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  1. 1. Delivering value to Doctors, Patients, Hospitals and Pharma’sA Mobile App Solution For Pharma’s
  2. 2. Graham Player P.h.D.( Health Sciences)Hugh McClungEmedTodayThe use of mobile medical apps onsmartphones and tablets is revolutionizing andreinventing the way patients are engaged
  3. 3.  It is about health consumers: their needs, expectations, experienceand engagement Going from “ we provide world class care” to Develop Online brand Engage customers Support customers Move outside traditional strategies Move to mobile channels In the future, everything that can be done digitally will be donedigitally Digital health lies in highly personalized medicine, delivered via thesmartphone. or mobile device “Digital Ecosystem,” Only 13% ofheath organizations have developed a mobile appConsumerization of HealthCare
  4. 4.  Mobile e Visits ePatients want to asks questions ePatients want to talk to a doctor ePatients want help in understanding theirhealth, their disease, their therapies and ongoing wellness Different Platforms ePatients live in a multi-mediaenvironment ePatients want to watch mobile videos Medical History ePatients want to access their medicalhistoryWhat ePatients Want
  5. 5.  Check for Health Conditions ePatients want to get trusted health information ePatients want to solve or prevent a health problemwith actionable solutions Regular Updates ePatients want custom ized content ePatient Education Want to learn from their doctors and Pharma’s ePatients prefer a mobile app versus mobile web siteWhat ePatients Want
  6. 6.  Giving Patients what they want Facilitating Pharma eDetailing Developing critical marketing channel for both hospitaland Pharma’sMobile App For Hospitals: Focus
  7. 7.  Improve Patient Service and Facilities Patient Engagement and Satisfaction Enhance Doctor/Patient Relationship eDetailing for Pharmas “ The Last Customer Mile” Satisfying Doctors Needs Saving Time for Doctors Direct Access to Doctor by Specialty Improved Relationships between Pharma-Doctor Pharma-Hospital Pharma -PatientMobile App For Hospital: Objectives
  8. 8.  Connect any where, any time on any device Ask a doctor a question Find a Doctor Weekly mobile video Hospital Services Health tipsA Mobile Hospital App: The Menu
  9. 9.  Fast News: Curated magazines Interesting New Cool Trustworthy Special event and promotions Success Stories Survey Medical library Book libraryA Mobile Hospital App: The Menu
  10. 10.  Curated mobile Videos Interesting New Cool Trustworthy Health trackers Consolidate your health information Pharma E Detail SolutionA Mobile Hospital App Menu
  11. 11.  Pharma’s need to reset the value proposition of theonline channel Pharma’s are struggling to keep pace withconsumers needs for timely information Pharma are not able to engage healthcareprofessionals and patients effectively Need to differentiate a brand by adding value”beyond the pill” Pharma need to develop value-added servicesaround specific disease areas Over 100 million consumers search on line for druginformation. Yet, Pharma’s are last place patients look. Over 86% of doctors search on line for druginformation. Yet, doctor want credible, non-promotionalcontent and unbiased opinionPharma & Digitale Detail
  12. 12.  Pharma’s believe their marketing organizationsneed a complete overhaul 25% of direct sales people havie been replaced bydigital initiatives Pharma’s print advertising, down 44%; direct-to-consumer advertising, , down22% Over 31% of Doctors make RX decision using asmartpone Doctors no longer have time to conduct sit-downmeetings with drug reps. Making tablet edetailing a success is the top priorityof over 300 Pharma marketers in 2013 40% of pharma marketers agree that patientadherence activities involving mobile "apps" willincrease over the next five years The next BIG opportunity for targeted marketing topatients and physicians is mobile apps on "smartphones"Pharma & Digitale Detail
  13. 13. 1. Patient Focused Healthcare “ Patient Centric”Educate patients about specific diseases with accurate, safe,trusted drug information as well as providing interactive tools formedication adherence with a strong focus on multimediaCreate a brand image of caring for patient so they can makeinformed choices about their health. Increase number ofinteractions with patients ( 2X). “ Patient Engagement is theBlockbuster Drug of the Century”. Need to measure “ return onrelationship”2. Doctor Engagement “ Doctor Centric”Use targeted self- guided e detailing, to quickly give technologysmart doctors, at their convenience, creditable, accurate andvalue added drug, point of care and CME information and ordersample opportunities with a strong focus on multi- media “ fullyintegrated solution”Create a brand image of accurate, trusted and useful drug andCME information to help Doctors. Increase number ( 3X) andtime of interaction ( 5X) with doctorsPharma e Detail : 2 Goals
  14. 14. 1. Patient Focused Healthcare organized by diseases• Patient videos• Pharma app trackers• DTC messages• Push technology• Regular updates•Developed by emedtoday & Pharma’s staff( legal, regulatory,marketing, outside agency)2. Doctor Engagement organized by diseases & specialty( emedtoday “ Clinical Desk”)•Virtual live e detailing( drug profile)•Scripted e detaling( information/insights/news/video)•Drug library/CME•Pharma app trackers•eSamples•Push technology•Regular updates•Developed by pharma’s (outside agency , legal, marketing,regulatory)Pharma e Detail : Product & Diseases
  15. 15. References 1. http://www.scoop.it/t/hospitals-trends-in-branding-and-marketing2. http://www.scoop.it/t/mhealth-advances-knowledge-and-patient-engagement3. http://www.scoop.it/t/pharma-trends-and-uses-of-mobile-apps4. http://www.scoop.it/t/pharma-trends-in-e-detailing                               Pharma & Digitale Detail