Analysing print products


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Analysing print products

  1. 1. Analysing Print Products By Emily Bainbridge
  2. 2. Film poster 1
  3. 3. 28 Days LaterThis is the poster for the horror movie ‘28 Days Later’. As with all movie posters, itaims to entice the viewer of the poster to be intrigued about the film, which give thepotential for them to either find out more about the film by, for example, finding andwatching the trailer, or to just go see the film. The unique selling point of it is, oddly,the lack of information. The fact there is not much on the poster, in terms of bothtext and imagery, makes people wonderwhat it could be about, as it does noteven have actors names.The colour palette of mainly darkcolours – black and red, along with thecontrast of the grey help signifytowards the horror genre. The red ofthe poster signifies towards a goreelement – especially as it is aboutzombies.
  4. 4. This is the only text on the poster which gives a insight into the narrative of the film. The days are relating to the ’28 days later,’ the films name and the words relating to the zombie attack within the film.Since there are no actors nameswritten on the poster, the fact it is aDanny Boyle film is the only aspectwhich can give the view an idea ofwhat the film will be like, if they haveseen or heard of his other films. ‘28 Days Later’ is the main feature of the poster, since it is very important as the films name need to be known. The name in itself, however, does not give an idea of the genre or narrative of the film.
  5. 5. After the films name, this is the most notable area of the poster. The sketchof a man walking alone in London is a major signifier into the narrative ofthe film, though it does not give anything away to show this, therefore it isstill a wonder why he is there and what he is doing, and mainly – whatsignificance it hasto the film.The final area of the poster, in unusually small writing right at thebottom, is the date of release into cinemas. In the text before it, it says ‘thedays are numbered’ which is a play on words and meaning. It relates to thefact in the film that the days left for thehuman survivors is numbered,though also the fact it is not long till the release.
  6. 6. Film poster 2
  7. 7. The Cabin in the WoodsThis is the film poster for ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, which is classified under thehorror genre. It aims to excite the viewer, whilst also intriguing them to find out moreabout the movie. I believe the unique selling point of this poster about the film is theunusual imagery. A a maze-like, twisted house is positioned, which appears to besuspended – this may connote to the films narrative. The colour palette for this consists likewise of dark colours – black and red, again along with the contrast of the grey help signify towards the horror genre. These colours have being used in a similar way to the last poster, reflecting back to its genre.
  8. 8. This is the first text on the poster.It is two quotes from critics aboutthe film, and these have beenput onto the poster to give an‘outsider’ (i.e. ‘non-biased’) view on the film. These quotes will have been picked asthey show the film in a way which will be seen as being fascinating and enjoyable to theaudience. However, they do not signify the genre as these could relate to any, as theyare not genre, or film specific. This is the only text on the poster which is direct about the film. “You think you know the story. Think Again” – this tag line means that they expect the audience tothink they know what will happen and it will have a predictable outcome andending, however, it says “think again,” giving the impression that it is not your typicaland expected result, leading people to believe it possibly could be much worse thantheir thoughts.The next text features the films name, obviously avery important aspect. This is the writing thatstands out second, as the quotes are primarybecause they are at the top and are in red. The fontsignifies the genre as it is simple, however thereare marks going over it, suggesting towards horror.
  9. 9. The final text is this, featuring various peoples names including producer, writer, actors etc. These can also influence as if someone knows, for example one of the actors is a good actor, and enjoy their films, they may be more likely to go and see it. Also, the film release date, which even though it is relatively small, stands out as it is inred. The fate ‘Friday 13,’ for a release date has been well thought-out. Firstly, and thisis sad to be an unlucky day – so there is connotations to horror in this. Also, with itcoming out on a Friday, it allows for the prime opening weekend (usually the biggestintake) to show how much of a success it is, also linking to how well it has beenmarketed.The final area on the poster is the imagery. Itshows a cabin, which can be clearly related to thefilm due to the films title, which is twisted andturned. This gives the impression of a maze whichcould be interpreted as there being no way out ofit and it being isolated. Also, the background is afaded image of some woods, again clearlyrelation to the narrative scenario.
  10. 10. Magazine cover 1
  11. 11. Empire magazine
  12. 12. This is the masthead for this edition of ‘Empire’ magazine. Unusually, the main imagecovers a third of the magazine name. However, because the magazine is such aprominent, well-known film magazine, it is expected that people still known what it isby these few letters and also it’s layout. Moreover, it can still entice new consumersthrough interest about cover stories, mainly surrounding ‘Sherlock Holmes’ since thisis the main selling point of this edition.Since ‘Sherlock’ is the unique selling pointof this issue, the film title is featuredcentrally of the page, overlapping themain image. This is featured along withadditional information about what thearticle(s) will include.
  13. 13. Further information on the cover includes various selllines. In this issue, obviously all relating to films, itincludes films that are current, however, may alsointerest readers whom enjoy the main cover story film(Sherlock Holmes) as these other films are of similargenres, or may have other similarities.
  14. 14. This is the main cover image. After themasthead, this is what is noticed next. Itfeatures the lead actor, Robert Downey Jras his character – the main character – in‘Sherlock Holmes’. It is a medium close-uptaking up the whole frame, which clearlyshows various aspects such as facialexpression, costume and his hand gesture –these therefore relate to the type ofcharacter he is.
  15. 15. Magazine cover 2
  16. 16. Total Filmmagazine
  17. 17. At the very top of the cover features the banner, this notifies that this issue willsurround Batman, and being the ‘ultimate’ i.e. a prestigious issue focusing on this.This is the masthead, for ‘Total Film’.These words are visible and stand outbecause of the colour contrast, whichhas the writing in grey, with manydark blue around the rest of the page.However, it has the main imageoverlapping to centre on the fact thisis the ‘ultimate Batman issue’. Central on the cover is this text. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ again is in a grey font helping it differentiate from the rest of the cover story, though it is also over the main image giving it further status.
  18. 18. The sell lines on the cover are positioned to the sides andbelow the main image. The image to the right is designedso it looks like a light is shining which also reflects onto theimage as there is a shadow behind the actor. The other selllines are all in white text, making them easy to read againstthe dark blue background. Font is kept consistent throughout the sell lines, though under three of them (e.g. The two to the left) where extra information is given such as a quote, the font changes though still merges well with the overall look of the magazine.
  19. 19. Since this is a Batman issue, and the newest inthe series of films ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ cameout around the time of this being published, theimage of the cover - notified by the text with it –is of the Batman in the newest film.Also, as this was a very up to date film, therewould be a surge in interest in all the films,meaning film goers who enjoyed this one (orprevious) are likely to want to know about theothers.A medium shot is used on this cover. His eyes arein the first third of the page, and the image alsotakes up the majority of the cover which helpsshow his dominance and significance.