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EMG Academy KnowledgeBuilder - Developing a Great Tagline
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EMG Academy KnowledgeBuilder - Developing a Great Tagline



This KnowledgeBuilder is a presentation of the EMG Academy on Developing a Great Tagline. It was presented on May 12, 2011. Learn more about KnowledgeBuilders at ...

This KnowledgeBuilder is a presentation of the EMG Academy on Developing a Great Tagline. It was presented on May 12, 2011. Learn more about KnowledgeBuilders at http://www.emgonline.com/Academy/Pages/EMG-Academy/KnowledgeBuilders.

Want a new tagline? You’ve probably noticed some schools have wonderful taglines, and others boring ones. The great ones are clever, differentiating and unexpected. They add sparkle to a campaign, attract compliments, and help humanize a school. The bad ones? They just sit there and take up space, attracting little attention and inspiring no one! Well, great taglines aren’t easy to develop—especially in higher education. But if you employ the right processes, you can greatly improve your chances. This session helps you learn the approaches that professionals use that lead to inspiring, memorable and effective taglines, and can help you set the stage to develop one for your school. Join us in this fun interactive session.

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EMG Academy KnowledgeBuilder - Developing a Great Tagline EMG Academy KnowledgeBuilder - Developing a Great Tagline Presentation Transcript

  • KnowledgeBuilder
    May 12, 2011
    developing a great tagline
  • John FarmerCreative Director
    professional delight ::
    helping good organizations be more successful through great marketing ideas.
    personal passion ::
    enjoying the Colorado mountains. getting to the beach when I can. staying fit, reading, playing music.
  • Stephen BiernackiNew Media Specialist/Account Coordinator
    professional delight :: finding practical and scalable ways for institutions to utilize the newest online services
    personal passion :: creating music that defines my mood, laughing at my hilarious dog, and running… slowly
    ^SB on @emgonline, @sbiernacki
  • #emgkb
    session outline
    what’s a tagline?
    warm-up, get acquainted
    developing a tagline – the process
    setting the environment
    the creative part
    sell in
  • what’s a tagline?
  • what is a tagline?
    • it’s not a headline
    • short pithy line, evoking spirit of brand
    • statement, question, phrase, etc
    • summarizes campaign/brand
    • stands alone (w/logo) or in
    marketing materials
  • what is a tagline?
    and why have one?
    to succinctly remind your audience of your appeal!
  • #emgkb
    warm up…
    instant poll
    who’s tagline?
    “Start here. Go anywhere.”
    • Oakton Community College – Des Plaines, IL
    • Butte College – Oroville, CA
    • Frank Phillips College – Borger, TX
    • Rockland Community College – Suffern, NY
  • #emgkb
    warm up…
    instant poll
    who’s tagline?
    “A 360+ million-acre classroom”
    • Harvard University – Cambridge, MA
    • UC Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
    • University of Alaska – Fairbanks, AK
    • Portland Community College – Portland, OR
  • what is a tagline?
    what makes a tagline good?
    • Think is for girls (Sweet Briar College)
    • You are now free to move about the country (SW Airlines)
    • Ride the wave of excellence (UCSB)
    • Think outside the bun (Taco Bell)
    • North of Ordinary (Univ of Maine, P.I.)
    • Do the Dew (Mtn Dew)
    • That was easy! (Staples)
    a smart benefit, expressed unexpectedly!
  • what is a tagline?
    what makes a taglinenot so good?
    • generic (Start here, go anywhere)
    • formula (Leading. Learning. Excelling.)
    • institutional tone (Educating working adults since 1971)
    • cliché (Real life. Real learning. Real you)
    • too much (Global education, great campus, real community)
    • poor supporting graphics
  • #emgkb
    now, a little about you…
    instant poll
    are you starting a tagline process soon?
    • yes
    • no
    • maybe
  • #emgkb
    now, a little about you…
    instant poll
    what part will your internal team play?
    • strategic
    • creative
    • both
    • not sure
  • #emgkb
    now, a little about you…
    instant poll
    what do you want a tagline to do for your brand?
    • connect emotionally to students
    • differentiate from competition
    • bring clarity (unify our scattered image)
    • add creativity to new campaign
    • all the above
  • #emgkb
    now, a little about you…
    instant poll
    what do you expect will be most challenging?
    • strategic agreement
    • getting strong creative ideas
    • selling upper management on best option
    • campus buy-in, using it properly
  • About you
    let’s review who we are… (poll results)
    • timing
    • team’s role
    • benefits
    • expected challenges
  • #emgkb
  • tagline development process
  • tagline development process
    three critical steps to success!
    • setting the right approach
    • the creative process
    • nurturing into life
    get your ducks in a row!
  • tagline development process
    setting the right environment
    • great attitude
    • the right strategy
    • a good team
    • creative space
    • inspirational leader
  • tagline development process
    the right attitude
    • start ongoing discussion
    • bring in motivating examples
    • actively, fully participate
    • be passionate
    • be “up” on good taglines
    • be a champion for your real target audience
  • tagline development process
    get a clear and approved strategy
    • describes audience(s)
    • brand characteristics
    • features, benefits
    • brand ≠ logo
    • ownable brand equities
    • goals/outcomes
    • focuses process
  • tagline development process
    assemble a good team
    • internal marketing team
    • writer from staff/faculty
    • copywriter
    • agency
    • brainstorm session with strategists,creatives, stakeholders, audience
  • tagline development process
    get a good space
    • conference table
    • paper to write on
    • easels, chalkboards
    • diverse magazines
    • fun stuff, toys
    • food
    • strategy documents
    • school marketing materials (plus competitors’)
    • experienced, inspired leader
  • tagline development process
    Have a good leader
    • experienced
    • creative
    • inspirational
    • knowledgeable
    • fun
    • taskmaster
  • tagline development process
    ground rules
    • be creative, not critical
    • offer ideas, however silly
    • align with brand strategy
    • be natural, conversational
    • strive for unique ideas, avoid clichés
    • appeal to target audience
    • be passionate
  • #emgkb
  • get creative
  • tagline development process
    • diverse team, all day
    • break the ice
    • review strategy/brand assets
    • start small, single words, build
    • every idea on flip chart
  • tagline development process
    brainstorming cont’d
    • be creative!
    • say the strategy in an unexpected way
    • mimic good lines, use magazines, toys
    • have fun
    • push for complete lines
    • take a break!
  • tagline development process
    brainstorming cont’d
    • come back with fresh eyes
    • start to demand more
    • stay on schedule
    • start vetting, improving
    • discuss, defend, cut, repeat
    • narrow to best 5 taglines
  • tagline development process
    why are these interesting?
    • Knowledge without boundaries (U Penn)
    • North of ordinary (U of Maine, P.I.)
    • Bring a spark. Light a fire. (VA Wesleyan College)
    • Ride the wave of excellence (UCSB)
    • A public college with a private atmosphere in the Berkshires (Mass College of Lib Arts)
    • Invent the future (Virginia Tech)
  • tagline development process
    choose the finalists
    • discuss, defend, improve
    • vote on best 3
    • discuss
    • check registration at United States Patent and Trademark Office – Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) (http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=tess&state=4005:rn29il.1.1)
    • vote on the group’s favorite!
  • now…sell it!
  • tagline development process
    champion the ideas
    • good presentation to mgmt!
    • discuss why lines are good
    • make sure deciders put audience’s perspective first
    • think of media uses
    • cite similar successful examples
    • help deciders see strengths, get over concerns
    • distinguish personal dislikes from relevant feedback
  • tagline development process
    what makes a good tagline?
    • ownable. fresh. memorable
    • strategically correct
    • said in unusual way
    • intelligent, confident
    • it differentiates you
    • team is excited by it, will defend it
  • tagline development process
    now write a tagline like these…
    • See blue
    • What’s your dream?
    • Defy convention
    • A 360-million acre campus
    • Where do you want to go today?
    • North of ordinary
    • World class. Face to face.
  • #emgkb
  • #emgkb
    thank you
  • bonus slides
    lots of possibilities. explore!
    • feature (World class. Face to face.)
    • benefit (A unique intellectual adventure)
    • personality (LSUnique!)
    • uniqueness (300+ million acre classroom)
    • Intriguing (See blue)
  • bonus slides
    explore the possibilities!
    • positioning (Think is for girls)
    • pride (When we teach, the world takes note.)
    • common language (Be the difference.)
    • emotion (A mind is a terrible thing to waste.)
  • bonus slides
    what can’t a tagline do?
    • please everybody
    • convey all strategic points
    • change often
    • be too trendy
    • be long, complex
    • work hard when new
  • bonus slides
    potential challenges
    • approving strategy
    • supporting high creative standards
    • getting fresh creative ideas vs. safe boring ideas
    • not “talking to ourselves”
    • selling internal audiences
    • launching externally in a “big way”
  • bonus slides
    why do these work?
    • just do it
    • oh what a feeling
    • a 360-million acre campus
    • Where do you want to go today?
    • North of ordinary
    • World class. Face to face.
    • Do the Dew