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eMeter Analytics Foundation

  1. 1. DATA SHEET: The Analytics Foundation The Analytics Foundation Transforms your data into actionable information and gets it to people who need it most throughout your utility. “Data analytics can Most companies are trying to get analytics by doing batch uploads of past data. At potentially expose eMeter, we don’t want you to see yesterday’s data tomorrow. The eMeter Analytics Foundation gives easy access to near real-time, actionable information so your utility usage trends that are can become more efficient, able to quickly respond to business and regulatory needs, new or longstanding and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction. but never before observed, predict The Analytics Foundation for eMeter EnergyIP, you can quickly turn your AMI data into actionable information that can be leveraged across your utility. eMeter EnergyIP with failures before Analytics Foundation offers several unique benefits including: they occur, and observe trends in Improve Business Efficiency with Information – eMeter Analytics Foundation theft or write-offs. allows utility business units to have easy access to information and validation tools that can help them increase operational efficiencies. Data mining can also validate (or Leverage Current Investments – The eMeter Analytics Foundation allows you to take disprove) that a advantage of the investments utilities have already made with integrations and training of staff. utility is meeting its Get Value Quickly – The Analytics Foundation for eMeter EnergyIP is a prepackaged conservation and solution that will deliver value quickly to your organization without compromising the energy reduction integrity, security, or performance of your existing operations. objectives.” Pike Research© 2011 eMeter Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. DATA SHEET: The Analytics Foundation Business Use Cases: With eMeter Analytics Foundation, you can enable advanced applications that will provide you additional ROI and accelerate time to value, such as “The data we Settlements, Network Loss, and Revenue Protection. This applications allow you have received and to execute many Business Intelligent operations. Some examples of use cases processed through for Analytics include: eMeter EnergyIP AMI Health: Problems in meter networking can be a particularly troubling has allowed JEA to issue for utilities. These types of errors can seem to happen randomly across produce valuable the network, and be very hard to pin-point among the massive volume of reads. reports on revenue With eMeter Analytics Foundation, utilities will be able to identify whether their protection, including service level agreements are being met, drill into specific problem spots, and create service requests for problematic meters. identifying patterns of theft, as well Outage Analysis: While utilities know about major outages, the true count as recognizing of all outages across the network can be hard to define. eMeter Analytics Foundation will help utilities make sense out of disparate power-on and power- abnormalities with off events – creating a single, easy-to-understand “Outage” event. With this meters. Because of new type of event, utilities can easily see each outage with its duration and the data provided by associated impact. eMeter EnergyIP, JEA Event analysis: Smart meters provide utilities with a treasure trove of is also now able to new data. Across the network, meters are being reprogrammed, detecting perform load research, tampers, warning low battery, etc. This has the potential to be a great source of intelligence for utilities, but it requires making sense of the data flood to specifically taking identify specific actionable events. The Analytics Foundation organizes these snapshots of the entire meter events and makes them available and easy to use. With EnergyIP, utilities system and produce can discover the events that are most seriously impacting their business and load profiles based take action. on customer classes, Revenue Protection: With all the new AMI data at your disposal, it can be which in turn helps difficult to see the events that truly effect the bottom line. Revenue Protection JEA better service our can filter your unusual meter events, looking for meters that are not attached to accounts, relevant tamper events, and unusual usage patterns that indicate customer.” theft. Your Revenue Protection team will then be provided with reports on Brian Novak, remediation options including remote disconnect, pinging the meter, or Project Manager, JEA submitting a field work order to investigate. Load Monitoring: When spikes in load are detected, the Analytics Foundation event analysis reports the spikes for supervisor review. The supervisor may send the service request on to the work management system to resolve, record the outcome, and close the service request. Additionally, the Analytics Foundation will include unusual load events in a daily diversion report, which can pinpoint areas your revenue protection analyst can review.2
  3. 3. DATA SHEET: The Analytics FoundationFeatures:• Uncompromised Data Integrity: We maintain system of record, so all your data is assured.• Parallel Metadata Processing: A star schema Analytics Engine, separate from core transaction processing, provides near real-time access to raw data without compromising operational performance. Most importantly, Analytics Foundation processes raw data into metadata that drives business intelligent Smart Grid Applications for maximum efficiency.• Reporting Framework: Allows business and technical users to come to the same report portal to view this data visually using charts, graphs, tables, lists, and dashboards. Clear, action-oriented analysis, provides users with the skills-appropriate tools required to view, analyze, and interact with reporting content in a seamless, intuitive UI. Since you have all your metadata in house, your team can also use the core reporting tools they already know to reduce training time and encourage the use of your analytics to provide business solutions.• Report Repository: Report creators can publish and organize reports, as well as set access controls based on report folders. They can also set sign-on capabilities, publish online, and limit access based on individual user permissions.• Report Designer: Users create and test customized reports offline before deploying them to the report repository. Reporting Framework also includes standardized reports out-of-the-box.Integrated Data:eMeter Analytics Foundation will integrate data from all your Advanced Metering assets and enterpriseapplications including:• Account Data such as account type• Asset Data about meter and communications devices• Meter Events such as reprogramming notifications and tamper alerts• Paired Events such as an ‘outage window’ calculated from power-off and power-on events• Interval Data including interval flags• Register Read Data including register flags• Device Read Exceptions stating why certain reads may have been missed• Missing Reads detailing each read that was expected but not reported• AMI Performance calculating statistics regarding expected vs. received meter readings 3
  4. 4. DATA SHEET: The Analytics Foundation eMeter Offerings: • eMeter EnergyIP: A powerful and proven platform to manage all types of AMI data • Analytics Foundation: An analytics database that will allow you to use the Reporting Framework included in EnergyIP, or any other 3rd party reporting tool. • Graphical Reporting Framework: An intuitive and easy to use reporting tool with a library of pre-built and customizable reports. • eMeter Professional Services: Available to help your team expedite the upgrade process. • Advanced Applications: To capitalize on the wealth of information in eMeter EnergyIP, eMeter also offers advanced applications such as Register and Interval Billing, Energy Engage™ Customer Portal, Outage Event Management, Remote Connect / Disconnect, Prepayment, Settlements, Network Loss Management, and Customer Service Representative Portal. • eMeter Business Critical Support: An option for customers looking for robust service levels and added confidence to ensure the health of their EnergyIP implementation. • Hosted or Managed Services Options: Based on your requirements, eMeter or an eMeter Certified Partner can host the eMeter applications, and/or manage the applications for you – ensuring high-quality and secure expert management of your system.Business Use Cases. Experience eMeter provides essential software that enables electric, gas, and water utilities to realize the full benefits of the Smart Grid. Leading utilities worldwide depend on eMeter Smart Grid Management Software to reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and drive energy efficiency. With the most large-scale deployments in the industry and strategic partnerships with Accenture, IBM, Logica, and Siemens; eMeter has built a reputation for unparalleled expertise that ensures customer success. eMeter Corporation Energy Information You Can Act On. +1 (650) 227-7770 sales@emeter.com www.emeter.com© 2011 eMeter Corporation eMeter ®, the eMeter Logo ®, EnergyIP ®, Energy Engage™ and any other trademark found on the eMeter Trade-marks List that are referred to or displayed in the document are trademarks or registered trademarks of eMeter Corporation or its affiliates inthe US and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.