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Jamestown by Golightly Group 1
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Jamestown by Golightly Group 1

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  • 1. The Jamestown Settlers Surveyor: Native American Liason: Building Supervisor: Labor Chief: Activity Director: Farm Supervisor:
  • 2. Building Supervisor
    • The Jamestown settlers built a fort.
    • Yes, this was a good idea.
    • I would have chosen a fort because it would give them more protection.
  • 3. Activity Director
    • The Jamestown settlers hunted and mined for gold.
    • This was a good choice because the game gave them food and the gold gave them something to trade.
    • I would have hunted, fished, and mined for gold because two of them give food and the other has value.
  • 4. Labor Chief
    • Only indentured servants and laymen worked.
    • I do not think this was a good choice because it was not fair that some people worked and others did not.
    • I think everyone should have worked because it is fair.
  • 5. Native American Liason
    • The Jamestown settlers attacked the Native American Liasons.
    • It was not a good choice because, they were just barely managing to “beare and plant palisadoe” to protect themselves.
    • I would have offered to trade so we could have better tools and things to trade.
  • 6. Surveyor
    • The Jamestown settlers settled on the sea coast.
    • I think this was a bad choice because Spanish ships can attack them.
    • I would choose Bay Island because fishing, hunting, and gold mining are important.
  • 7. Farm Supervisor
    • The Jamestown settlers harvested tobacco.
    • I think this was an okay choice because the tobacco allowed them to trade, but they did not have enough food.
    • I would have harvested wheat, corn, and tobacco because this way we would have been able to trade and have enough food.
  • 8. How we can survive
    • To survive we need foods of all types, including tobacco so we will be able to trade.
    • We need a town on Bay Island.
    • We need everyone to work and help out.
    • We need to put our best hunters out to hunt for game.