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  1. 1. eMedToday Clinical Desk For Pharma 1 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ‘CLINICAL DESK’ APPLICATION Refresh the Pharma-Doctor Relationship through remote selling The Future of healthcare is the Smartphone October 2013 Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  2. 2. The Challenge 2  Doctors are too busy and too skeptical to swoon for a glossy journal ad with a clever twist  Instead, doctors are looking for utility: efficacy data, valueadded services, drug samples, quick pre-authorizations  How to provide value added and utility to doctors with remote selling ?  The current pharmaceutical business model is not sustainable (“sample drops” are not calls) Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  3. 3. The Answer 3 Clinical Desk Innovation (New CRM Tool) Customer Relationships for ROI Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  4. 4. Smartphones and Tablets: The Future of Digital - Pharmas 4  Pharmas need to offer value “Beyond the Pill and Price “ or the GSK logo “More Than Medicine”  Pharma brands are about everything that surrounds a pill, including services, disease awareness,           education and prevention Pharmas do not offer mobile apps beyond clinical applications Pharmas doctor’s marketing budget in many cases is wasteful Pharmas do not recognize the role of Content as an engagement tool Pharmas sales reps can be inefficient and costly Pharmas sales reps with ipads still face a “high no see” with doctors Pharmas are behind the digital curve Pharmas do not follow best practice mobile app guidelines Pharmas with digital can have a completely different level of communications with doctors Pharma by using digital can become a genuine partner in the collaborative world of healthcare. Pharma s should “give out data when and where doctors need it, and help them provide better care with access to drug information they value and trust” Mobile technology will transform the healthcare industry with increased productivity gains saving $305 billion over the next 10 years. In the next five years, healthcare organizations will increase significantly the availability of smartphone-based mobile health services with over 1.3 billion smartphone users having mobile health apps Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  5. 5. Smartphones and Tablets: The Future of Digital - Doctors 5  Doctors do not give sales reps much time - “high no see” with 85% see time less than 5          minutes; doctors spent on average 10 minutes on e detailing presentations and 70% wanted samples. In 2012 8 million planned sales calls were not completed Doctors overwhelmingly prefer mobile devices - with 9 of 10 doctors using smartphone in near future Doctors spend 2.4 hours a day looking for medical information Doctors gain an average increase of 1.2 hours of daily productively using a mobile device Doctors accept e-detailing messages with over 50% having participated in e-detailing and 78% would participate in future e detailing programs 98% of doctors want education and clinical reference material digitally Doctors like messages delivered via text, video or multimedia Doctors rely more on third party sources to develop drug treatment programs 97% of Doctors feel the e-detailing is superior to paper-based details for explaining complex issues Doctors say they would value support from Pharmas about their medicines at the point of care Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  6. 6. Key Survey: Kantar Media March 2013 6 3,000 doctors across 21 specialties  74% use smartphones  72% use apps for clinical reference  64% use apps for drug references  45% use apps for magazines  21% use apps for patient education  20% use apps for medical records  16% use apps for productivity tools Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  7. 7. Key Survey : ‘What Physicians Want’ Survey (1) 7 “The overarching message of this year’s survey is clear: Physicians are begging for practical help in getting their work done. More than ever before, they want efficient tools and communications that will help them help their patients.” “They want to strip away time wasters so they can educate patients, support patients who need assistance, and help patients comply and adhere to therapy.” “They will open their doors to life sciences companies and representatives that help them accomplish these goals” (1) Sponsor: Sermo is the largest online physician-only community, with over 120,000 practicing physicians Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  8. 8. eMedToday History 8  13 years ago, eMedToday deployed an internet solution for doctors/Pharmas on one platform.  The Pharma/Doctor platform was called “ Clinical Desk” and sample platform called “RepNet”  Clinical Desk Offered  CME  Evidence based medicine and treatment guidelines  Medical Mall for books and journals  Notification to doctors for new products and product updates  RepNet to order samples  eMedToday is developing a smartphone/tablet Clinical Desk solution Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  9. 9. Characteristics of A Successful Mobile App 9 Simple and easy to use (graphically compelling) Solve a problem (intuitive) Be unique (connect to 3rd party functionally) Add value (incredibly helpful) Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  10. 10. Characteristics of a Successful Mobile App 10  Simple and easy to use 3 Buttons  Solve a problem  Doctors clinical and drug references/ trusted education/ patient point of care information/ breaking medical news/fast medical research  A new way to communicate rich multi media drug information to doctors at their convenience that grabs their attention through content management with personalization. Focus on video and animation  Unique  No similar mobile app exists  Add value  Clinical and drug references, CME, medical and research updates, drug news, and e sampling/questions/appointment feed cause doctors to use daily  Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  11. 11. Clinical Desk Overview 3 Buttons 11 1. Clinical Desk 2. Drug News 3. RepNet Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  12. 12. Clinical Desk Features 12 1. Clinical Desk     Clinical Support: The best evidence based medicine and treatment guidelines Drug information: Provides clear, concise, point of care drug information Medical News: Breaking medical news and CME credits Medical Research: Fast access to full text articles and PDFs of over 5,000 journal and news sources 2. Drugs News  Delivers rich, engaging multi- media format information with focus on video, organized like a magazine, on drug profiles, news and content, events, CME and promotions. Personalized and customized content.  Builds trust and brand : allows for notification and dynamic updating. 3. RepNet  e-sampling /question form/appointments Copyright © eMedToday 2013
  13. 13. Why Clinical Desk? 13  Lower operational costs: save 25% travel costs  Stronger doctor relationship  Target “top Docs”  Better doctor retention rates on drug information with increased profits of 25% to 95%  3 X more time on e-detailing than time with sale rep  Create better brand image through doctor engagement  Deliver in real time - corporate, drug, relevant health information  Greater efficiency of sales force  App development time: 30 days;  App costs: modest Backend administration simple and robust Simple and quick to implement Reduces compliance risk to zero Optimize Product launches and prices Better patient adherence and patient point of care with Clinical Desk From low “ Doctor see” rates to 100% Doctor see rates Make expensive printed promotional aids redundant Ordering of just required samples online, eliminating wastage Develop deep understanding of physician segments Help cross-functional alignment among marketing, sales, operations, training, regulatory, legal, and IT departments          Copyright © eMedToday 2013