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EMG Academy KnowledgeBuilder - Developing a Mashup Site


This KnowledgeBuilder is a presentation of the EMG Academy on Developing a Mashup Site. It was presented on April 21, 2011. Learn more about KnowledgeBuilders at …

This KnowledgeBuilder is a presentation of the EMG Academy on Developing a Mashup Site. It was presented on April 21, 2011. Learn more about KnowledgeBuilders at http://www.emgonline.com/Academy/Pages/EMG-Academy/KnowledgeBuilders.

Getting social is all the rage. But with so many social pages and mediums popping up, audiences are getting lost, participation is fragmenting, and managing all those pages is a nightmare. The answer is to make it easier for audiences, and for managers, to tune into and participate in conversations across your social networks from a central location - a mashup. You'll see how mashups can advance your marketing objectives. Learn the essential building blocks of an engaging mashup site, take a tour of some great mashup "rolemodels" that will get you fired up to build your own, discover what challenges to look out for, and find out the steps you should take before launching your site. Then you'll be set to start mashing!

© 2011 Educational Marketing Group, Inc.
All rights reserved. This document contains protected intellectual property. The information and materials contained herein may not be duplicated, reproduced, or distributed in any manner whatsoever without the prior written consent of Educational Marketing Group, Inc.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Knowledgebuilder
    April 21, 2011
    developing a mashup site
  • 2. Ineke CaycedoSenior Brand Strategist
    professional delight :: helping organizations take their brands to greater heights by leveraging new marketing mediums
    personal passion :: crisp morning air… a path leading upward… the promise of adventure…
    ^IC on @emgonline
  • 3. Stephen BiernackiNew Media Specialist/Account Coordinator
    professional delight :: finding practical and scalable ways for institutions to utilize the newest online services
    personal passion :: creating music that defines my mood, laughing at my hilarious dog, and running… slowly
    ^SB on @emgonline, @sbiernacki
  • 4. Travis BrockDirector of Business Development
    professional delight :: communicating a brand through social media and professional development
    personal passion :: dad, relaxing in front of the TV when the time can be found, and finding a great gluten-free recipe
    ^TB on @emgonline
  • 5. session outline
    what is a mashup?
    the marketing benefits
    mashup building blocks
  • 6. #emgkb
    instant poll
    do you have a mashup page or pages?
    • yes
    • 7. no
    • 8. we’re working on one
    • 9. we have multiple mashups
    • 10. we have nothing to mash
  • what is a mashup?
  • 11. what is a mashup?
    taking content from different data sources and creating rich web apps that:
    • present content in a unique, interesting, and engaging way
    • 12. provide a quick and easy way to scan information of interest
    • 13. elevate the user experience
  • what is a mashup?
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. what is a mashup?
    content must stay fresh!
  • 22. #emgkb
  • 23. the marketing benefits
  • 24. the marketing benefits
    heightened social presence
    • includes more people
    • 25. increases brand engagement
    • 26. positively impact the bottom line
  • 27. the marketing benefits
  • 28. the marketing benefits
  • 29. the marketing benefits
    brand experience
    • connect your brand and your social conversations more closely…but not too closely!
  • 30. the marketing benefits
    ease of access
    • one-stop social place
    • 31. macro view of campus community
    • 32. stimulates more conversation
  • 33. the marketing benefits
    focuses social marketing strategy
    • helps better target conversations to audiences
    • 34. corrects overlap
    • 35. identify gaps in outreach
  • 36. the marketing benefits
    trend spotter
    • identify potential stories
    • 37. spot potential issues
  • 38. #emgkb
  • 39. mashup building blocks
  • 40. mashup building blocks
    1. assess your mashup readiness
    • how many pages?
    • 41. what kind of following?
    • 42. how often do you post?
    • 43. do you have enough content?
    • 44. how would you assess yourself?
  • 45. #emgkb
    instant poll
    what’s your social rank?
    • don’t use it
    • 46. a rank beginner
    • 47. a reader not a poster
    • 48. i read, i post – don’t tweet
    • 49. up there – post, tweet,
    check in…
  • 50. mashup building blocks
    2. make a list of the content you want to feature
    • what are you trying to accomplish?
    • 51. prioritization vs. equality
    • 52. be ready for dry spells
  • 53. mashup building blocks
    3. create a wireframe of what you want your mashup to look like
    • will you combine streams?
    • 54. how will users be allowed to navigate?
    • 55. how can you connect the layout to your brand?
  • 56. mashup building blocks
    recap - some top features to consider
    • keep users on the page
    • 57. allow for commenting
    • 58. know your stream
    • 59. filters are powerful
    • 60. define your networks
    • 61. remember your blogs
    • 62. think about management
  • 63. mashup building blocks
    4. finally – how will you build it?
  • 70. #emgkb
  • 71. #emgkb
    thank you