Sample Logo Essay Week One


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Sample Logo Essay Week One

  1. 1. Logo CGD 218: Visual Literacy in Business Instructor Name Date
  2. 2. 2 In this paper I will be answering questions regarding the Apple Inc. logo. My answers will reflect my understanding of the text. I will try to analyze and critic the logo based on the ideas in the text. The objective is to get an in depth view of the concepts. This is a logo for Apple Incorporated. I had always linked this logo with computers. As I got more familiar with computers and the different companies, I found out that the logo represented the company that produced the Macintosh computers. The first time that I had ever used a computer personally was my freshman year in high school. I can remember the first day of typing class. I had walked in the computer lab and there were about twenty computers in the class. What I noticed first on the computers was the colorful, about the size of a quarter, apple that was bitten. I wondered why they had used an apple for computers. I thought to myself that they should have used something more technical or something that would represent technology. The logo changed. I do remember it to be a colorful logo. It was an apple with diagonal stripes, red, yellow, green and I think there was also orange. In my mind, I can see the striped apple. Whenever I see this logo I would associate it with Macintosh computers and the Apple Inc. I always had this sense of feeling that I was going to learn something. The logo is a signifier as it means learning in my mind. (Berger. A.A., 2008, p.23) I think it is due to the fact that when I first became aware of this logo, it was in school. As Paul Messaris states, “…we are strongly predisposed to attend certain kinds of objects or situation and to react in certain kinds of ways.”(Berger. A. A., 2008, p.39) The “apple” to me has always had something to do with teachers. I understood the symbol from an intersexual level. I had known the apple to be used to represent teachers. Long
  3. 3. 3 time ago students used to give teachers apples as presents. It also calls into play the Responsive Chord Theory which states “the communication process relies, to a great degree, on information people already know.”(Berger. A.A., 2008. p.9) So to me, the design tells me that the company is associated with learning. In actuality, it produces a tool to assist in the learning process. The logo is shaped like an apple. There is an axial balance in the logo’s design. It conveys sophistication and elegance. (Berger. A.A., 2008, p.80) It has different saturation of the color blue. To me it sort of has elements of chiaroscuro lighting. The different saturation somewhat gives an impression of shadows. It seems like it is shining due to how they incorporate the light and the dark blue. I feel it does represent the company somewhat. Through research I found out that schools all over US use the Macintosh computer. I feel it does somewhat represent the company because nowadays, Apple Inc., produces many different kinds of electronics. Based on visual metonymies, I associated the logo to learning. I feel since they are now expanding, the logo should somehow show that. However, for me it did not show that. Looking at Berger model of communication, Apple Inc. (the sender) created the logo of a bitten apple (artwork) to convey the use of their products (medium used) would cause ingestion or attainment of knowledge. With a logo that is closely related to a known symbol, people will accept their products easily. Their advertising technique is to tap into people emotional feelings towards learning. Customer would be apt to buy their products because unconsciously they would feel it was towards a good cause.
  4. 4. 4 References Berger, A.A. (2008). Seeing Is Believing. United States: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.