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Elise Beattie\'s Inspirational Techniques for Fearless Painting.
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Elise Beattie\'s Inspirational Techniques for Fearless Painting.


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An arts & techniques slide show depicting the artwork and creative methods of artist Elise Meredith Beattie.

An arts & techniques slide show depicting the artwork and creative methods of artist Elise Meredith Beattie.

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  • 1. In my representational workI combine photos into anoriginal design thatultimately will be a fusion ofpattern & representation.
  • 2. Each of my paintings begin with a pour.
  • 3. The first pour creates my initial dominatecolors.
  • 4. The second pour creates intensifying values.
  • 5. My color mixing is done by lifting and tilting the paper or canvas that I am working on.
  • 6. On most of my works I pour 3 or 4 separate times. I alternatepouring my paint with applying thefriskit. The friskit coveredpainted areas are thenprotected from future layers ofpoured paint.
  • 7. I lay bits of "lace" papers, strings, baubles or whatever to create oddpatterns on my painting. As the paint dries a unique mark or textureremains on the surface I am working on.
  • 8. Friskit allows me to control the pours, values andhow the imagery will ultimately look.
  • 9. Once the friskit is removed, as is seen inthese 3 photos :The Fearless Fun begins! It is now time forme to finish the paintings by working withbrushes.
  • 10. Working with fluid acrylics by Golden, I create additional patterns. My goal is to create a pattern driven imagery, that is a fusion of abstraction and representation. “Imagination at work” currently on exhibit at The Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors.” Old Forge, NYNotice the changes that haveoccurred to my originaldesign…all in the name ofcreating a strongercomposition.
  • 11. Left: “Dahlias, Dahling”40 x 30 poured watercolors &acrylics on canvas Above: “Fluidity” 22 x 30 poured watercolors and acrylics on paper
  • 12. I frequently incorporate collage into my paintings. I use the same bits andpieces of paper that I originally poured through; to create the background and the horses manes.
  • 13. Applying collage papersto the surface.Close up of collaged papers “Jungle Management” 36 x 48 poured watercolors, acrylics and collage on canvas.
  • 14. “Dream Cycle” 40” x 32” Poured watercolors and acrylics on canvas.“Dream Energy”22 x 30 poured watercolors,acrylics and collage on paper.
  • 15. Accepted into the 2012 FloridaWatercolor Society Exhibition atthe Mannello Museum of Artand History- Orlando, FL.Published in“Splash 13 - The Best ofWatercolor -AlternativeApproaches" by Rachel RubinWolf.Available now at your localbook store or