...The most intelligent customer engagement solution in the digital world...!!
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...The most intelligent customer engagement solution in the digital world...!!



Latest eMarketing Suite Brochure_the most intelligent customer engagement solution in the digital world!

Latest eMarketing Suite Brochure_the most intelligent customer engagement solution in the digital world!



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    ...The most intelligent customer engagement solution in the digital world...!! ...The most intelligent customer engagement solution in the digital world...!! Document Transcript

    • eMarketing Suite Intelligent customer engagement solutions
    • About emarsys About emarsys emarsys offers cloud-based marketing solutions that maximise customer engagement and ROI. Our heritage Founded in 2000 and being one of the first companies to offer innovative email marketing solutions, we have grown with our clients as we improved and automated first their email and increasingly their multi-channel communication. With technology advancing fast, so have we. As we strengthen our ‘customer engagement’ platform, we truly enable companies to perform 1-to-1 marketing in an affordable way. What others have only been promising marketers for years – we are actually doing it! Hagai Hartman, CEO The present emarsys is now serving more than 1,000 clients in over 120 countries. Supported by our dedicated Client Services teams in 12 international offices, we host, segment and analyse around 1 billion customer contacts and send more than 6 billion email marketing messages each month. Our customers include industry leaders such as eBay, Payback, Volvo, Garmin, Sky and Swiss. Our vision We partner with our clients to make their marketing better: by working towards intelligent, knowledge-based and profitable customer engagement solutions. 1000 CLIENTS 6 BILLION E-MAILS SENT EACH MONTH VIENNA • LONDON • MUNICH • BERLIN • ZURICH • PARIS • HONG KONG • BEIJING • MOSCOW • ISTANBUL • SINGAPORE • DUBAI
    • Marketing cloud platform A leading marketing cloud platform focused on Customer Engagement We offer cloud-based marketing solutions that maximise customer engagement and ROI. We deliver this through proven, high-performance technology that includes a complete, fully-integrated and accessible set of solutions for email, mobile, web and social media, and marketing automation. By adding customer intelligence and predictive content recommendation, we enable clients to truly identify who their customers are and what content fits them. Our customers also benefit from the knowledge we have gained over more than a decade of experience with clients in over 120 countries: We offer turnkey, built-in blueprints to tackle their specific business challenges. Our proactive and well-trained client service teams complement this with their personal support and service. Engage your customers – just like a traditional local shop owner! The unique combination of leading technology and accessible knowledge is the centrepiece of the emarsys “Customer Engagement Platform”. This solution functions in a similar way to a traditional local shop owner: it knows who the customers are, what potential they have for the business, and what products and services they buy or could be interested in buying. The solution keeps these customers engaged by sending relevant, recurring messages at the right time, just like the shop owner who tells his customers of his latest offers and promotions. This ensures more lead conversion, customer satisfaction and spending, as well as higher retention and win-backs – and as a consequence increased customer lifetime value and ROI. REVENUE, RETENTION AND ROI C USTOM CUSTOMERER ENGAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT PPLATFORM LATFORM TURNKEY, BUILT-IN, INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS COMPLETE, INTEGRATED, ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY SUITE CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE Who is the customer? RECOMMENDATION & PERSONALISATION What content fits the customer? MARKETING AUTOMATION When to reach the customer? MULTI CHANNEL Email, Mobile, Social, Web How to reach the customer? The “Customer Engagement Platform” provides the solutions to the key questions marketers need to ask themselves in today’s & tomorrow’s digital marketplace. eMarketing Suite
    • Customer lifecycle Engage customers along the full customer lifecycle With our premium platform SUITE INSIGHT, marketers will be able to engage customers by treating them according to their lifecycle status based on the eRFM1 model. Marketers can measurably increase each customer’s lifetime value with better-targeted messages taking data from all touchpoints into account. The right information you need to know your customers is automatically identified & presented. We make acting upon this information as easy as possible. With our predefined blueprints & templates, our clients are immediately able to start building profitable, lasting relationships. Here’s how a typical lead- & customer lifecycle looks – compared to one enhanced by emarsys Suite & lifecycle marketing best practices: How to increase customer + Potential Revenue Convert more leads Imagine Emily, an occasional shoe shopper. She has not yet purchased, but has been browsing your website & subscribed to your newsletter. Your system knows she has looked at the sneakers section. You should send a “First-time Buyers Special!” email newsletter with entry-level incentives that will be automatically populated with personalised sneakers recommendations. eRFM stands for: 1 Engagement – How active are my customers (on all of my online channels)? Recency – How recently did they make a purchase? Frequency – How often do they purchase? Monetary Value – How much do they spend? Leads 03 First-time Buyers
    • Customer lifecycle Engage & grow active customers Peter is an active customer and a passionate fantasy fan: he buys every box set from “Lord of the Rings®” to “Game of Thrones®”. By using customer intelligence & recommendations you can engage him with relevant cross- & up-sell offers. Timely and personalised emails can grow him from a normal to a platinum customer. lifetime value Increase retention and win back inactive customers Susan is a defecting platinum buyer. She used to buy regularly and spend a lot, but not anymore. Just before she starts to shop around in other online stores, your system spots this trend. If she hasn’t made a purchase in over 90 days, show her that you care with an exclusive offer for platinum buyers – e.g. free shipping for the next three purchases. With too many companies Emily, Peter & Susan would get an identical, standard promotional email, addressing them in the same way with the same offers. With emarsys this will not happen - we help you get the most out of your valuable lifecycle data by identifying the different lifecycle stages and by acting upon the data with targeted, personalised and timely messages. Time Active Buyers Defecting Customers a typical customer life cycle WITHOUT customer engagement promotions a typical customer life cycle WITH customer engagement promotions eMarketing Suite
    • emarsys Digital Marketing Suites emarsys Digital Marketing Suites – Product Overview emarsys provides flexible and scalable solutions for companies of every size & sector. Customers of our eMarketing Suite can choose from 3 bundles which are built on each other and add complementary value in distinct areas. The top-of-the-line package SUITE INSIGHT, for example, includes all the functionalities of SUITE CENTRAL & SUITE PERSONAL, plus Smart Insight, our application for advanced customer intelligence and lifecycle segmentation. An overview of the emarsys Suite products: The leading all in one customer engagement plat form The advanced automation and recommendation plat form Customer Intelligence Lifecycle Segmentation Web Data Enrichment Web Data Enrichment Predictive Recommendations Predictive Recommendations Automation Center Automation Center Automation Center Email, Mobile, Social, Web Email, Mobile, Social, Web Email, Mobile, Social, Web Reporting & Analytics Reporting & Analytics Reporting & Analytics Visual Content Management Visual Content Management Visual Content Management The essential multi-channel automation plat form 05
    • emarsys Digital Marketing Suites Our suites at a glance: Fully automate your essential digital marketing requirements with our proven multi-channel communication solution. Compose your messages with our visual content management system and automate your communication with our Automation Center. This comes with predefined blueprints as well as all the state-of-the-art features and capabilities you would expect from a leading email service provider. Benefit from our advanced recommendation & personalisation technology. With the Predict module at its core, combined with SUITE CENTRAL functionalities, Suite Personal lets you add personalised, relevant 1-to-1 content to your emails and webpages. Encourage more purchases via automated cross- & up-selling recommendations based on your customers’ personal preferences & website behaviour. SUITE PERSONAL also enriches your contact database with behavioural data from your website for even better-targeted messages. Easily craft automated email retargeting programs based on and triggered by comprehensive and reliable data. Our leading, premium platform empowers marketers to engage their customers based on where they are in the customer lifecycle. Powered by emarsys Smart Insight, a Big Data customer intelligence platform, and including all functionalities of the Suite Central and Suite Personal, SUITE INSIGHT identifies & presents all the relevant information you have on your customers, across all lifecycle stages. Easily act upon it & maximise each customer’s lifetime value. eMarketing Suite
    • The essential features Engage and interact with your customers – the Visual & dynamic content management system Create all your multi-channel messages from a single content hub with one of the industry’s most advanced interfaces for composing structured emails. We provide an optimised user experience featuring our new cutting-edge visual, intuitive content editor. Multi-channel message delivery Email Considering email is our heritage, you can be sure to get a leading, powerful platform for all your basic email marketing needs, like automated content, multi-variant testing, transactional emails, etc. Mobile Sense All messages are adjusted automatically to fit every screen on every device and platform. Social Media Sharing Utilize the power of viral marketing on all social media channels. Web Easily design and deploy recommendation widgets and custom webpage sections. Tailor registration forms and hosted landing pages to your specific programs and goals, without HTML knowledge. 07
    • The essential features essential features All essential marketing automation features – the emarsys Automation Center Easily set up business processes & build fully-automated digital marketing programs at scale. We provide the most efficient way to create automatically-triggered, multi-step workflows tailored to your specific business model in a single, reliable repository for all your marketing automation needs. Extensive analytics & reporting •• Full campaign reporting •• Visual link tracking See which links were most effective •• eCommerce tracking Purchases, revenue generated •• Compare segments Analyse the responses of one segment against another Optimal deliverability, email rendering Industry-leading delivery rates (over 99%), Improved HTML rendering (pre-testing of CMS templates), ISP relations and whitelisting (Certified Sender Alliance member), Deliverability monitoring and testing (spam filters, inbox delivery & blacklist monitoring, deliverability benchmarks) eMarketing Suite
    • Advanced features Personalise your messages & utilise your website data – advanced features Predictive content recommendation – emarsys Predict Benefit from personalised, highly relevant 1-to-1 product recommendation widgets in emails & on your website, fully integrated in our cloud marketing solution. Email Recommender Personalise every email you send to feature just the right content for its recipient, automatically. 61.19% 62.02% higher click-throughrate (CTR)* higher revenue compared to non-PREDICT-powered recommendation sections* Website Recommender Simply apply the recommendation algorithms to your website make a real impact with customised product catalogue updates in real time starting from the first visit onwards. 42.08% 4.5% improved CTR** more page views (retention)** * based on an internal analysis predicated on a/b tests with recommender boxes in clients’ email newsletters ** based on an internal multivariate analysis conducted on live traffic Enrich your contact database with web data The Predict module enables marketers to utilise the behavioural data gathered on their website and enrich their current customer data for better affinity-based segmentation and web behaviour targeting. 09
    • Premium features Customer engagement & lifecycle segmentation – premium features Customer Intelligence – Smart Insight Engage with your customers based on where they are in the customer lifecycle. SMART INSIGHT uses a Big Data model specifically tailored towards clear, actionable customer intelligence. • • • • See: get a real-time snapshot of the importance of each customer Analyse: understand how you are doing with customer lifecycle marketing goals and improve results Segment: create customer lifecycle segments or segments based on purchase behaviour Automate: Create customer lifecycle programs Complementary predefined out-of-the-box templates unleash the full potential of customer lifecycle marketing: start acting on your valuable data immediately. Data protection, compliancy and security As a holder of the stringent ISO 27001 certificate, emarsys AG employs the best information security controls the industry can offer. Securely and confidently execute all your marketing campaigns in the emarsys SUITE cloud. Easy integration API Our API enables you to integrate Suite with other applications to create a more customised and powerful solution. 3 rd-Party Integrations emarsys Suite comes with turnkey integrations to leading CRM, eCommerce, web analytics and other applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Magento. Data Sync Automatically synchronise all data between emarsys Suite and your current database applications. eMarketing Suite
    • Contact Memberships: For more information, please contact us or visit www.emarsys.com and learn more about our other global office locations. emarsys UK Ltd 100 Euston Street London NW1 2HQ Phone: +44 (0) 207 3880888 Fax: +44 (0) 207 3800116 email: uk@emarsys.com www.facebook.com/emarsys www.twitter.com/emarsysUK www.linkedin.com/company/emarsys emarsys Worldwide Vienna London Munich Berlin Zurich Paris Hong Kong Bejing Moscow Istanbul Singapore Dubai The most innovative campaigns are sent with eMarketing Suite.