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Cpa dubai

  1. 1.  Commenced its formal operation in 2006 Licensed by: Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Government of Dubai Aims to develop accountants to be globally competent Promoted by Prof. D Hariharan Expansion plans in Oman & India in 2 years Institute managed by certified professionals Achieved success rate of 80% + The right approach is hard work and commitment for becoming a CPA. Emerge supported until I passed the exam, Wiley software helped me to clear all four papers in first attempt.” Anisha John, CPA
  2. 2. Prof. D. Hariharan• Certified Professional from USA, Canada & India• 25 + years of top management experienceEducational Achievements: Institution Exams Madurai University, India B.Com Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ACA Institute of Management Accountants, US CMA Institute of Management Accountants, US CFM American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, US CPA Information Systems Audit & Control Association, US CISA Certified General Accountants, Canada (PA 1) CGA Certified Internal Auditor, US CIA Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India ICWAI
  3. 3. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)Certfied Management Accountant (CMA)Chartered Accountant (CA)International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)Finance for Non - Finance (FNF)Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)“Passing with high scores sure does feel terrific!” …and that too in first attempt!…The most important thing which I received from Prof. Hariharan was the belief which heplaced in me, and this belief made me believe in myself, this indeed was the key to mysuccess! - Manya Pamnani, ACA, MBA, CPA
  4. 4. Management Experience: National Thermal Power Corporation LTD, India - 2 years Larsen & Toubro Limited, India - 5 years EID Parry Group, India - 6 years Sweets of Oman Saog, Oman - 2 years Emirates Co-op, Society – UAE - 5 years Al Aqili Group – UAE - 6 years • Training Experience of In-house corporate development programs • Teaching experience for CA, CPA, CMA & MBA programs Research:• Mr. Hariharan has experimented "Cost Control through Cost Consciousness” and "Productivity based Incentives" in confectionery industry. He has done research on "Downtime Analysis and its impact on Sugar Recovery & Profitability" in Sugar industry in India.
  5. 5. • Worldwide recognized / Reciprocal arrangements• Recognized by AICWA, India & CGA Canada• Mobility across the Globe• Migration with ease (USA, CAN, AUS, NZL)• Career opportunities in MNCs & abroad• Comparably higher salary• Pride of highly acclaimed certification• Join AICPA and keep abreast of new development. I joined Prof. Hariharan’s classes in Dec 04 which was the best decision I ever made. His guidance & support was impeccable. Though I attended classes for 2 parts, he was always there to guide me through internet for all other parts too. The process of completion of CPA was an experience with EMERGE. Urjita Wagle, B.Com, CPA – U.S.A
  6. 6. • It is just 4 papers. AA, FAR, REG, BEC• Only 9 months to complete• Limited Descriptive Format• Mostly Multiple Choice Format• No need for any preliminary preparation• 18 months carryover for Passed Subjects• Candidates Pass rate is above 45% - 50%• Examination center in UAE EMERGE showed me the way, I just followed and I’m CPA in my first attempt E. Aravindakshan, FCA, CPA, DISA – Chief Accountant, Trouvay Cauvin Gulf B.S.C(c)
  7. 7. Uniform CPA Examination Passing Rates AICPA CPA Examinations Summary of Pass Rates 2010-2011-2012 2012 2012 Subject 2010 2011 IQR IIQRAuditing 47.80% 45.62% 44.90% 47.81%Business Environment Concept 47.29% 47.13% 48.63% 53.17%Financial Accounting & Reporting 47.81% 45.57% 43.84% 46.49%Regulation (Law & Taxation) 50.66% 44.22% 45.00% 49.62% Source: AICPA “EMERGE Powerpoint, class notes, practicing maximum no. of MCQs and time management in exam are keys to Success.” Dipin Issac, B.Com, CPA - Group Finance Executive, Habtoor Leighton Group
  8. 8. Exam Schedule Testing Months Non - Testing Months February Jan & March May April & June August July & September * Results are announced in 20 – 30 days. I wholeheartedly would like to thank EMERGE for the great encouragement, the wonderful classes and the solid methodology provided during my course which helped me in obtaining CPA smoothly. The class lectures cover not only the subject but also relevant matters in the current practices. - Manoj Kumar, CPA - Partner, Hamt Associates
  9. 9. • On-line, self-scheduled with pre-registration• Can sit for papers individually & in any order• No minimum score required for failed section• Failed papers cannot be retaken within same Qr.• Credit for passed papers retained for 18 months• Minimum pass score – 75% Passing CPA has really given me a great kick at this stage of my life, thank you for everything and you are an inspiration for people like me. I passed with an average of 85%. Participation in class discussions actively; strong base from Professor Hariharan’s lecture, slow and steady approach helped me to pass. Tirupathi Rao, CPA - D.G.M.(F&A),Rosy Blue Trading LLC
  10. 10. Exam Format: (Computer Based)• Multiple Choice Questions• Task Based Simulation (AUD, FAR, REG)• Written Communication Task (BEC)• Computer Based Testing (CBT)• 14 Hours Duration• On Demand – 4 months in a year• Dubai & Abu Dhabi Exam. Centers EMERGE is a trusted partner for CPA studies. Prof. Hariharan is instrumental to reinstate my core concepts and from there I build my blocks. Training from Emerge and commitment towards study will definitely take to the milestone of CPA. Thomas Mathew, CPA - Accounting Manager, Halliburton Eastern Hemisphere Business Support Center
  11. 11. Subject Exam Hrs 70% MCQ 30% TBS WCTAuditing and Attestation 4.0 3 x 30 1x 7 ---Financial Accounting & Reporting 4.0 3 x 30 1x 7 ---Regulation (Law & Tax) 3.0 3 x 24 1x 6 --- (85%) 3 x 24 3Business Environment & concepts 3.0 --- (85%) (15%) TBS - Task Based Simulation WCT - Written Communication Task It feels great in clearing all the 4 papers of CPA in 1st attempt with high marks (91,92,94 & 89). Much of the credits go to Prof. Hariharan whose classroom sessions have helped me in better understanding of the concepts. Shabbir Turra, ACA, CPA
  12. 12. • Qualified Instructors • Live classes with visual aids • E-Group to share and learn • Instructors support after review • Assistance for registration • Hands-on & Home Exercises • Mock test and follow-up • Preparation & Exam StrategyMy special thanks to Emerge for the continuous support throughout this journey Ipersonally recommend Emerge for all CPA students. I am proud to say I’m CPA from USA. Sayed Javeed Shah, CPA - Region Finance Controller
  13. 13. Parts Start Date End DateFAR 10-Aug-12 28-Sep-12REG 5-Oct-12 23-Nov-13BEC 30-Nov-12 28-Dec-12AUD 4-Jan-13 1-Feb-13