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Published in: Technology

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  • Transition: Let me do a quick run-down of the architecture so I can show you the components used by ADA. Main: <click> The first is the ADA Server. This is the component that orchestrates all the archiving. It has the database that stores all the meta-data, or information about the files that are archived. <click> ADA also provides an administrative console that you can create the archive, assign user rights, schedule the tasks that do the archiving, etc <click> ADA also provides an end-user console called the ADA User Interface that runs on the machines where the users are working—their desktop or laptop—it has a simple GUI to allow them to drag and drop files to and from the archive and enables end-user based archiving. <click> We have an ADA agent that runs on the primary storage systems like file servers to facilitate HSM or policy based archiving. <click> ADA supports tape, low-cost disk and other devices as secondary, or archive storage. <click> ADA offers two types of stubbing for HSM applications. The first type, the HSM Filter Driver stubbing, writes the stub on the file server. <click> The second type of stubbing is the HSM client stub which is written on the client machine. HSM Client stubbing is ideal for NAS storage where writing a stub is often prohibited.
  • Transcript

    • 1. 應用解決方案
    • 2. iStor 提供的解決方案配套
      • 虛擬主機和災難回覆的配套方案 (Server Virtualization + Disaster Recovery)
      • Server Virtualization – Hyper-V
      • 虛擬主機與虛擬儲存的解決方案 (VM WARE)
      • Storage Consolidation & Disaster Recovery
      • Desktop/Laptop Backup Solution – LiveBackup & iStor
      • D2D2T Backup – Virtual Tape Library
      • Tier Storage Solution - Atempo Digital Archive Architecture & iStor
    • 3. Server Virtualization + Disaster Recovery ESX Server 3.5 Target Server 3.5 Site Recovery Manager iStor DR Server Virtual Machines Master Target VMDK Files Target Guest VM WAN VMware ESX solution Disaster Happens IP-SAN iStor Storage IP-SAN iStor Storage
    • 4. Server Virtualization – Hyper-V iStor Networks, Inc. Confidential
    • 5. iStor Networks, Inc. Confidential 虛擬主機與虛擬儲存的解決範例 (VM WARE)
    • 6. Storage Consolidation & Disaster Recovery EMC/HDS/SUN /HP Storages iStor Storages BENEFITS: Increased storage flexibility High availability through snapshots and server failover Effective disaster recovery Reduced storage costs Faster, easier deployment
    • 7. Desktop/Laptop Backup Solution – LiveBackup & iStor
      • 所有需要的檔案類型下的所有版本
      • 指捕捉及儲存更改的部分
      • File 及 block 層的單一 instancing
      • 規則為基礎的管理
      • 降低對於前端系統及網路的影響
      Corporate LAN Server LiveBackup Server LiveBackup Clients LAN / WAN / Internet = File Change (“Delta”)
    • 8. D2D2T Backup – Virtual Tape Library
      • Shorter time required by personnel
      • Different Retention Periods for Disk & Tape
      • Disk can be local and tape can be remote for DR purposes
      • Much shorter backup window
      • Needs a true synthetic full backup
      • Restore from either disk or tape depending on requirements
      • More reliable backup
      • Aged backups to tape
      • Needs virtual tape to avoid a “backup of backup”
      • Requires more personnel resources for a longer time
      Server 1 2 Backup to Disk, Migrate to Tape Server 1 1’ Backup to Disk And Tape at Same Time Server 1 2 Incrementals to Disk And Synthetic Fulls to Tape
    • 9. Tier Storage Solution – Atempo Digital Archive Architecture & iStor ADA Server ADA Administration Console ADA Agent Primary Storage ADA User Interface Data Streams Secondary Storage iStor Storage HTTP/SOAP
    • 10. iStor 產品實際應用面
      • EMAIL Archive
      • 影像編輯
      • 監控系統
    • 11. iStor Networks, Inc. Confidential
    • 12. iStor Networks, Inc. Confidential
    • 13. iStor Networks, Inc. Confidential
    • 14. Q & A “ ASIC to Applications”™ 如果您對我們的產品配套想更進一步了解,請直接與我們的客服人員聯繫 886-2-2799-7373 謝謝!