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Social Media Simplified: The Benefits and Getting Started
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Social Media Simplified: The Benefits and Getting Started



Published in Career , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Social Media Simplified: The Benefits and Getting Started By Emily Miethner Community Manager // RecordSetter Founder // President of NY Creative Interns@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 2. What I Do@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 3. What I Do•  Community Manager at RecordSetter, the new home for world records with 13,000+ world records from 60+ countries•  Founder, President of NY Creative Interns, the largest Meetup for interns and recent grads in New York City•  Lover of peanut butter@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 4. The Benefits of Social Media@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 5. You Can’t Afford to Not Use Social Media@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 6. You Can’t Afford to Not Use Social Media•  Once you learn how to find value in social media, you will save time and money•  It’s a marathon, not a sprint•  Be like Nike and just do it@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 7. “Meet” People at Scale@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 8. “Meet” People at Scale•  Create a personal support network•  Keep track of connections on multiple levels•  Easily get on the radar of new contacts@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 9. Have Better Conversations Offline@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 10. Have Better Conversations Offline•  Learn about people you want to work with•  Decide what events to attend by checking out the guest list, searching Twitter, etc•  If you can’t make events…attend virtually@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 11. Getting Started with Social Media@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 12. Define Your Goals@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 13. Define Your Goals•  What are you trying to accomplish by adding social media into your routine? •  Examples: •  Sell products •  Increase traffic •  Enhance customer service •  Meet people and gain contacts@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 14. Investigate Niche Communities@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 15. Investigate Niche Communities•  It’s wise to be on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn due to their sheer size, but…•  Smaller niche communities can have a better target audience•  Although most social media is free, your time is valuable, spend it wisely@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 16. Try Many, Stick to a Few@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 17. Try Many, Stick to a Few•  Try platforms before you discount them•  Find out what’s adding the most value to your business to determine which platforms to use•  Once you decide, being consistent is key@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 18. My Favorite Social Media Tools•  Rapportive – learn about contacts•  Eventbrite – event planning•  Meetup – group management•  37signals– task management and CRM•  Hootsuite – social network management•  Mailchimp – email newsletter creation@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns
  • 19. Thank you! emilymiethner.com recordsetter.com nycreativeinterns.com@WixLounge // #SMSimplified @EmilyMiethner of @RecordSetter & @NYCinterns