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  1. 1. eMedToday Hospital Mobile App 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE MOBILE APP Refresh the Hospital-Patient Relationship The future of healthcare is the smartphone Digital is the way you connect today October 2013 Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  2. 2. The Challenge Facing Hospitals 2 How to engage patients digitally? What is best way to engage patients digitally? How to profit from digital engagement? Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  3. 3. The Answer 3 Hospital Mobile Health Utilize Available Technology to Engage Patients SmartPhones & Mobile Applications Digital Future (New CRM Tool) “The successful hospital of the future will be defined more by its virtual, rather than physical presence” Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  4. 4. Smartphones and Tablets: The Future of Digital - Hospitals4  Hospitals traditionally do not offer mobile apps (only 3% of hospitals)  Hospitals are behind the digital curve  Hospitals do not follow best practice mobile app guidelines  Smartphones and tablets drive mhealth  Smartphones and tablets can bring patients and hospitals together  Smartphone and tablets allow targeted delivery of health information  Mobile technology will transform the healthcare industry with increased productivity gains saving $305 billion over the next 10 years. In the next five years, healthcare organizations will increase significantly the availability of smartphone-based mobile health services with over 1. 2 billion smartphone users having mobile health apps  Of the $1.8 trillion spent annually on healthcare in the U.S., roughly $500 billion is spent on doctorpatient visits alone. Roughly 25 percent of these visits are purely informational (no procedures are performed, and no prescriptions are written). If technology and information can efficiently serve patients seeking such visits, annual healthcare costs could immediately and dramatically drop by $125 billion  The rapid adoption of connected mobile devices is enabling the shift from a sick care to preventative care  "The universal use of mobile devices is one of the greatest social changes of our lifetimes” Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  5. 5. Smartphones and Tablets: The Future of Digital - Doctors 5 Doctors overwhelmingly prefer mobile devices - with 9 of 10 doctors using, or planning to use, smartphones in near future Doctors spend 2.4 hours a day looking for medical information and want to share health information with patients Doctors gain an average increase of 1.2 hours of daily productivity using a mobile device Digital literacy for doctors is important partly because digital media is so important to patients Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  6. 6. Smartphones and Tablets: The Future of Digital - ePatients 6  60% say mobile health has given them solutions  50% say it will change the way they manage their health  50% say it will change the way they manage chronic conditions  45% say it will make their health care more convenient  50% say it will improve health care quality  76% say they would choose Telehealth over human contact  60% say they want health information delivered by video  75% say they are concerned about their health  77% say they hadn’t received any written information about their illness or     medications directly from their doctor 70% say they want to receive secure emails from their providers on health information 95% do searches for health information 60% do searches on symptoms & causes 50% do searches on medication Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  7. 7. eMedToday History 7  13 years ago, eMedToday deployed an internet solution for hospital/patients on one platform. The platform was called “eMedAsia”  eMedAsia offered      Comprehensive physician endorsed clinical information on diseases, conditions, drugs Health diaries Personalized content including news and newsletter Medical Mall for books and journals Call a doctor feature  eMedToday is developing a smartphone/tablet solution Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  8. 8. Characteristics of A Successful Mobile App 8  Simple and easy to use (graphically compelling)  Solve a problem (intuitive)  Be unique (connect to 3rd party functionally)  Add value (incredibly helpful) Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  9. 9. Characteristics of Hospital Mobile App 9  Simple and easy to use 6 buttons  Solve a problem: Personalized medicine  Give patients access to daily, engaging, accurate, easy to read, evidenced based health information/ healthy living information/multi media lifestyle content/extensive clinical and drug library/ responsive hospital services/”Personalized” medicine trackers to monitor heart and diabetes indicators and Ask a Doctor (100’s of short compelling videos)  Be unique  No other similar hospital mobile app/ wellness platform exists in Asia  Add value  Type and structure of health information cause patients to use mobile app frequently (goal: 12 times a month)/active communication channel to patients/ video of staff and patients with dynamic story telling to build brand story/survey for patient satisfaction/allow patients to participate in Hospital social media forum  Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  10. 10. eMedToday’s Solution for the Hospital Features Overview 10 1. Services 2. Daily News 3. Ask a Doctor 4. Health Trackers 5. eBook Library 6. Events & Promotion Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  11. 11. eMedToday’s Solution for the Hospital Features 11 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Services  Mobile format: Personalized hospital window for Patient Daily News  Daily Health News (5 top news items)  Trending Health News (10 trending news items)  Medical Library (search 100’s of medical conditions)  Drug Library (search 100’s of drugs) Personalized Medicine: Ask A Doctor Personalized Medicine: Health Trackers  Fitness  Blood Pressure  Glucose  Heart Rate eBook Library  Short medical eBooks and on line magazines Events & Promotion  Magazine of the hospital with focus on events & promotions/ video marketing/patient satisfaction survives/patient advertising / etc Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  12. 12. Why Mobile App ? 12  Stronger patient relationship  Higher patient satisfaction  Create patient community  Boost brand image and patient volumes though patient engagement  Show hospital concern for preventive care and wellness  Optimize information sharing with patients for new services and promotions  High return on marketing investment: target patients use: 40%  Platform for medical tourism  Simple to reach patients, one click  Backend administration simple and robust  Reach patients in underserved areas  Make your brand more human  Extremely effective platform for hospital to patient advertising  Hospital is seen as caring, proactive and engaged in providing services, education and interaction for patients beyond only the hospital visit Copyright © eMedToday 2013