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2014 Mobile Banking Trends
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2014 Mobile Banking Trends


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2014 saw a big leap in the use of smartphone driven mobile banking. Now Image Banking and Remote Deposit Capture(RDC) are the buzz words.

2014 saw a big leap in the use of smartphone driven mobile banking. Now Image Banking and Remote Deposit Capture(RDC) are the buzz words.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Mobile Banking Trends 2014
  • 2. Innovative Technology Game-changing magic of the technology paves way for real-time access and simplicity in banking interactions through Mobile Banking In developed economies, banks operate in highly competitive environments, increasingly challenged to differentiate through products and pricing
  • 3. Innovative Technology Banks seek out innovative technologies to help them build a stronger relationship with their customers and increase customer loyalty, while controlling operational costs
  • 4. Price and Infra Advantage The infrastructure is there to multiply mobile banking usage  Well-priced smart phones and high-speed 4G in more neighbourhoods
  • 5. Click with your Smart phone  smartphone camera has been a key to mobile banking’s rapid adoption First iPhone, in 2007 shipped with 2 MP camera Recently shipped iPhone 5S has 8MP camera  Picture Pay, where consumers can pay a bill by snapping a picture of it
  • 6. Digital Wallet the Challenging Part Consumers, financial institutions, merchants, smart phone makers still others have to be brought on board in this game changing endeavour of phone replaces the plastic card
  • 7. Smarter and more personalized  Integral to wallet adoption will be inclusion of rewards and discounts as the phone becomes the delivery tool  A digital wallet will be substantially smarter and more personalized than a plastic card in a leather wallet
  • 8. A singular payment Application Mobile wallet allows consumers to store and manage their credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards on their smart phone using a singular payment application
  • 9. A singular payment Application No need of carrying around a stack of physical plastic cards swipe phone or tap the screen, a payment can be easily made
  • 10. Conventional Apps Most banks today have comprehensive suite of mobile apps that enable customers;     to check account balances pay bills transfer money between accounts receive information about new products/services, fraudulent activities
  • 11. Advanced Apps and Technology Biometrics  fingerprints, eye scans, voice prints for user log in authentication Image Banking and Remote Deposit Capture(RDC)  customers can scan their checks and the image is immediately transmitted to the bank
  • 12. The economic factor for Banks key reason that top banks across the globe are investing in mobility is that  finding the economics of operating many physical branch locations prohibitive
  • 13. Geo - Mobile Banking Usage Turkey tops in internet banking, with almost 50% participation
  • 14. Age - Mobile Banking Usage younger aged people tops in this list
  • 15. Competitive Advantage Banks will continue to invest in technologies that give them a competitive advantage and enable them to reach the modern consumer We can help you CR2 Mobile Banking Solution Providers Brought you BankWorld Software Solutions
  • 16. Thank You Multi Channel Banking Solutions