D ATA S H E E T                   The next generation business application platformIn today’s connected and “on the go” wo...
FireMonkeyFireMonkey – The next generation business application platformStunning HD and 3D business applications          ...
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FireMonkey Datasheet


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Learn more about FireMonkey at http://www.embarcadero.com/firemonkey

Imagine a next generation platform that helps you build visually spectacular business applications that are faster, more visually stunning, and more connected – all with native performance on Windows, Mac and iOS.

Introducing FireMonkey, the first native CPU and GPU powered platform for rich business applications.

What you can build in FireMonkey is only limited by your imagination.

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FireMonkey Datasheet

  1. 1. D ATA S H E E T The next generation business application platformIn today’s connected and “on the go” world,customers expect to access applications and Key Featuresinformation on multiple platforms and devicesat anytime and anywhere. Customers alsohave a higher expectation for “rich” user • Visually stunning data-richexperiences, interactivity, and visualization – HD and 3D applicationsand have little patience for anything less. • 100% GPU and CPU nativeNo longer exclusive to entertainment, gives you blazing performancemedia, and advertising applications,FireMonkey brings “rich” visuals, effects, • Hassle-free “executable” distribution on Windows,animation, and interactivity to high performance Mac OS X and iOS devicesbusiness applications. FireMonkey is the first native CPU and GPU based application platformdesigned for packaged, enterprise, and technical industry software, enabling you to easily • Built-in connectivity to databases, Web, Clouddevelop visually stunning and highly connected applications for multiple platforms and devices. services, internet protocols and more MORE VISUALLY STUNNING AND INTERACTIVE • Use popular tools such as With FireMonkey you can easily create rich scalable vector-based Delphi® XE2 and C++Builder® HD and 3D applications that communicate information with deeper XE2 to build your applications user interactivity and understanding. GPU powered graphics and CPU powered business logic and animation enable you to create • Work with cloud solutions high performance and visually stunning applications business including Amazon EC2 and consumers have come to expect on today’s devices. Windows Azure • Connect any client device,MORE POWER AND PERFORMANCE language, or framework toAmazing visuals are useless if the user experience is slow and sluggish. your app and data servicesFireMonkey applications are driven by the full power of today’s and with RAD Cloudtomorrow’s hardware to drive business applications with native CPUperformance and GPU powered visuals. Your applications will have the • Ideal for ISVs, Healthcare,performance and responsiveness that you simply can’t get from RIA Telecommunications,platforms, virtual machine runtimes and dynamic languages. Transportation, Bio-sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and more MORE CONNECTED Connects with: FireMonkey applications easily connect to the most popular databases, Web and cloud services, internet protocols and mobile devices, giving you incredible business flexibility. FireMonkey’s LiveBindings allow you to connect any type of data to any user interface or graphics element giving you tremendous power to creatively visualize your data.MORE AGILEFireMonkey includes a full suite of reusable components for HD and3D user interfaces, data access, effects, animation, and more.You can extend and customize components, create yourown or download community and partner created customcomponents. FireMonkey’s RAD development approachallows for fast visual prototyping using customizable “applicationbuilding block” components, giving you the freedom to take an ideaand quickly show your customer exactly what you are thinking. But unlikeprototyping tools, FireMonkey prototypes are working applications thatyou can take from prototype all the way to production.
  2. 2. FireMonkeyFireMonkey – The next generation business application platformStunning HD and 3D business applications Visualize live data• Rich GPU-based HD scalable vector UIs • LiveBindings connect any type of data to any UI or graphical element• Maximum resolution on any device • Visualize data in new and interactive ways• GPU powered 3D graphics and effects • LiveBinding expressions provide even more control and flexibilityNative power and performance• 100% CPU and GPU native Easily control UI styling• Incredibly fast performance • Stylized vector UIs without coding• Native apps on PC, Mac, and iOS • Customize included styles• No bulky runtimes, hassle free deployment or create your ownConnect with any data and services Communicate with animations• High performance database connectivity • HD and 3D objects can be• Works with RAD Cloud DataSnap™ animated using timeline based• Built in support for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, animation to create motion, MySQL, InterBase, Firebird, Sybase, & more transitions, & effectsFull suite of UI controls Put your data and logic• Includes buttons, menus, HUDs, text, in the cloud combo boxes, tables, tabs, panels, • Run your business logic and data access and more in your own private cloud or Amazon EC2• Controls are customizable and sharable and Windows Azure cloud data• Download add’l custom components No-code hardware effectsUse popular native programming languages • Over 50 built-in GPU powered effects• Use RAD visual programming tools • Apply multiple simultaneous effects• Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE2 • Non-destructive – always undoFireMonkey System Requirements• FireMonkey development requires Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2, or RAD Studio XE2 running on Windows• iOS development requires Delphi XE2 or RAD Studio XE2FireMonkey applications run on multiple platforms with these requirements: Supported virtualization products for runningWindows OS X iOS in a Virtual Machine (host requires GPU)• Intel® x86-compatible, Pentium® 4 or later • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or • iOS 4.2 or higher • VMware Fusion 3• Basic GPU – Any vendor DirectX 9.0 class OS X 10.7 Lion • All iOS devices have a • VMware Workstation 7 or better (Pixel Shader Level 2) • 2 GB RAM or more qualified GPU • VMware Player 3• 32-bit or 64-bit Windows • All Intel Macs have a qualified GPU –– Microsoft® Windows 7 –– Microsoft® Windows Vista™ SP2 –– Microsoft® Windows XP Home or Professional, SP2 or SP3 –– Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 SP1, 2008, or 2008 R2 www.embarcadero.comCorporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | www.embarcadero.com | sales@embarcadero.com © 2011 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. FM/DS/2011/08/25