Houston 2050


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A brief summary of my energy project.

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Houston 2050

  1. 1. Houston: Energy City ofthe Future 2050By Emanuel PerezFelipe RamirezBrian BoltonRogelio Martinez
  2. 2. Supply• Our main supply of energy will consistof mainly of natural gas, butalternatives are solar energy, windenergy, hydro-electrical energy andethanol. We will have plenty of them Inthe future by using technology to findthem.
  3. 3. DemandDemand• People would want a cleaner, safer, andmore dependable source of energy.• People would want to save more moneyon energy, and at the same time, theywould like to cause less harm to ourenvironment by using more alternativeenergy sources.
  4. 4. Our Plan• The plan is to use natural gas as ourmain source, and use solar and windpower as our two main alternativesources. We choose natural gas becauseits cleaner than other fossil fuels.
  5. 5. Our Plan Part 2We will need better factories that use thenatural gas wisely, and for the best result. Theother technology we need is have better solarpanels that gets more light and makes moreelectricity. For the other source we need morelighter and cheaper wind mills so wind canpush it faster and so we can have more millswith less money.
  6. 6. Our Plan Part 3The plan can be easily modified if needed.Making the future requirements easier tomanage. Also, the plan will evolve to makeusing energy more easier and faster in time.The cost will be as minimum as possible byusing natural gas as our main source. This isbecause using natural gas is faster, cheaperbut in the same time more efficient and safer.Also, using solar and wind is cheaper to buildthan other sources.
  7. 7. Our plan part 4• We will have some problems to accomplish thisplan. One of them is making workers come toHouston, and making them stay. The other one isto find money to successfully accomplish the plan,but afterward the income will be greater than thecost. Making the plan efficient, and helping makestay the capital of energy.
  8. 8. Our plan part 5The fifth part is how to use natural gas wisely.The best way to use it is by using a small amountif needed, but not using it carelessly.Also, the third way of using the alternatives isstoring the electricity in batteries, and using itwhen needed, and using it when the weather is inour favor. This will help us use these sources moreefficiently
  9. 9. 22ndndplanplanOne idea is to replace all metroOne idea is to replace all metrobuses with electrical buses.buses with electrical buses.This makes us have a less carbonThis makes us have a less carbonfootprint.footprint.
  10. 10. 3rd Plan• This third plan is to make more publicparks. This will give families more placesto have picnics or family reunions in theweekends, and in the same time reduceour carbon footprint.
  11. 11. Industries The two main industries are energy,and transportation. We will need employees that know howto use energy, and manage thefactories efficiently. Also, the jobs and new factories willgive the city have a better income, anda more stable dependency andeconomy.
  12. 12. Energy and TransportationIn the energy industry we will make the factorieshave stricter emission of CO2. The second change isto manage it more environmentally friendly, but inthe same time more profitable.In transportation industry is supplying more buses,and workers.