Fx may 2013 social media content planning and creation


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What’s Your Plan? Social Media Content Planning and Creation

It’s the last week of the month… do you have your monthly newsletter out yet? Have you tweeted at all in the last week or two? What was the last blog post you wrote?

How do the pros do it?? They use a Marketing Content Calendar. Even if you only plan for the next month, having a set schedule for your marketing and even pre-scheduling it can help you avoid those harrying moments when you have to think of a topic, write a 500 word blog post, send out an email and share with your social networks all within the next 4 hours.

Learn the 5 steps toward creating your content calendar and the big Do’s and Don’ts that can get you to success!

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Fx may 2013 social media content planning and creation

  1. 1. What’s Your Plan?Social Media ContentPlanning and CreationJessica Bestjbest@emfluence.com@bestofjess or @emfluence
  2. 2. Intro: Why Plan?• Who has their summer seasonal marketingcampaigns planned? Surprise! It’s Ma-- JUNE!@emfluence
  3. 3. Intro: Why Plan?@emfluence
  4. 4. Intro: Why Plan?@emfluence
  5. 5. Step 1: Take out an actual calendar@emfluence
  6. 6. Step 2: Plot big dates• Plot big dates (yours & your customers’)– Live appearances/trade shows– Offers and sales– Promotional windows– Holidays– Anticipated product releases@emfluence
  7. 7. Step 3: Compliment with big marketing• Plan content across all marketing channels@emfluence
  8. 8. Step 4: Fill in the blanks• Think like a journalist: relevant, consistentcontent@emfluence
  9. 9. Step 5: Give content some space@emfluence
  10. 10. Some Do’s & Don’ts@emfluence
  11. 11. Do…• Have more than a few backup topics…@emfluence
  12. 12. Do…• Write in pencil!@emfluence
  13. 13. Do…• Go beyond marketing!@emfluenceFYI, we’reclosed MondayThanks toour partnersKudos toour client!Tips on thisseason…
  14. 14. Do…• Listen (learn!) & have conversations, too.Marketing is only 1 leg of the 3-legged stool@emfluence
  15. 15. Do…• Follow smart examples for ideas.@emfluence
  16. 16. Smart Examples Not justmarketing…entertainment@emfluence
  17. 17. Smart Examples@emfluence Year-round social Sharing expert info Customer service +marketing
  18. 18. Smart Examples@emfluence Using photos totell the story, i.e.an online “storefront” Quick responsetime toquestions
  19. 19. Smart Examples@emfluence Email Twitter Facebook
  20. 20. But Don’t…• Don’t try to be someone/something you’re not• Don’t copycat@emfluence
  21. 21. Don’t…• Don’t be too hard on yourself@emfluence
  22. 22. Don’t…• Don’t try to come up with content all on yourown. Share 8:1!@emfluence
  23. 23. Don’t…• Don’t just focus on your digital marketing plan@emfluence
  24. 24. Don’t…• Don’t be afraid of a little frequency@emfluenceIf you tweetonce a day for aweek, you’llreach just 10%of your Twitterfollowers.
  25. 25. Don’t…• Don’t set it and forget it@emfluence
  26. 26. Social media marketing during crises• Don’t set it and forget it@emfluence
  27. 27. News-jacking during crises• Absolutely not…@emfluence
  28. 28. Be prepared for your own crises@emfluence
  29. 29. Get started… Right now!• What are your big seasons or big events?• What brands/companies do you admire? Whoare your competitors?• Who are your partners/clients and whatcontent do they provide or do they inspire?@emfluence