Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4: How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction, research and planning and evaluation stages? Emily Bainbridge
  2. 2. Software
  3. 3. Bloggerwww.blogspot.co.uk is the blogging website Iused to show my A2 Media coursework. Itallowed me to display my work in variousforms such as written posts, insertingYouTube videos etc. YouTube YouTube was used through a lot of the stages in creating my trailer. I used it at the beginning to research trailers, then also towards the final stages to upload my rough cut and final trailer.
  4. 4. Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro was used to create my trailer,this is because it let me edit my footage together andadd effects and transitions in a professional way. Icould then make easy changes when I receivedfeedback. It was also a totally new software for mewhich allowed me to learn how to use it. Photoshop Photoshop allowed me to create my print products using the different tools available, at a professional standard. I could edit my photo on this software, as well as adding all the text needed. This was also the software I used to create my intertitles.
  5. 5. GarageBandTo create the sound and music on my trailer Iused GarageBand. There was many differentsound effects and music tracks available tome using this, which I could put togetherthen add to my footage on Final Cut. Photo Booth To help me with my initial primary research, I conducted ‘hot seats’ where questions were asked and the answers record as a video using this. I also evaluated my research with a Photo Booth video of myself.
  6. 6. GoogleGoogle was essential when doing my secondaryresearch, though also throughout other areas ofconstruction. I found out more about horror filmsthrough searching through Google which helped mewith the final stages of production. Prezi I used Prezi as an presentation method. Firstly for my genre research, and also with one of my final evaluations. Prezi is an online mind map maker which can be played through in order and helped me set out my ideas in sections.
  7. 7. Dafontwww.dafont.co.uk was used to downloadfonts onto Photoshop to be used on my printproducts (magazine and poster), along withmy intertitles. I found appropriate fonts onthis website which suited to overall look ofmy products. PowerPoint PowerPoint, likewise of Prezi was used as a presentation device. The slides allow me to set out different information separately in a text format.
  8. 8. Hardware
  9. 9. iMacAn iMac was a massive part of helping mewith my production. It allowed me to useFinal Cut Pro, a professional software and alsoPhoto Booth, which otherwise I would nothave been able to use. Camera/Video Camera An SLR camera and a Panasonic video camera where the cameras I used to shoot my footage and take my print product images. These let me take high-quality images and footage for my products.