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Dean Polden Scrapbook 2

  1. 1. Santa ClaraLawCongratulations to Dean Donald Poldenfor his 10 successful years of service andeducation.2003-2013
  2. 2. Don,Thank you for giving me my start atSanta Clara. I will always begrateful for your support during thevery first years of my academiccareer, shepherding me from a newhire through my tenure vote. Youcan finally start working on thethings that really matter - likelowering your golf handicap.Best,Deep
  3. 3. I have so many memories of Dons great leadership,mentoring, and friendship. Here are two. First: when Icame to Santa Clara to interview I realized momentsbefore our breakfast meeting that I left my PowerPointpresentation in New York; he cooled me out, we cameup with a workable solution, relaxed and had a greatbreakfast, and by the time noon came around thePowerPoint was there and ready to go.The second: Midway through my second year I totaledmy car one foggy night driving home from SanFrancisco. Dons solution the problems this presented:He loaned me his prized personal car, welcomed me touse it for as long as I needed. These are the human,personal memories, evidence of the institutionalsupport and intellectual inspiration Don gave me areremembered in all of my teaching and writing.David Yosifon
  4. 4. I hope that you have a wonderfulmuch-deserved break, and lookforward to working with you whenyou return to SCU!Laura NorrisYou are a great colleague, wonderfulboss, inspiring mentor and a dear friend.Thanks for putting such energy into theSchool for the past ten years.Your friend and colleague,CynthiaI always appreciated the time andenergy that Don gave the part-timestudents!Good job, young man!James LauthDear Don:It has been a pleasure working with youand I wish you the best of luck in yournew legal endeavors!!!Becky Jones
  5. 5. Dean Polden has always been a strong supporterof diversity at SCU Law, which definitely helpedme feel included and a part of the SCU Lawcommunity from day one. I could always count onhis enthusiastic support for student groups, likeAPALSA, and I will never forget the warmhospitality I received when he so graciouslyinvited several student groups to his beautifulhome for a breakfast reception. I will definitelymiss seeing his unassuming, always smiling faceon campus. Im so happy to have chosen SCU formy law school, and I know that Dean Poldensvision and accomplishments are what made SCUsuch an amazing law school. Thank you foreverything you have done for me and for thisschool!Allison Mizushima
  6. 6. It has been a privilege working under yourleadership...Thank you for all your support.Congratulations on your appointment with theCenter for Creative Leadership - they are fortunateto have you. Look forward to your return!Best,Deborah Moss-WestDon ,Many thanks for your leadership, your friendship,and your good humor these many years. Yourcommitment to Santa Clara and the values of the lawschool are clear. I know you fought on our behalf(often without any recognition) and I appreciate thatas well. And remember- I am definitely their favoriteprofessor! :)I look forward to working beside you in the years tocome.With warmest wishes,Ellen Kreitzberg
  7. 7. Wishing you all the best,MarinaDon,Youll always be my "first Dean" at Santa ClaraLaw!Thank you for bringing me to the law school,welcoming my ideas, and fostering myprofessional development. Yourencouragement, support, and creativeleadership has made a great difference in mylife and those of so many others in our extendedcommunity. It has been great getting to knowyou in and out of the classroom. And while Ihope you enjoy all of the opportunities of yourwell-earned time without the burdens of theDeans life, I look forward to continuing tobenefit from your leadership (and wry humor).
  8. 8. Thank you for your senseof humor, for yourwillingness to listen topeople with differentviewpoints, and for yourtireless attendance at sovery many meetings andevents. Have a great timeas a visiting scholar. Whenyou return home to us, Ihope youll enjoy feelingthat a weight has beenlifted from your shoulders.Best wishes,Ray BernsteinDean Polden,Thank you for allyou have done forSanta Clara Law. Iwish you the bestin your sabbaticalyear and I lookforward to seeingyou when youreturn. Enjoy all ofthe adventuresthat await you!Best wishes,Andrea Shaheen
  9. 9. Dear Dean Polden,Thank you for all your work asdean for Santa Clara Law! All thebest in the new (and continuing)adventures!~Adriana Duffy-HorlingDean Polden,Many thanks for all your supporton the Law Reunion Program.Ive enjoyed working with youand wish you all the best duringyour sabbatical. See you in2014!Susan Moore
  10. 10. Congratulations on a job well done,Don! Ive enjoyed our conversations,although infrequent. Thank you foryour willingness to collaborate,guide and help.Best wishes,Nancy CalderonWishing you all the best in yourfuture endeavors! Thank you for themany accomplishments you havecontributed to our law school!Christina JohnsonDON, SO SORRY I WILL BE OUT OFTOWN ON THE EVENING OF YOURTRIBUTE. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUHAVE DONE FOR SCU LAW ! ENJOYYOUR LESS STRESSFUL FUTURE MYFRIEND,RAY DAVILLAIt was great talking to Dean Poldenat the Kasner SymposiumReception about the future ofestate planning and taxation atSanta Clara University!Lauren Corman
  11. 11. Dear Don,It has been a pleasure working withyou, especially getting to spend timewith you at the Brickn Bytesconference in San Diego last year.Thank you for all you have done forthe law school. Enjoy your year off, itis well deserved.Regards,PranoDear Dean Polden,I sure am going to miss you!! Iremember when I first started here atSCU, you made me feel so welcomed.You have such a wonderful personalityand are such a joy to talk to. I wish youthe best in your new endeavors andlook forward to seeing you again oncampus.Barbara Lindley
  12. 12. Don, thank you so much for yourenthusiastic support of our externalmoot court program! Youve made itpossible for us to develop ourprogram and for our students tohave valuable learning experiences!Best,KarinDear Dean Polden,I wish you the best on your nextendeavors. Thank you immensely forall you have done for me and SantaClara Law. We will miss you as Deanbut at least you will still be with us ina different role. Enjoy yoursabbatical!Best Regards,Cassandra FrancoisDear Don,You will be missed as our Dean,but of course I look forward toseeing you on campus. Have awonderful sabbatical year.Best regards,VinitaDon, your great sense of humor andkindness will be missed! I wish youmuch success and happiness in yourfuture endeavors!Sincerely,Michelle WatersDear Don,Thank you so much for all your helpand support during the last 10 years.It has been a pleasure working withyou and I am looking forward toworking with you again when youcome back to campus. I wish you allthe best.Angela LeeDean Polden,Many thanks for all of the goodwork that you have done for SantaClara Law School. Enjoy your timeoff and your return to theclassroom!Best wishes,Lori (Cimino) Johnson, JD 79
  13. 13. Don,It has been a distinct pleasureworking with you these past 5years. I appreciate your sense ofhumor and your compassion forthe law school, its students,faculty and staff. I wish you arelaxing "vacation" and lookforward to seeing you upon yourreturn.Fondly,Laura McGeehon
  14. 14. Dean Polden, you have been everapproachable and welcoming ofstudents. Were I Dean Im not sureId regularly say hi to the likes of me,as there are some 900 of the likes ofme, and Id be saying hi an awful lot.But this never seemed to color yourgenuine smile. You welcomed usinto your home to break bread onnumerous occasions. I interpret thisas going the extra mile. I cant closewithout mention of your fantasticportrayal of Investigator BertFranklin in the Trial of the Century,which has inspired me. Well assumethis to be a good thing ;^)George AtkinsAlthough I never worked directlywith the Dean, I have alwaysappreciated his warm and friendlydemeanor. He never missed anopportunity to do what he doesbest -smooze! He may not knowmy name, but he sure knew myface! He made an effort to keepthe law school communityconnected with his informalmeetings, his accessibility, staffappreciation events and muchmore. I wish him well in this newchapter of his lifes adventure.Maria B.Library
  15. 15. Dean Polden,I dined with you with the ViceChancellor of Delaware, drankwine with you and our alumnion the shores of Tiburon,enjoyed your company in HighTech networking events, rubbedelbows at the bar associationevents, and was quick on myfeet to respond to your requestto help organize the MasterRoad Show. Its been a great fewyears for me. Thank you for theopportunities you presented.Patrick WallenDean Polden,I cannot imagine three years atSanta Clara Law would have beenquite as enjoyable without thealways enjoyable occasion to passyou around the Alameda Mall.Your easy, consistently affabledemeanor not only exuded calmregardless of turbulence, butinspired it in others. Though Imissed a course with you, youtaught me the value of this modeand I look forward to emulating itand sharing it as best I canthroughout my practice.Thank you,Marc S. Wiesner
  16. 16. Dear Don,Thank you for all you have done for SantaClara Law School. You took the lead on the"lawyers as leaders," and I know from BobCullen that has been a successful theme forour institution. Thank you too for all yourleadership with the local bar and alumni;close connections between the School and thecommunity are important. In time I amcertain you will see the building you haveworked hard so hard to assure that SantaClara offers its students the best environmentpossible.Now I wish you good luck with newendeavors and hope that you enjoy yoursabbatical and then the classes you will teachupon your return.Sincerely,Patty Rauch
  17. 17. Don,Thank you for six remarkable years!Thank you for letting me learnalongside you, for including me in thegrand adventure of Cannon Design,and, most of all, for your friendship.That will never change.All good wishes to you and Susie asyour future unfolds,JacquelineDon,In my years here Ive really appreciatedyour good humor, your straight shooting,and your ability to remain calm whenothers around you are losing their heads.Its been great to have you as my firstdean--youve set the bar high! Best ofluck to you in your future endeavors, andthanks so much for all your years ofservice.Yours,David Ball
  18. 18. A small factoid. Theres alwaysa risk having the law schooldean give introductory remarksat an event. They tend to droneon painfully. In contrast, Ialways was glad when DeanPolden would give introductoryremarks about our eventsbecause he would do a beautifuljob. Hed get to the stage, cracka joke, say a few nice things, andreliably get off the stage in acouple of minutes.Eric GoldmanDon: Thank you for yoursupport of my scholarship! Thathas meant the world to me.Thank you also for your calm andpatient guidance at so manyfaculty and committee meetingsthroughout the years.I hope you enjoy every minute ofyour much-deserved sabbatical,and I look forward to welcomingyou back as a colleague in 2014.Take care,Kerry Macintosh
  19. 19. Don,You have made a positive and indeliblecontribution to the students you havetaught, the culture and character of theLaw School, and the all folks that werelucky enough to have worked with youas Dean. Your wisdom and humor inthat role will be missed tremendously,but forever remembered. You didgood. Have a great time with the nextadventure in your life; you havecertainly earned it and more.Your friend always,Ben Martin.
  20. 20. Dear Don,Where did the time go? It seemslike just yesterday that you weresettling in to the deans suite.Youve accomplished a lot in thepast ten years and Santa Clara is abetter place for all your efforts.You are leaving behind amarvelous legacy. Thank you forall your support and good counselthrough out the years. You will bemissed.Warm regards,Julia Yaffee
  21. 21. Dear Don,I will really miss you as our Dean ofthe Law School. Thank you so muchfor your leadership and support ofLaw Admissions and Financial Aid.Best Wishes to you .Always,Elinore BurkhardtThank you Dean Polden foreverything you have done for us. Wereally enjoyed having you as thedean of our wonderful law school.Wishing you the best.Shaherzad Azim
  22. 22. Law Student Golf AssociationThis year, we had our first annualStudent/Attorney Golf Tournament. DeanPolden demonstrated his support for hisstudents by playing in thetournament and finding local attorneys toparticipate. Everyone that played in thetourney had a great time, and well all holdonto that day as a great Santa Clara Lawmemory. Were sad to see Dean Polden go(temporarily), but we are extremelygrateful for his decade of service to theschool. We at the LSGA wish him the bestof luck in his future endeavors and hope tosee him sooner than later.Sincere regards,Chris Glass & Anne BoyerLSGA Presidents (2012-13)
  23. 23. Dear Don,It has been such a pleasure workingwith you on the Easy PiecesScholarship over the years. Dave andI have so enjoyed our annual holidaylunches with Bob, Mary, Wendy, andyou (when you were not too busywith those annoying administrativeduties to grace us with yourpresence!). Please join us wheneveryou are in the area -- a chair and anempty wine glass will be waiting foryou. Until your return, well raise aglass to you! Enjoy the sabbaticaladventures and well see you whenyou come back to teach.Warm regards,Molly Long and Dave Grunbaum
  24. 24. Best wishes for your nextchapter!Joan HarringtonDon,Best wishes with your newendeavors and adventures!Caroline ChenDear Dean Polden,Thank you for everything. Bestwishes to you.Law Finance OfficeThank you Don for a job welldone!Gary Spitko
  25. 25. Dean Polden,I wish you the very best as youembark on the next chapter of yourlife. Thank you for your inspirationand your dedicated leadership forso many years.-Morgan DainThank you for your manyyears of leadership andservice, and best wishes for allthat comes nextGus LaneHeafey Law LibraryThanks for all your hard workas Dean, and good luck in yourfuture endeavors!Best,Michelle LiangDean- Thank you for all you didfor the law school and theKGACLC. It is appreciated. Enjoyyour year off with your beautifulfamily!Dianne BlakelyDon:Thanks so much for hiring Pat andme! And thanks, too, for making itpossible for us to get legally marriedin California. I hope that you have awonderful sabbatical in this mostbeautiful place on earth.JeanDear Don,It has been a pleasure working withyou the past few years. You havealways been quick to issue a "thankyou" or "job well done" and that isgreatly appreciated! Thank you for allthat youve done for Santa Clara Lawand best wishes.-Elyse Amberg
  26. 26. You may have heard this fromme before, but Im saying itagain: Best Boss Ever! Its beengreat working for you these pastnine years and thank you for allyou have done for the lawschool. Enjoy the sabbatical -you deserve it! Looking forwardto having you back on campus in2014.Best wishes to you, Suzie andthe whole family.Joanie
  27. 27. Dear Dean Polden,Thank you for your guidance and leadership over the past years at Santa Clara Law. You have madeour years at Santa Clara a positive and enriching experience that will stay with us as we graduateand become productive members of the legal community. Good luck in your future endeavors.Always know that the students at Santa Clara will remember the days that you help mold us to beLawyers who lead."Sincerely,Deepa Jandhyala
  28. 28. Don,It is hard to imagine Santa ClaraLaw without your leadership. Youhave shaped so much with yourvision and hard work.Thank you for hiring me, and forthen providing an encouraging andstimulating environment to developprofessionally. Ill always be gratefulfor the opportunities and supportyou so generously gave.My best wishes to you and Susie. Ilook forward to your continuingleadership in legal education and tofuture collaborations for Santa ClaraLaw.Cheers,Marina
  29. 29. Dear Dean,Thank you for the past seven years atSanta Clara! I have enjoyed everyminute that Ive worked here. You havebeen a marvelous mentor and sosupportive of the Career ServicesOffice. On a personal note, I want tothank you for your flexibility andsupport as I was being treated for andrecovering from my medical issues.Ive had more than one conversationwith colleagues who thought that thelaw schools accommodations wereremarkable. As a mutual acquaintancenoted, you made those adjustments notbecause of some human resourcesrequirement, but because it was theright thing to do.Vicki HuebnerIt has been a joy and an honor towork with you over the past 2.5years. I feel most fortunate to havelanded at Santa Clara Law in this joband know it was made much moremeaningful and enjoyable by beingable to travel around to see alumniwith you. You are a master of theaudience, a gentleman to each andevery guest, and a profoundinfluence on this fine institution.Thank you for all you have done, andfor the lasting impact you have madehere. I will miss working with youbut find comfort in knowing you areavailable on Netflix streaming orDVD. See you around campus!Ellen LynchDon,Thanks again for all of yourextraordinary work as Dean! Hardto believe, but Ive been with theschool for over 8 years now. Sincethe beginning, its been a pleasureworking with you, and Ive alwaysappreciated the personal supportyouve been willing to extend.Marie also shares my appreciation,as well as my sadness in yourstepping down, but we look forwardto working and spending time withyou in the days ahead.Angelo
  30. 30. Dear Don,I will always remember how you teasedme, trying to remind me not to takeeverything so seriously. I think I got betterat teasing back over the years. Butseriously . . . , as I usually am, I lookforward to being your colleague for a longtime to come and thanks for youreverlasting support for social justice.All the best,Stephanie W.
  31. 31. Dear Dean Polden,It was always a pleasure to say "hello" to you,whenever I got a chance to in the hallways ofBannan. Being a foreign candidate from India, Ifound Santa Clara Law a wonderful microcosm ofwhat the United States is for the world beyond it - auniquely diverse and homogeneous society withstrong work ethics and a great value system thatrespects and rewards merit and excnce. Ithoroughly enjoyed the amazing diversity at SantaClara Law and felt benefited from the affirmativeapproach of its wonderful faculty andadministrative staff as well as my collegial peers. Allthis was possible because of your amazingleadership. I congratulate you on successfullyreaching this milestone, and wish you the best forthe future.- Madhavi Chopra, LL.M. Candidate, Class of 2013,Santa Clara Law
  32. 32. Thank you Dean Polden-The Santa Clara LawCommunity 2003-2013