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Published on este un portal fondat in 2004, adresat parintilor cu copii de la 1-12 ani. O comunitate de parinti activi, care se intereseaza de cele mai bune optiuni educationale sau recreative pentru copii lor.

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  1. 1.          Inspires  good choices
  2. 2. 10 years together with the parents is one of the most important and popular portals providing parenting information and guidance. Its main purpose is to support parents who want to find in one place all the necessary information for a proper development of their child. Divided into 15 relevant categories, the portal provides quality information, being always accessible and updated. ranks very well in the search engine results after the most important and relevant search keywords, such as: kindergartens, afterschool, private schools, kids' party and more. Therefore, parents can find in the shortest time possible the information they need, directed by search engines.  
  3. 3. Evolution is out on the market. Do you want to start your own business?   Development of new content and new categories, contests and fairs participation Target expansion for parents with children between 0 – 14 years: Nursery section launch Significant increase of the partnerships number Branding partnerships and social media contests   Games and Kindergarten Map sections launch Users can search for kindergartens on the map, by city and address Gradinite TV and Children Shops sections launch on Facebook and BABY EXPO organize Kindergartens Fair Development of own content and new categories Traffic increases to about 210.000 unique visitors per month Relevant content for Timisoara, Constanta and Cluj cities Stomatology and psychology sections are developed New sections are being developed Standard advertising tools implementation Doctor’s advice section implementation Target expansion parents with children between 2 – 10 years  launch Relevant content for parents with children between 2 – 10 years  
  4. 4. PROFESSIONALISM RELEVANT   CONTENT   QUALITY   CONTENT   We continually invest in improving the quality of website, the content of the portal is well structured and continuously up to date.   We offer high quality information and relevant content.        EFFICIENCY     In order to supply the best information to the parents, the website acquired categories that suit to any need.              WE  BUILD                   PARTNERSHIPS   We build long term partnerships and we maintain close contact with our audience.
  5. 5. OUR WEBSITE IN NUMBERS   182   348   Partners registered in the website Education, Psychology, Health and Free time Articles    44   Video presentations    44   Games  
  6. 6. WEBSITE  PARTNERS      108   kindergarten    2   camps afterschool      5   surgeries     private  schools      5   kindergartens services      3       nurserys      7   museums      3   baby shops      8   theatres    13   children  parties      15    12      1   babysitting
  7. 7. DOCTOR’S ADVICE SECTION   Doctor’s advice section contains information provided by three specialists in: pediatrics, psychology and stomatology. Users can ask questions and find answers of experts or see questions posed by other visitors. Pediatrics 4878 questions and answers Stomatology 544 questions and answers Psychology 291 questions and answers
  8. 8. NEWSLETTER  data base includes 5198 parents subscribers and 160 kindergarten directors. Every week a newsletter is being sent containing information and news, articles and children events. E-mail addresses are double opt-in and subscriber agreement for commercial communications. User data: Name First name E-mail address Locality Phone (optional)      
  9. 9. CONTESTS   1989 participants in 376 contests! Personalized contests organized for different partners, such as:
  10. 10. CONTESTS   Parteners Monthly Photo Contest    
  11. 11. GRADINITE.COM CONTENT Articles 348 News 1273 Events 527 Shows 198 Sources: •  •  •  Unic content from different collaborators 40% Content taken from other Romanian websites 30% Content translated from foreign websites30% The frequency of adding the content in the website New information is added daily (news, events, articles, update information etc.)
  12. 12. PARTNERSHIPS   182 PARTNERS registred in the website: kindergarter, afterschool, schools, children party, etc. 15 Advertising contracts: articles (advertorials), banners, branding website, newsletter insert , personalized newsletters. 30 barter contracts with media partners.
  13. 13. PARTNERS
  14. 14. TARGET   Company  Directors     Kindergarten Directors Parents
  15. 15. Who we target Ø  Parents with children between 1 – 14 years Ø  Kindergarten and schools directors, teachers Ø  Children parties and events companies Ø  Design and decorations companies Ø  Babysitting companies Ø  Camps organizers Ø  Children shops Ø  Publishing house
  16. 16. VISITOR’S PROFILE   Parents looking for nursery, kindergartens, schools etc. Parents looking for events, shows, children parties etc. Parents looking for relevant information. Directors looking for competition information.
  17. 17. TRAFFIC SOURCES   Between 1th of October 2012 – 3th of October 2013 Total number of visits 187,488
  18. 18. TRAFFIC   Direct traffic is one of the best known parents website with a 8 years background. Search Engine Optimization The website is being Google optimized and it is the first search for multiple keywords. Top key words Gradinte, Spectacole pentru copii, Școli particulare, Afterschool, Petreceri pentru copii, Organizatori petreceri, Agenții babysitting, Sfatul medicului etc. (Kindergarte, children shows, private schools, afterschool, children party, party organizers, babysitting agencies, doctor’s advice etc). Media partners Link and footer exchange: Tandarica theatre, Ion Creanga theatre, Itsy Bitsy, Aramis Publishing house, Carturesti bookshop, Hollywood Multiplex cinema, Tenis 10, Globus Circus , Baby magazine etc. Fairs participation: Baby Expo, Kidex, Baby Boom Show Fair organization: Kindergartens Fair Radio spot : Itsy bitsy TV appearance: Minimax
  19. 19. KEYWORDS  
  20. 20. There were no penalties of indexing or SERP. Website has a Page Rank 5 Continuous SEO optimization  
  21. 21. Ø  What we offer to our partners Ø  Come along with us Ø  We grow up together Ø  Video presentations Ø  Newsletters Ø  Banners Ø  Special services  
  22. 22. Why? Come along with us   Benefits Most important reasons: Ø  The number of private kindergartens and companies offering services is growing. Ø  Search recurrence by parents. Ø  There isn’t a strong competitor at national level. Ø  High and constant traffic for a niche portal. Ø  You will be promoted on the website by complete information, images and text. Ø  New added information is being announced on the front page News section and in the weekly newsletter sent to our list of subscribers (aprox. 5200 parents). Ø  Own presentation page. Ø  Photo gallery: unlimited number of photos Ø  Ads in the News section. Ø  Constantly updated information in your presentation page.  
  23. 23. We grow up together   Video presentation Banners Offers relevant content for parents with children between 2 – 6 years Increased visibility on all pages of the website Newsletters Adwords Newsletter are being sent weekly to the subscribers with news, articles, events, children parties Google AdWords campaigns helps increase traffic of your website  
  24. 24. Video presentations   The possibility of inserting a video presentation of your kindergarten or company. The video presentation can be made ​by us or provided by you. A video presentation can give to the parents a better understanding of the services offered by your and a clear image about the environment. Enter now on to learn more about the video section.
  25. 25. Newsletter sends newsletters both to parents and to directors of kindergartens. Our subscriber data base has approximately 5,200 subscribers parents and 160 directors of kindergarten. Each week a newsletter is sent containing information, news, articles and events for children. Newsletter offers: customized insert articles. personalized newsletters.
  26. 26. Banner   Your banners can be visible in all the pages of the website, regardless of the page the visitor is accessing. Due to the small number of banners displayed on the site, these have maximum efficiency. You can view statistics of the banner campaign with an Adserver account. Banner campaigns: 200 x 200 (right side) 728 x 90 (top position)  
  27. 27. Are you ready to start your business? You can find us by e-mail or phone, ready to answer to all your questions. CONTACT Founder – Emanuel Clonda Mobile: 0726 19 55 18 E-mail: Sales manager - Doina Nacu Mobile: 0721 216 717 E-mail: