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How to Search for Scholarly Articles


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  • 1. How to Search for Articles
    For Culinary Arts Students
  • 2. A little about myself …
    Emi Kawasaki
    Phoenix College Librarian
    Originally from Japan
    Living in Arizona since 1994
    ESL instructor, tour guide, Japanese/English interpreter, and international student advisor
    International travel
    Local ethnic restaurants
    MMO – massively multiplayer online social game
  • 3. What we cover
    Library database
    Difference between magazines and journals
    How to search the library database for articles
    How to refine your search results
  • 4. What is a library database?
    Is an online resource that contains information.
    Accessible from PC Library website
    Is searchable.
    By keywords, subject, author, magazine title, date, etc.
    Provides citation information.
    Author, title of article, publisher, date of publication, etc.
  • 5. A library database is like …
    • To get the right part, you must know
    • 6. Make
    • 7. Model
    • 8. Year
  • Good search
    Make your search successful by
    Identifying what you want and need.
    Rear brake light bulb
    Choosing the suitable database.
    Identifying keywords inordertoretrievethe right information.
    Toyota, Corolla CE, 2001
    Refining search results.
    Selecting quality information suitable for your research.
    $3.99 $5.99 $11.99
  • 9. Magazines and Journals
    Magazines and Scholarly Journals by University of Arkansas Libraries
  • 10. Preparation
    Before using the database
    Choose a food. – Shiitake mushroom
    Get to know a little more about the food.
  • 11. Identify what kind of information you want.
    General information
    Mushroom, native to Japan and China; used in Asian cuisines; 40 calories per serving.
    Specific information
    Lentinan (anti-cancer agent)
    Write down the words you see repeatedly and/or find interesting.
    Lentinan, amino acid, immune system, heart disease,
    lower cholesterol …
    Think of synonyms.
    Chinese black mushroom, golden oak mushroom, lentinusedodes
  • 12. Choose a Database
    PC Library > Databases by Subject > General or Health
    General OneFile
    Largest general interest periodical resource.
    More magazine articles
    Academic OneFile
    The premier source for peer-reviewed, full-text articles
    More academic journal articles
  • 13. Basic Search
    Academic OneFile
    Enter your main keyword. – the food your choice
    Change to Subject and Entire Document.
    Limit your results in academic journals to
    Documents with images
    Skim through search results.
    Mark the ones you might use.
    User registration recommended
  • 14. Advanced Search
    Limit your search in advance.
    Locations of info
    Boolean Search Operators
    Date of publication
    Publication titles – particular periodicals
    Publication subjects – periodicals in certain genre
    Lexile Score
  • 15. Boolean Search Operators
  • 16. AND
    AND narrows your search.
    Locates items containing 
    Both and   in the same item information
  • 17. OR
    • ORbroadensyour search.
    • 18. Locates items containing either one or both keywords. 
    Both and
  • 19. NOT
    NOT narrows your search
    Locates items containing only the first keyword and not the second keyword.
    And excludes items containing
  • 20. Boolean
    AND narrows a search.
    OR broadens a search.
    NOT narrows a search by excluding certain search terms.
    Use Boolean Search Operators wisely to reduce your search results.
    A few good results are better than a few hundred irrelevant results.
  • 21. Additional Resource
    Citation generator
    Handout – available online
    Database User Registration
    Personal online folder – save your search results
  • 22. Review
    Library database
    Difference between magazines and journals
    How to search the library database for articles
    Basic search
    Advanced search
    How to refine your search results
    Boolean search operators
  • 23. Are you ready?
  • 24. Still feeling lost?
  • 25. No worries
  • 26. We are here to help you!
    Visit the library
    Library Hours
    Phone (602) 285-7473
    Fax (602) 285-7368
  • 27. Let’s try some searches.
    Click Library.
    Articles on the left.
  • 28. Thank you!
    This concludes my presentation.
  • 29. Databases
    What is a database?
    How to choose a database?
    How do I search?
    Basic search
    Advanced search
    Quality over Quantity
    Less is better.
    Boolean Search Operations
  • 30. Your goals
    Know what you look
  • 31. Research Steps
    Identify your topic.
    Find general information about your topic.
    Write down keywords.
    Use the library databases to find articles.
    Refine your search results.
    Cite your articles.