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97 2003

  1. 1. Presenting Technology Research By: Emily Davis
  2. 2. Teaching the Social World Podcasting in the Classroom * This article was demonstrating the effectiveness of using a podcast as a lecture rather than just speaking to the students. * The article also said that students who listened to the podcast one or more times and took notes while listening actually scored better on the test than students attending the lecture. * From the article a good reasoning for the podcasts were, “Students watching a podcast can pause and rewind through missed points, they can pick their strongest time of the day to focus, and they can wear headphones to tune out distractions.” http://contexts.org/teaching/2009/03/17/podcasting-in-the- classroom/
  3. 3. Podcasting is one of the newer technologies that has been introduced to the classroom. It provides a way for the student to hear an assignment if they are absent, it allows for them to hear someone else explain the material, and it also can be played and stopped at any time so that they do not miss any part of the pod cast
  4. 4. In the first article I liked the fact that they had statistics to prove that podcasting was effective in the classroom. When I first heard of podcasting I was unsure as to how that would be helpful in the classroom, but after making one and researching them, I have found that they are affective. According to the Teaching the Social World article, those students who used the podcasts scored higher on the material that was covered.
  5. 5. Power Point in the Classroom • What’s all the Hype? – The article says in the beginning that, “ PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for learning in both a student and teacher-directed situation.” – Power points add another way for students to learn as well as for teachers to teach. – The power point presentation can make it easier for students and or teachers to explain a difficult process. It also allows students and teachers to use their creativity within their presentations. – The article also says, ‘PowerPoint can be one of the most powerful tools for disseminating information ever known. Employed inappropriately, PowerPoint could potentially confuse students and make learning a difficult process.’
  6. 6. http://www.teach-nology.com/tutorials/powerpoint/
  7. 7. Power Points have enhanced the student’s way of learning. They are able to tap into their creative and intellectual parts of their brain. Putting creativity into the power points makes them that much more fun to make but it also allows the observers to enjoy their informational show as well. The power point as a whole can be used to cover many subjects like math, English, science, social studies, art, and even just general technology knowledge.
  8. 8. -The second article pointed out a lot of things about power points that I already knew, or would figure in to why they would be useful in the classroom. I did however forget that the students are not the only people who benefit from it. The teachers also benefit from the power points as well. Not only can they use them and assign them, they can send them out to students or can project many grades from only one assignment. Power point requires a lot of techniques and by grading them separately, you can cover many subjects at one time.
  9. 9. Computers in the Classroom Technology connecting students, parents and teachers in online, interactive web * Computers serve as a research agent, a way of communication and provide convenience for students and teachers. * Computers have also helped parents keep track of how their children are doing in school by being able to check their progress in class online. * Computers allow for other technologies also such as gab casts, podcasts, power point and more. * Integrating the computer into classroom as early as kindergarten will help with the children's understanding of what the computer can offer them educationally. quot;Kindergartners still need to write their letters and go find A on the floor but for teachers, the computer is a valuable piece of equipment that makes our lives easier.” says Rich Davis
  10. 10. - The final technology I used was the computers In the classroom. This was the biggest technology that the classroom used for educational purposes. I did not even think that without the computer none of the previous technologies would be possible. Almost all of the technologies for the classroom are tied to the computer, therefore, making it an important piece in the everyday classroom.
  11. 11. http://www.courierpress.com/news/2007/aug/14/computers-in-the-classroom-technology- connecting/
  12. 12. In Conclusion…… There are many technologies that are incorporated into a classroom. It seems as if the basis of all of them start with the computer. Each of these technologies make the learning and teaching process easier and more complex at the same time. Without these technologies the classroom would not be nearly as advance. The more technology that is used in the classroom, the more the students will get out of their educational experience.