Expertise In Phosphorus Industry


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Expertise In Phosphorus Industry

  1. 1. CCM Data & Primary IntelligenceCCMsExpertise InPhosphorus IndustryGet in-depth analysisMake smart decisionsDiscover potential opportunitiesCapture long-term growth Please contact CCM’s account manager to try our database and subscription, and discuss how CCM can help you NOW. It’s quick and easy! 86-20-37616606
  2. 2. Content Chunk Free Trial Contact for free trialContent Chunk is a Micro-report center, which contains various brief and Try it nowcomplete report, showing the core market information in a simple form. Itallows users to access target information efficiently with low cost 5 Types of Content Chunk in Phosphorus Industry1. Text Chunk 2. Picture ChunkSample: Sample:In recent years, Chinas annual output of yellow Chinas giant enterprise in phosphorus industryphosphorus generally remained around 800 thousandtonnes with quite stable consumption. Nearly 85%of yellow phosphorus was used in the production ofthermal process phosphoric acid and phosphorustrichloride.3. Figure ChunkSample:Yellow phosphorus capacity and output in Kazakhstan,2004-2010 Source: CCM International 4. Table Chunk Sample: Price of phosphorus ore, May.12-Jul.12, USD/tSource: CCM International5. Chunk GroupMixed with the above four kinds of chunk, sharing the same theme. Forms can be: (1) text chunk + text chunk; (2)text chunk + figure chunk; (3) table chunk + table chunk; (4) text chunk + table chunk + text chunk ......Sample:1 text chunk (36words) + 1 table chunkIn Shandong province, the output of fertilizer was 6.86 million tonnes in H1, ranked first in China. Meanwhile, thefertilizer output of some provinces also reach more than 1.50 million tonnes, such as Hubei, Sichuan, Henan,Shanxi.Output of the top five fertilizer production provinces in China in H1 2012 Region Output, million tonnes Change,% Share in national total, % Shandong 6.86 12 18.51 Hubei 5.92 32.6 15.98 Sichuan 2.27 13.9 6.12 Henan 2.17 -7.3 5.85 Shanxi 2 6.5 5.41
  3. 3. Database An online database subscription service for premium insights Based on value–chain navigation system Provide specific industry database with core products and related industrial chains Offer accurate, complete and timely data, data-derived market reports and related data analysis modelsYou may find the following data of yellow phosphorus, as well as its upstream and downstream products in China: Consumption Data Price Monitoring Export Data Producer Profiles Import Data Production Data Manufacturing CostSampleExport data of Yellow phosphorus in China in 2011 Month Yellow phosphorus Volume(tonne) Price(USD/kg) Value(000USD) Jan. 2,015.200 3.32 6,700 Feb. 1,060.600 3.30 3,500 Mar. 1,066.200 3.38 3,604 Apr. 870.400 3.32 2,890 May. 1,327.700 3.43 4,554 Jun. 1,044.600 3.35 3,499 Jul. 1,319.000 3.37 4,445 Aug. 1,788.300 3.36 6,009 Sep. 1,789.400 3.36 6,012 Oct. 595.200 3.46 2,059 Nov. 1,064.700 3.65 3,886 Dec. 1,896.400 3.66 6,941 Total: 15,837.700 3.42 54,099Chart
  4. 4. NewsletterBased on industry or a specific product, CCM provides timely newsletters that are not available elsewhere. Inmany cases, news agencies look for CCM to obtain their China news first. CCM’s in-depth newsletters offer marketinsight and analysis of critical topics for clients’ business. CCM can also deliver customized newsletters weeklyupon clients’ request. Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report Publish time: 15th Monthly Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report helps you better understand the policies and legislations released in China and abroad. Also, it provides you the latest information on company dynamic, industry dynamic, factors impacting the price fluctuation, technology improvement, supply & demand of Chinas phosphorus industry. China Fertilizer Biweekly Report Publish time: 15th & 30th Semimonthly China Fertilizer Biweekly Report covers the latest dynamics and hottest information on Chinas fertilizer market. With columns of Expert column, Perspective on market, Policy, Planting environment, Brief news and Price update, it helps you make wiser business decisions, and capture good investment opportunities more quickly.ReportBased on the first-hand and primary data which are analyzed by scientific methodology, confirmed withmanufacturers, end users, traders and legal authorities, and presented in a logical way, CCM’s reports providepowerful assistance to the strategy group and the management team in making correct decision as how topenetrate the ever-increasing China market and how to catch the maximum commercial opportunities. Global Market of Yellow The Future of Yellow Phosphorus Phosphorus Ore Resource in Phosphorus – Edition 2 in China – Edition 3 China – Edition 1
  5. 5. Consultancy CCM has in-depth research in yellow phosphorus and its downstream industry, such as NPK compound fertilizer, glyphosate technical and other agriculture related industry. Contact CCM for your consultancy needs. Customized Service CCMs expert team provides customized research and analysis service to suit your business needs and help you meet the demands on your customers. You can place your customized orders as exclusive or non-exclusive research: Acquisition feasibility study Benchmarking Competitive power analysis Consumer behavior research Consumption pattern Data mining End use analysis Flow research Industry damage and anti-dumping research Market forecasting Price monitoring Sourcing solution Trading Analysis Value-chain analysisAbout CCMCCM is a data and content provider that is dedicated to providing high quality market Contactresearch, primary intelligence and consulting services across industries of agriculture, Tel: 86-20-37616606life science, chemicals & energies. Fax: 86-20-37616968CCM is a brand under Kcomber Email: Website: