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On Jan. 6, 2011, Chris King (president of eMeter Strategic Consulting) spoke on a panel at CES 2011 about consumer perspectives on the smart grid

He outlines three types of consumers who might be early adopters of options created by the smart grid: frugal consumers, sustainability promoters, and technophiles.

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eMeter Chris King CES2011 slides

  1. 1. The Smart Grid: Consumer Perspectives<br />Chris King, President, eMeter Strategic Consulting<br />Copyright © 2011 eMeter Corp. All rights reserved.<br />
  2. 2. The Frugal Consumer<br />“I want to pay as little as possible for power”<br />Regular electricity service<br /><ul><li>Monthly or weekly emails or bill inserts on spending
  3. 3. Usage by appliance, peer comparisons
  4. 4. Alerts (price changes, real-time)
  5. 5. Email, cell phone, computer
  6. 6. Annual price selection (TOU, PTR, CPP, etc.)</li></ul>Reducing high bills<br /><ul><li>Targeted savings tips
  7. 7. Energy efficiency, proactive price plan changes
  8. 8. “Set and forget” thermostats and appliances
  9. 9. Pay as you go
  10. 10. Utility load reduction programs</li></ul>Events<br /><ul><li>Appliance purchases only as needed
  11. 11. Lifestyle changes (residence, family)</li></ul>Slide1<br />Copyright © 2011 eMeter Corp. All rights reserved.<br />
  12. 12. The Sustainability Promoter<br />“I want to maintain a healthy planet and lifestyle”<br />Regular electricity service<br /><ul><li>Emails or bill inserts on carbon footprint
  13. 13. Annual price selection
  14. 14. Types, levels of renewable energy</li></ul>Managing consumption<br /><ul><li>Usage by appliance
  15. 15. Responsive appliances
  16. 16. Schedule to operate in parallel with wind and sun
  17. 17. Net metering</li></ul>Leverage technology<br /><ul><li>Energy storage
  18. 18. Building mass, refrigeration, water heater
  19. 19. Electric vehicles</li></ul>Slide2<br />Copyright © 2011 eMeter Corp. All rights reserved.<br />
  20. 20. The Technophile<br />“I want to write on your Facebook wall”<br />Regular electricity service<br /><ul><li>Emails or bill inserts on carbon footprint and generation sources
  21. 21. Peer comparisons and tweets
  22. 22. Click-through price changes to save money</li></ul>Managing consumption<br /><ul><li>View data and alerts on smart phones and iPads
  23. 23. Set and forget appliances to increase use of renewables and reduce emissions</li></ul>Celebrate technology<br /><ul><li>Post energy savings on social networking sites
  24. 24. Increase use of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other sustainable technologies</li></ul>Slide3<br />Copyright © 2011 eMeter Corp. All rights reserved.<br />
  25. 25. Smart Grid Technology and Standards<br />Slide4<br />Copyright © 2011 eMeter Corp. All rights reserved.<br />Authorized Third Party<br />Utility Data Center<br />Open<br />ADE<br />Internet<br />Meter<br />Data<br />Mgmt<br />Utility<br />Billing<br />& CIS<br />Open<br />ADE<br />Utility Web Site<br />Energy<br />Information<br />Application<br />Smart Network<br />Application Platform <br />Internet<br />Communication Network Head End<br />Home Router<br />WiFi Radio<br />Smart Meter Communications Network<br />HAN<br />Device<br />(e.g. Dryer)<br />AMI Radio<br />HAN Radio<br />HAN Radio<br />Appliance<br />HAN Radio<br />
  26. 26. Summary<br />“All the pieces are needed to make the smart grid work”<br />Consumers<br /><ul><li>Savers, sustainers, Millennials</li></ul>Applications<br /><ul><li>Energy information, dynamic pricing, and smart appliances</li></ul>Technologies<br /><ul><li>Devices, communications networks, standard interfaces, IT platforms
  27. 27. The HAN standard is key to unleashing availability of smart appliances and devices</li></ul>Slide5<br />Copyright © 2011 eMeter Corp. All rights reserved.<br />