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Jamestown Mr. Shirey- Group2
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Jamestown Mr. Shirey- Group2






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Jamestown Mr. Shirey- Group2 Jamestown Mr. Shirey- Group2 Presentation Transcript

  • Jamestown Surveyor: Graham Kloek Native American Liaison: Will Andershock Building Supervisor: Adam Iverstine Labor Chief: Garrett Nelson Activity Director: Mac Barnes Farm Supervisor: Graham Kloek
  • Building Supervisor
    • The settlers built a small fort to protect them for there enemies
    • It was made out of wood not stone or brick
    • It was a good choice on there part
    • It worked the fort protected them
    • The only thing I would have done differently I would have made the fort out of stone.
  • Activity Director
    • The settlers spends most of their time hunting & mining for gold.
    • This was a very bad idea, because they never found any gold.
    • I would prefer hunting, because its fun and not as dangerous as mining for gold.
  • Labor Chief
    • Everyone including Gentlemen, worked.
    • Yes, it was a good choice because they got work done.
    • I’d have everyone work because we’d get work done.
  • Native American Liaison
    • Jamestown settlers landed and there were Native Americans.
    • The settlers wandered how to deal with the Native Americans, but how?
    • The settlers traded with them.
    • This was a good choice.
    • I would trade with them because they might teach me something.
  • Surveyor
    • Jamestown settlers landed at Bay Marsh.
    • Bay Marsh a site hidden up a river in marshy wetlands.
    • I think this was a bad idea because the water was real marshy and was bad to drink
  • Farm Supervisor
    • The crops that Jamestown settlers grew were corn and tobacco.
    • I think this was a good and bad idea because corn is good for you, and tobacco can give you cancer.
    • I would have grown corn and wheat instead of tobacco.
  • How we can survive?
    • Make the gentlemen work not the slaves. We should build the fort out of stone not wood.
    • We should not have grown tobacco.
    • We should have built it at a place with good water not a marsh.
    • We should not have mined gold.