 24. There are also other places of interest: the old part of the village and its streets Castellar Vell Sant Esteve church Palau Tolrà (the Town Hall) Clasquerí castle Catalunya square
  • 25.
    • Castellar is not very well communicated. You can come to Castellar by bus , car , motorbike or cycling but we haven’t got train.
        • There are 12.000 cars, 1800 motorbikes and trafic jams every morning in the main road to Sabadell.
  • 26.
    • There are many sport clubs:
    • ClubBàsquet Castellar
    • Club Excursionista de Castellar
    • Club Hoquei Castellar
    • Unió Esportiva Castellar
    • Club Atlètic Castellar
    • Club escacs Castellar
    • Club Patinatge artístic Castellar ... and others
  • 27. There are many leisure organizations: Theatre Dance Art Folklore Music Nativities Hiking and a long list of groups…
  • 28. There are 5 nurseries, 7 Primary Schools and 3 High Schools. We haven’t got hospital (the nearest is in Sabadell, 7km far from Castellar) but we have a Health Center.
  • 29. We don’t have very big stores but if you want to go shopping there are nice cute little shops , the market and several supermarkets . There are also restaurants and bars .
  • 30.
    • We have some environmental problems :
      • Climate change
      • Lack of water
      • Dirty rivers
      • Noise pollution
      • Pollution
      • Dirtiness
      • Damages in forests
      • Excess of new buildings
      • Rubbish
  • 31. However, there are some iniciatives to improve the current situation. In the town: puryfying water center recycling center environmental campaigns free bins for recycling at home
  • 32. In the school: environmental agreements recycling bins environmental project vegetable garden
  • 33. Emili Carles Tolrà is a Primary school. We are 264 students and 16 teachers. There are 3 kindergarten levels and 6 primary grades.
  • 34. We start school at 8’30 and we finish at 1’00 . Some students have lunch in the school. In the afternoon we start at 3’00 and at 4’30 we go home or we do extra curricular activities.
  • 35.
    • We have 10 subjects:
    • Catalan
    • Spanish
    • English
    • Maths
    • Social Sciences
    • Natural Sciences
    • Music
    • Art
    • PE
    • IT
    We don’t wear uniform
  • 36. CEIP Emili Carles has 2 beautiful buildings and each building has a playground. During the break we play football or basketball. Some students prefer talking or playing more quite games.
  • 37. Our school is very old and many years ago there was a building for boys and another for girls .
  • 38. We have big nice classrooms and there is also a gym , an English classroom , a music room , a staff room and a dinning room .
  • 39. Every year we go to a camp. It’s cool! We also go to the theatre, to listen concerts or we go on excursions.
  • 40. That’s all for now. But remember … You will always be welcome in Castellar