eMeter Register Billing Application Data Sheet


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eMeter Register Billing Application Data Sheet

  1. 1. DATA SHEET: Register Billing Register Billing eMeter applications enhance your register read data to provide the most current, easily integrated information for you and your customers. eMeter Register Billing application supports your billing requirements based on register reads. Register Billing integrates your legacy and new billing to seamlessly transition and provide accurate, automated meter-to-cash at scale. With eMeter Register Billing you can: Support any billing formulas or cycle. The Register Billing application collects read data and transfers data via the CIS/Billing interface. A Billing Determinant Calculator computes the billing determinant values based on utility defined formulas, while putting no additional strain on your CIS/Billing system. These features allow you to support a wide range of billing tariffs and rate plans, including complex calculations and multiple rates per billing cycle. Support bi-directional metering and net metering. Registry Billing processes the delivered and received channels for a given meter or recorder in two separate channels and calculates a net amount. The calculated net is stored on a virtual channel. EnergyIP provides full tracking, management, and storage of usage data related to each data channel. Create usage data from register reads. EnergyIP will calculate the difference between the current bill period register read and the previous bill period register read, applying the Current Transformation/ Potential Transformation required to convert to the correct kWh usage amount. Rollover conditions are also considered when computing usage. The calculated usage is stored in the billing table and accessible to all applications. Convert usage data into register reads. The Virtual Register feature allows utilities with older legacy systems, which can only handle register data, to use virtual register reads for the billing process. The CT/PT multiplier and meter rollovers will be factored into virtual register read determination. Standardize Billing Reports. The Registry Billing application has standardized reports such as: • Billing Data Change Report • Billing No Reads Report • Billing Request Detailed Exception Report • Billing Service Summary Report • Unauthorized Usage Report • Service Requests Summary Report© 2011 eMeter Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. DATA SHEET: Register Billing eMeter Offerings • eMeter EnergyIP • Settlements • Register Billing • Network Loss Management • Interval Billing • Analytics Foundation • Outage Event Management • Smart Grid Appliance • Remote Connect/Disconnect • Integration Adapters • Energy Engage™ Customer Portal • SAP MDUS Integration Adapter • Prepayment Support • eMeter Professional Services and Support • Customer Service Representative Portal Building Applications on a Strong Foundation eMeter applications run on our MDM Platform, eMeter EnergyIP®, the industry’s leading MDM system, which delivers information and automation in real-time to manage the Smart Grid. With eMeter’s modular design you start fast, use only what you need, and incrementally scale to meet new requirements. You can add additional applications as you need them, or have an application custom-built for your needs. eMeter EnergyIP allows you to adapt to regulatory changes and capitalize on new technology or business opportunities, dramatically improving operational efficiencies and customer service. eMeter provides the essential software that enables leading electric, gas and water utilities worldwide to realize the full benefits of the Smart Grid, reducing operational costs, increasing service reliability, boosting customer satisfaction, and driving energy efficiency. eMeter Corporation Energy Information You Can Act On. +1 (650) 227-7770 sales@emeter.com www.emeter.com© 2011 eMeter Corporation eMeter ®, the eMeter Logo ®, EnergyIP ®, Energy Engage™ and any other trademark found on the eMeter Trade-marks List that are referred to or displayed in the document are trademarks or registered trademarks of eMeter Corporation or its affiliates inthe US and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.