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Sustainable furniture design workshop, Mobica, Cairo, Egypt

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Create the trend

  1. 1. Create the Trend
  2. 2. Stage Zero A Start
  3. 3. Mobica was established in 1976 with one factory at Abou Rawash industrial zone producing office furniture.In2004Mobica’s industrial base had been expanded to include 15 factories occupying an area of 280,000 m² and covering a large scope of business varying from Office, Medical, Educational & Contract Furniture to Automotive Supplies. The factories and commercial offices of Mobica employ 2400 professional engineers, technicians, skilled workers, marketing, sales and management memebers.
  4. 4. Good Design Bad Design
  5. 5. Organizers
  6. 6. Sayed Salma el Sherbiny Mohamed Heidar Mohamed Aly Aicha Eman Abdelsabour
  7. 7. Participants Future Designers Name Profession Degree Bio Name Profession Degree Bio
  8. 8. Muhammad khalid Furniture Designer Cairo University Design is “ A Dream becomes a real thing”. Mohmed Gamal Architect/ Product design Mobica Innovation lab Mohamed Farid Architect/ Product design Mobica Innovation lab Choose life Doa’a Mohamed Product Designer GUC / Product Design The simplest design is the hardest Aya Ahmed Zedan Freelance Product designer GUC / Applied Arts Creativity is endless Amira Hamdy Industrial designer Faculty of applied arts – Helwan university
  9. 9. Name Profession Degree Bio Name Profession Degree Bio Hany Soliman Freelance Product Designer Faculty of Fine Arts It is all about simplicity and having fun Hadeel ElRaie Product designer GUC / Applied Arts User and culter are the center point of design. Nivin Ashraf Aspiring product designer GUC / Applied Arts Happiness is a mood not a destination. Nada Kabil Product designer GUC / Applied Arts Life is all about having fun and taking risks, loose the boundaries and enjoy.
  10. 10. Ahmed Nabil Architecture student Cairo University Omnia Abdelsabour Interior Designer Faculty of Fine Arts I love to test new grounds and challenge myself. Samah Ahmed Interior design / Furniture Faculty of Fine Arts Design is to create an aestetic product useful for everyone. Esraa Osama Industrial Design Faculty of Fine Arts Functionality is the key to a great design. Aya Hanafy Industrial Designer ACDA/ Industrial Design Choose the one who understand what he does. Aya Ghaleb Interior Designer Faculty of Fine Arts
  11. 11. Stage One Basic Tools & Skills of a Designer Stage One Basic Tools & Skills of a Designer
  12. 12. Who, what, when, where, why & how? Create Good Design … de·sign/dəˈzīn/ Verb: “Decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), typically by making a detailed drawing of it.” Merriam-Webster To design you have to decide. To decide you have to choose. In this task we use the reverse technique decide which theme you want to work on then choose two objects within the theme that describe good and bad design. Choose one, good one & bad design for one theme:  Function  Ecology  Social To choose you need to be reasonable thinker,  Is open-minded and mindful of alternatives  Tries to be well-informed  Judges well the credibility of sources  Identifies conclusions, reasons, and assumptions  Judges well the quality of an argument  Can well develop and defend a reasonable position  Asks appropriate clarifying questions  Formulates plausible hypotheses; 1
  13. 13. plans experiments well  Defines terms in a way appropriate for the context  Draws conclusions when warranted, but with caution  Integrates all items in this list when deciding what to believe or do Requirements:  Bring with you two products following only one of the previous themes  Define relation of objects with theme  Describe each product  Give a reason why you think if it is a good or bad design  Present your choice and reason within 5 min. Task Duration is One Day submission 19th of June 2012 TIPS •  Focus on a question •  Analyze arguments •  Ask and answer questions of clarification and/or challenge, such as: •  Why? •  What is your main point? •  What do you mean by…? •  What would not be an example (though close to being one)? •  How does that apply to this case (describe a case, which might well appear to be a counter example)? •  Judge the credibility of a source •  Observe, and judge observation reports •  Deduce, and judge deduction •  Induce, and judge induction •  Make and judge value judgments •  Be sensitive to the feelings, level of knowledge, and degree of sophistication of others GOOD OR BAD
  14. 14. The portable thermal cup, which you can insert, any graphics inside it to display. The advantage is you can customize it according to your taste but on the other hand the designer neglected a lot of points considering function: 1. Safety in the cover: no lock to insure that the liquid stays inside 2. No place on the cup to rest the hand and prevent slipping (curves and 3. No rough surface in the cover for friction with hand for easy opening 4. The base is getting small which gives a feeling of instability 5. The cup color is black: it gives the feeling of dirt Cutters 1 - This product has led the basic purpose is made of a futures exchange 2 - but is considered a failed product in use here is not available safety factor is required to Lack of safety when Your use of the cutter. Difficult to change the edge of the cutter or break part of it may cause many problems. The entire edge It is possible to break this edge leads to harm the user or anyone around him And for this reason is one of the more products failed 6. The user puts his lip on the place where he touches the cup 7. The opening doesn’t lock well in closure 8. No material information on the bottom: in case of food or beverages it has to be mentioned to assure the user about its impact on health esp. with plastic In the Nestle Bottle, all mentioned points were considered in the Design language. From my point of view, I enjoyed this task because it made observe my ambience; discover the good and bad points about the products I use daily. Also, Design Language analysis helped me to accomplish my third task. Portfolio of CDs 1 - The performance of this product and the main function which is more than keeping the number of cylinders and keeping it from dust and breakage 2 and a transparent part led to the availability of consideration to all the cylinders in an easy and simple and not to damage the same cylinder It can Ashaddam product after a period of another way to take advantage of it And product analysis achieved in this post and this is a good design. Good Design Bad Design Good Design Bad Design DOA’A Mohamed AMIRA HAMDY
  15. 15. Defining Bad and Good design: -My perception was: Every product can be good or bad depend on the personal use and level of development, and the existing of differentiation is needed for fulfill different personality and how the person understand the product from his/her information. -Same use for the product the spices holder Car Air Freshner It is not 100%Bad Usage is stupid Distracting I do not need a Manual for it Should last more Unhealthy to smell chemicals from 40 cm. SWISS KNIFE History Size Assembly Abestraction of objects Multi-Tools Custom made sizes Converted to be a cool and trendy object -Different generation -Make person imagine and understand the process of development -Use observation for development Good Design Bad Design Good Design Bad Design AYA A. ZEDAN MOHAMED FARID
  16. 16. Good Design Bad Design DOA’A Mohamed Good Design Bad Design - The screw pencil actually was very bad in its function : It is circular shaped it has stopper made of weak rubber can cut it easy, the pencil with the long usage it became softer an it makes the pencil slides from my hand - The pencil is totally functional because : It is triangular shaped which is healthier, less pain, easy to use, the pencil has wooden bubbles which make it more controllable and prevent slide from hand. For Good design: When I think about the good design, I don’t saw about it’s use but I saw in what can I use it. -Multifunctional product. -nice color. -nice shape. Good Design (clips) Good color Good shape Good material for Use We can use it as tow function (for clothes, For children play) For Bad design: When I choices it, I saw it’s most distributed and bored for me. Bad Design (cans) Old shape No use after drinking From the opener drink Sometimes it was dirty Mohamed GAMAL MUHAMMAD KHALID
  17. 17. Good Design Bad Design Good Design Bad Design Tape Measure . Although, it is very usable around the world and can have a lot of debates, for me its functionality is still eak and design not developed. . They are supposed to measure up to 5 meters, however you need to have 2 more pairs of hand to make sure you have the right measurement on the wall or a panel. It can only be useful when measuring the height of a wall. . This product also is considered as not a safe product, the fast rolling back often hurts the user’s fingers having paper cuts, and the end of the meter the metal edge - Tupperware can opener . At first glance this product is a bit hard to understand, but when you understand from the manual i did understand that there cannot be any added ergonomics or signification to the design. . Less effort and error free while opening the can. . It opens horizontally rather than vertically, cutting around the can, doesn’t cut metal. So the can and the cap are not sharp which is truly safe. A real Mug Cap is easy to understand Coaster at the bottom Twist to lock and unlock Plastic Easy to get hurt Breakable Applying force will make the plastic bend and therefore break easily as well as making it difficult to use. Not easy to understand how it should be used. Putting more than one option to be used in the same way will lead to injuries. NADA KABIL HADEEL ELRAIE
  18. 18. Good Design Bad Design Bad Design Good Design Apple Laptop Charger magnetic plug exchangeable plugs extendable cable cable holder cable clipse Pen Holder transparent package for display fixed place for each pen to prevent loss flexible cover to reach easier stands fixed using cover Potato Peeler n o n - e r g o n o m i c design no place for good grip cheap material doesn’t fit all potato sizes Gloves Miltisizes that would fit in different hand sizes Multifunctional, coul be used in car fixing, garden and even kitchen. Flexible Fixable Recycable Mobile plastic cover One size and only fits one mobile model Single function Not flexible Not fixable Not recycable HANY SOLIMAN NIVIN ASHRAF
  19. 19. Good Design Bad Design Bad Design Jar: very hard to open or close, com. Changed the lid but forgot to change the jar body causing a huge design problem, edgy hurtful grip to open or close, jar body distorts with squeezing makes it even harder plus it’s already made for a sticky substance –honey. This smooth extension gets stuck with the edge left on the body from the old jar design. The lid has very edgy extrusions that makes it very hurtful to hold and the cone shape and sharp edge weakens your grip. . Good Design Pencil: flat, comfy to hold, lead is rectangular, strong wont break easily thick and thin writing options, no sharpening needed , can get lead out by pressing a button that lies under your finger in the writing pose normally and that is very convenient rather than stopping what you do then holding he pencil differently pushing the lead out then getting back to what you were doing. Has a reliable eraser as well. 1- Cheap 2- Very small 3- Used in cutting papers 4- I put it in my key- ring 5- Defense tool 6- My friends love it 7- I love its color 1- loops 2- long distance between the headphones and the microphone 3- Sound is tooooo weak 4-need to buy another one OMNEIA ABDELSABOUR AHMED NABIL
  20. 20. Good Design Bad Design Good Design Bad Design This product does its job, but needs plenty of effort to work, where one needs to use to assist in opening to put the pen   Also a large size, although the process by which the product does not need such a large volume and also does not take into account the Alarjnomax in some parts Been clarified and therefore the advantages and disadvantages of both the producers wanted, whether good or bad, both are also adjustable according to the development, progress and also the needs of the consumer Easy to use and the presence of the motor inside helps the wire not to overlap with each other.   The existence of a long wire helps to use any of the following distance or streamlined shape and small size taking into account Alarjnomax which makes it distinctive and easy and also the lack of slots is the Central Line also serves to preserve the life of the product   This product is a result of the stages of human Ahtajmat evolve in order to perform the function in an easy and smooth and the use of technology Waste basket:- This waste basket,made for bathroom ,made from thermoplastic resins, 100 % recyclable and received green good design 2011, in my opinion it’s a good at function it made me through all waste so easy ,it’s color so attractive and it has a lot of colors that make it suitable for a lot people and also so easy to pack a waste from it. Melamine-plate:- in my opinion it’s so bad design for human health coz it’s made from thermoplastic non recyclable and also this material reactive with heat SAMAH AHMED AYA HANAFY
  21. 21. Good Design Bad Design Bad DesignGood Design Good and Bad design: Choosing one material which is wood. Good design the recycable cardboard bags which saves the wood material and can be used over and over again. Bad design Original pencil creating alot of waste and useing wood that can not be reused My bad product is the tissues bag: I took time more to find the product that is bad for me more than the time of founding the good one. So I choose the tissues bag for : 1. It doesn’t do its function as I opened its sticky paper for the first time it didn’t close again so the bag remain opened till the tissues finished. 2. Based on that the tissues explore to the air, bacteria and viruses . 3. The tissues look become dirt full of dust. 4.All of that made the tissues loses its function also. My good product is the lighting unit: I tried to find the product that is good for me. So I choose multi- functional lighting units for: 1. It consist of lighting unit, radio, clock and alarm. 2. Flexible I can adjust the light and directed it to the wanted position. 3. small and light which make it easy to carry any where. 4. saving three places on the place I put it on as it is 3x1. AYA GHALEB ESRAA OSAMA
  22. 22. What is Green? sustainable design... Sustainable - “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” Merriam-Webster The Big Picture - Life Cycle Analysis Products can be made from any number of materials and components, each of which has a broad set of environmental impacts over their lifecycle, starting with the extraction of raw materials from the ground to the end of the product’s life. Some materials or designs may provide a reduction in one or more impact areas, but an increase in other impact areas. • How do we decide which is better? • How you create Sustainable concept? Design any object that is: ethical/ ecological/democratic/for daily use/non- electric. Requirements:  Sustainable term Definition  Sustainable product Concept (choose one or more from the given themes)  Define your Materials choice  Choose a sustainable way to present your product 2
  23. 23.  Task Duration is two days, Submission 21st of June 2012. Almost everywhere we turn, products are presented as “environmentally friendly”, “green”, or “sustainable”. How do we cut through the green tape to determine what really is a better choice? Perhaps the first thing to do is to get a clear understanding of a couple of terms: Sustainable: This word is frequently used to describe products, has a very specific meaning and, in almost every case, is misused.
  24. 24. Since the definition of Sustainability is long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, social and economic dimensions, then the three bottom lines, which are Planet,PeopleandProfithavetobe considered in any Design Process. That is why, from my perspective as a designer, Sustainability is my responsibility of not hurting the environment, introducing a good product to the market which is fulfilling all its criteria and finally pleaseingthe people who are receiving this product. There is a new movement called LOHAS: LIFE STYLE OF HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY, and its aim is to follow the trend while considering The cardboard material is a simple and easy configuration which does not need many tools for the health in designing any new sustainable product. To conclude all, any Designer who tends to produce a sustainable product have to consider all factors: the profit returning to the company producing the product, the people he is offering it and the environment which can be hurt by wring use of materials or high energy abuse while production. This task was important to put me back on track before starting the Design process. Nowadays it is crucial not to neglect Sustainability in design since our planet is hurt enough and it is the right time to stop this action before it gets worse. reproduction. When you purchase a new product, you get rid of the container; Box. You do not think even for a moment if it can be exploited or not?? Idea of ​​the project: It is the reuse of the packaging cartoons. Example1: Cardboard furniture is an easy simple way and it is easy to be developed by individuals. Example 2: When you purchase any small product ex. a frame. the shape of the frame will be printed on the box. By using this image to create a cardboard frame for kids.Thiswaywecanintroducethe child to the recycling, creativity and imagination process. DOA’A Mohamed AMIRA HAMDY
  25. 25. What is Green? “Sustainability”: - Basic and global definition - The first definition came to my mind is: ENDLESS REUSING - Renewable Material needed - Renewable Energy - Ecology - Maximum Reusable design - Evoke Personal Reuse My Opinion toward the tasks * Why SUSTAINABlE in this workshop is it related to Mobica! * Sustainable topic can open multi use direction which is effective with mobica * Expecting New ideas for the task but the task is look big or may be the expectation is high, it should be more less designing process and more conceptual We are invited to know more about sustainablility. Since “sustainable design” is the new trend in the world of design. Objects are luming to be smaller in many ways. Stages of the product “the life cycle” is lacking much more dimensions than they used to. From the first idea of it till the end user display. Multifunction, energy efficiency, material conservation... Hence I found a concept of integration, interesting to me. Going back to the most basic shape “the box” multifunction items came out. AYA A. ZEDAN MOHAMED FARID
  26. 26. Mohamed GAMAL MUHAMMAD KHALID Product theme Ethical Democracy For Daily Use. This product uses to count the number of turns around the qa’aba. The number of turns should be seven turns, This counter helps the person each turn of seven turns. Materials Pearl Amber Amber Plant seeds Bone Gems We Can Reuse to another product I define ‘sustainability’ as “To be honest today to save others’ future” I have chosen “democracy” as the theme of the sustainable product. RED &WHITE Sustainability is familiar role blood of human body. Inside the role blood when the red & white is perfect, the human will be perfect. When I can control the red & white in human body. In these case, I can reach to the sustainability. The product concept is “a product can used in any way I need , multifunctional product, and it’s environmentally by using sustainable materials such as [ bamboo wood & crushed bamboo boards ] I made some max drawing of the product I designed.
  27. 27. Papyrus can also be woven into beautiful made hats. Excess papyrus paper can be used as packaging for many products. NADA KABIL HADEEL ELRAIE PAPYRUS grows in many places in Africa. The fibres are found in the stem which is renewable and fast growing. Sewn together the stems form mats which can be used for floor coverings, ceilings inside huts and partitions to separate rooms. Tied together the stems make a light portable table for markets. Sustainable Products are those designed,manufactured, used and manufactured, used and disposed with complete focus on protecting global and human health. it is aimed to acheive socail and economical benefits with priority to insuring enviromental preservation and human welfare. Foundation of the Problem: -Redundancy -Unawareness of wasting or overuse of personal / created energy, materials, time, food.... * Solution had to meet the Renovation points * The concept theme then was Ethical, Ecological and Daily use. The stems can also be woven into sandals. SANDALS. Trash Can... 1. Plastic bags 2. Pushing trash to fit more trash 3. Unclean Plastic / Stainless trash cans Product design Concept: 1. Create a disposable trash can. 2. Can push and compress the trash inside it 3. No traces left 4. No need for production of plastic garabage cans or plastic bags 1. Circulation & Substitution of Materials & Energy 2. Utilization: Combining different functions 3. Minimization
  28. 28. HANY SOLIMAN NIVIN ASHRAF Bread in Egypt is government subsidized to 5 piasters, which is less than a penny US. The loaves are often shuffled about from baker to dealer via bicycle. Often there is a guy on a standard bike riding along with one hand above his head supporting a giant tray of bread. ELECTRONIC INK •display technology •reflects light instead of emitting it (not backlit) •holds same image for long time without using electricity •can be viewed from any angle, not affected by sunlight •paper thin •applied in unique shapes HOME ESSENTIALS RUNNING OUT/ EXPIRING ONSPOT Design a Series of Re-Usable Home Solutions implementing the E-Ink concept to simplify daily usage Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economical, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship, the responsible management of resource use. In ecology, sustainability describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time, a necessary precondition for the wellbeing of humans and other organisms. Lon-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. Sustainability is a safe, fast and smart process of transformation. WATER BOTTLE CARTON Counter with number of filled bottles still available before needing to buy a new one •Design a Tray to carry bottles •Pressure Sensor •E-Ink Counter of filled Bottles •E-Ink temperature Display •Small Rechargeable Battery (up to 6months) •Environmental Friendly Material EGG CARTON EXPIRY Reset button to 21 days indicating expiry for eggs added, with a reset button, a battery, and an e-ink display
  29. 29. OMNEIA ABDELSABOUR AHMED NABIL I felt that i must p r e s e n t something different something that is more than a product something we live in and we can reuse and recycle many things inside it i was trying to make a comfortable house that makes profit to his owner and doesn’t need to be mended ( trying to make a 99.9% complete house ) Thinking GREEN IS to make a mix of renewable sources ,reuse materials ,recycle & any clean sources to Sustainable: recyclable, reusable, renewable (Can’tbepermanentlydamaged). Eliminate the concept of waste, environmentally friendly regarding materials and manufacturing uses low or no energy. Design concept: “why change the whole room when all you need to change only a part” Themosticonicpartofabedroom is the BED , and the part that caries most of the design and look is the back, it’s the part most subjected to being stained of damaged , so why change the whole bed or even room when you can change only the back with limitless options reach the ZERO energy design or the ZERO pollution design or the ZERO money to mend it that can even grow with you as you grow and your taste changes. Prose: can work as a storing place, adjustable back height poles like ligo add a module for extra height, extend edges for bed, shelves in the back), and can totally change it’s look with very little adjustments you can DIY, the back can be hanged over, stretched through or slide in, sides could be shelves when you’re totally done with the bed, can be packed in a very narrow box . Materials: Wood (basic structure only) , reused fire hose( for el molal), cork, metal (connections), various recycled materials for back.
  30. 30. SAMAH AHMED AYA HANAFY -Not for the money Mstnzv -Design a moral Ahaaft where the ethics of design between designer and consumer -Energy provider to natural or artificial Sustainable raw materials: Wood - metal - bamboo - plastic drainage - Securities - leather - ........ palm fronds and other natural substances also Sustainable Definition:- “Meeting the needs of the present Without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” Sustainable Definition:- Is to meet human needs in the form of a model can take advantage of it at any time and bring a claim in accordance with the material and its capabilities should also be processions of the era and to develop and use sustainable materials Sustainability involves several elements, including: Preservation of the environment -For recycling - a durable -A multi-use -Does not harm the environment when recycling -Meet the processor and development -Non-consumer raw materials to the environment Sustainable material: -Bamboo -Wood -Metal Designproductandusesustainable I designed a table with sustainable material ,multiuse, different shape and can recyclable again. I knew new material can be recycled like bamboo and metal, this task will make me thinking more before design anything what’s the material that will be used and it’s sustainability because it’s important thing.
  31. 31. AYA GHALEB ESRAA OSAMA Sustainable product: 1. Defined sustainable from my thoughts which is to eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful and sensitive design, by innovating products that can shift behavior, respecting the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. 2. Designed two product for two themes (ecology and democracy). 3. First product: is (4x1 trash basket) I choose it because it will achieve my definition of sustainability as it will change human behavior and learn them to separate material to be recycled and save environment and ecology as a them. Material: Wood, because it’s natural material, useful to the environment, easy to fix and can used in manufacturing many products after damaged. Ecology: Low-impact materials, non-toxic, require little energy to process and helps not waste materials. Second product: is (Bookmarks) I choose it because it Helps the reader to remember the page and the line they stop at especially Sustainability Ecological Democracy For Daily Use Design of bamboo To the holder of the put. • can be used For many other uses me, so I tried to solve my problem in the first way. Material: Wood, because it’s natural material, useful to the environment, easy to fix and can used in manufacturing many products after damaged. Ecology: Low-impact materials, non-toxic, require little energy to process and helps not waste materials. Democracy: I thought that other will think that it’s useful and they can effort it’s price. Such as unit for lighting. Design of bamboo To protect the cup from falling At work. Slots used by the bearer To the pencils. • can be used For many other uses Such as holder toothbrushes Which is in its horizontal or Vertical.
  32. 32. How to define the big picture? Zoom in and out … What is Unity in Design? unity n., pl., -ties The state or quality of being one; singleness. The state or quality of being in accord; harmony. Merriam-Webster Define how your environment will help to create the big picture.To create the big picture we need design unity. • The individual elements with in a composition will not be competing for attention. • The key theme will be communicated more clearly. • The design will evoke a sense of completeness and organization. This Task is to design anything to define the big picture. Design anything which’s deeply in the history of our mutation that deserves to exist. Something to help earth,something to help humanity achieve its potential. Something that deserves to exist because it fits in the big picture. Something to help mankind. 3
  33. 33. Big picture are developed from the following themes: • History • Earth • Mankind This is a group work task ,each group is asked to define an environment (unit) that Define the big picture Serves as a mutation of our history Help the Earth Deserves to exist Help mankind Requirements: • Design • Reasoning Task Duration is two days ,Submission End date 23th of June 2012 TIPS •  Define how your environment will help to create the big picture •  To create the big picture we need design unity HistoryEARTH
  34. 34. In between the cycle: Evoke Creativity For camping Solar lighting unit A Display stand In between the cycle: AYA A. ZEDAN AYA GHALEB SAMAH AHMED ESRAA OSAMA AYA HANAFY
  35. 35. AYA A. ZEDAN -Every piece could be used according to size -the hands of the bag can be ballet and hang the small bags -Can be tools holders -water pack -rope and some natural evoking tools -the bag can have lots of bags and the kid choose the best sizes Evoke Creativity
  36. 36. AYA GHALEB Designing a product related to the environment. My product is Solar lighting unit: which achieve environment that we choose as work group, so I do a suitable, multi-functional can be used in different places and doesn’t need electricity to be used. It works by solar energy as it has photovoltaic panels which convert sunlight into electric energy that charges the battery which lights the florescent lamp Solar lighting unit
  37. 37. WALKING SEEING Design for different Design for all AMIRA HAMDY Mohamed GAMAL HANY SOLIMAN
  38. 38. Bus Stop Seating / Resting Bus stop Multi functional FENCE DOA’A Mohamed HADEEL ELRAIE MOHAMED FARID MUHAMMAD KHALID Design awareness/ Public design
  39. 39. Bus Stop DOA’A Mohamed Concept: User Design Awareness in public design products, through designing: . Modular (mass production) . Multifunctional . Human Behavior . Volumetric Variation . “Slow Design” . Sustainability Environment: Public Design: Metro or Bus station
  40. 40. Seating / Resting MOHAMED FARID
  41. 41. Bus stop MUHAMMAD KHALID
  43. 43. NADA KABIL The Design brief was very complicated and it was annoying that we threw it away after we spent so much time trying to understand it. Working in group was a great benefit, especially how we managed to combine very different people to create something that everyone was interested in. When designing for a playground i found myself visualizing what would make me want to play and what would get me excited, so that if i didnt get bored of it, then most probably many people would find it exciting too. PlayGround
  44. 44. NIVIN ASHRAF let the children customize and build their own games in a public playground using allocated pipes and basic shapes NON-INTENTIONAL PlayGround
  45. 45. Let’s Produce Stage TWO
  46. 46. How you create new product? You are now a PRODUCT DESIGNER.. Mobica is looking to launching a new product where they identify a gap in the office furniture market. To design You must identify your TARGET MARKET and which commercial NEED your product should satisify . You must know that you are designing for a commercial MARKET. You must know that you are designing for a commercial MANUFACTURER. You must know that you are designing for a commercial NEED. 4 Choose what your product will substitute..
  47. 47. Designer workspace You must introduce your project here. You must replace/substitute one element in one of the previous Designer’s workspaces, with an efficient,multifunctional product that serves the client and acheives the manifacturer’s vision and mission. Mission By having a multidisciplinary team who is managing and integrated in all product development phases from having a design brief to conceptualization, visualization, detailing, modeling to delivering a ready to mass-produce prototype Vision The visionary unit in Mobica that: 1. Seeks and satisfies future market demands 2. Develops and creates new products 3. Innovates new functions in work spaces and products
  48. 48. Introduction • Design Problem First write about the problem e.g. you will need to think about what your CLIENT wants you to do and why, when designing a product for them: You will need to explain in your own words, and write about why they need you to design an element for them. Explain why people need this element How it must be fabricated? Now write about these points in your own way. Include examples from your own experience • Brief This is where you write a short statement of intent. – ‘I am going to design and make a prototype of an element and related merchandising materials for Mobica who will be marketing the new product in their stores’. • Task Analysis Know and plan what jobs you need to do. Write the name of the project at the top of the page. The design must have a story behind it
  49. 49. • Product Analysis Aesthetics Cost Customer Environment • Requirements: In this task you should develop a DESIGN PORTFOLIO where you will show the research you will gather and your different ideas that will lead to the final solution A PROTOTYPE of the new product. AName for your product. Task Duration is a week ,Submission End date 5th of July 2012 TIPS Write keyword questionsto help you. •  Who is it for? •  Who will use it? •  Product Analysis •  How much will it cost to make the real product? •  How much will a shop sell it for? •  Where will it be used? •  What theme will it be based on? •  What does it do? – features etc. •  How will the prototype be made? First keyword flexibility
  50. 50. DOA’A Mohamed to create a piece of furniture which is practical Initial Concept Rotating library Too much mechanism and not practical Final Concept/Design Rotating just the desk Rotating Shelves Concept: Limit so many furniture pieces into a practical one . Modular (mass production) . Multifunctional . Human Behavior Environment: Office or Home Combining these elements Materials PlexiGlass 10 mm Stainless Steel Earthy colors
  51. 51. The final product
  52. 52. AMIRA HAMDY Its dissassembly can be verry simple and reassembly process at any time you need it. Puzzle office Concept: Using the table legs in a different way, which creating shelves supported by those legs to used it Can change the shape of the slide to be exploited in a different way A simplified method for the exploitation of the slides
  53. 53. The Final Product
  54. 54. AYA A. ZEDAN Light shape Curve for lean on the table Pack me up! Personal desk is Old piece of furniture that used to be in every home name “secretary desk” which allow people to open and close shelf to right on it and this shelf is cover for paper storage. its Self packing but manual, with smart cut out and curves give the freedom for the user Personal workspace Concept: Personal Desk Inspiration board Packing or covering Design elements Limited options Designed curves Flexible in use Minimal Materials Pack or hide stuff Shelfs Cover with brain storming and pen holders Grove for papers or laptop Minimal curves Legs space free
  55. 55. The final product
  56. 56. MOHAMED FARID Dolphin
  57. 57. The final product
  58. 58. Mohamed GAMAL GOLDEN workspace
  59. 59. The final product
  60. 60. MUHAMMAD KHALID Engineering Design Desk Most of technical designer have to work with pressure and do a lot of hard works to realize the product and complete the design process (shop drawings, prototypes, manufacturing follow up and so on...), their days are crowded by a lot of things.... the workspace for them is also crowded.
  61. 61. The final product
  62. 62. NADA KABIL Can be used while standing up or sitting down. Cutouts can be used as a workspace. Can also be used as a stand for products during exhibitions. Excess Storage Space: Easy to open Presentation Inspiration Workspace Flexible Walk around in an exhibition.
  63. 63. The final product
  64. 64. HADEEL ELRAIE Dimensions Virtual Desk Opening in two directions Desk and Bean-Bag Surfaces Relation Adding a light box for all designer purposes Design curve and User Relation
  65. 65. The final product
  66. 66. HANY SOLIMAN CUBES Modular flexible units with differetn configurations. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  67. 67. The final product
  68. 68. NIVIN ASHRAF Tilt On System NEED De-Clutter Personal Space Organization ENHANCED ENVIRONMENT FOR QUICK THINKINGDesign curve and User Relation DESIGN 1. Customizable transparency for client space partitioning 2. Extends to standing desk, normal desk, side partition 3. Usable as table/desk side partition/screen 4. Sound Proof acoustic cladding TARGET CUSTOMER Design Studio/ Architecture Office/ Common Room/ Space Fast Paced, Light, Adaptable Innovative, Creative, New CONCEPT Lift the Clutter Off Floor Push to Wall IDEA Satisfy user’s temporary needs using surrounding walls HOW 1. Mesh Grid 2. Moveable Pads with adjustable hinges and slits WHY NEW CREATIVE CUSTOMIZABLE ADAPTABLE TO FUTURE ADDITIONS ENDLESS FLEXIBILITIES INNOVATIVE SOLVES A PROBLEM FUTURISTIC FUNCTIONAL
  69. 69. The final product
  71. 71. The final product
  72. 72. OMNEIA ABDELSABOUR A Designer’s work space Concept -I started listing the essentials of the designer workspace and I came up with some key words : for things needed: -Clean, waste pin. -Colorful , inspiring. -Has an ideas board -Cable management -Light, personal items -Place for PC or lap top. -Filling, storage Features Desk top consists of 3 movable plates (cutting bad, white board, glass or wood) and 2 fixed plates. -Can slide the board in front to sketch in a reclined pose. -Can use the glass plate when light box needed. -Shelf for personal items (photo frame, clock ..etc) -Two shallow drawers in front. -Trash pin attached (removable to empty) -Cable/data hidden sockets. Cup grove, & different groves -for pens and stuff (on the right) -Optional: book holder that looks like a leader, adding a bigger screen PUZZLE DESK Features -Pull up ideas board. -Adjustable height -Flipping sketching board. -Two big shallow drawers in the front. -Vertical storage for big paper sheets. -Cable & data sockets. SLIDER
  73. 73. The final product
  74. 74. AYA GHALEB -Vw. Designed to support the way designers work: Be opened ,connected, simple, elegant, flexible and inspired. -Vw. Work stations begin with upside down letter (V) as it’s the main skeleton to the work station. It connected to be single or double train, have it’s own design bored that can slide and return back under the glass desk to get inspired. -Easy to fix, light, multi function and flexible. VW
  75. 75. The final product
  77. 77. The final product
  78. 78. SAMAH AHMED
  79. 79. Good Design Bad Design The final product
  80. 80. AYA HANAFY
  81. 81. The final product
  82. 82. Let’s Produce FINAL Stage
  83. 83. Evaluation Name Creator Researcher Builder Name Creator Researcher Builder
  84. 84. Aya Ahmed Zedan Omnia Abdelsabour Nivin Ashraf Hany Soliman Hadeel ElRaie Doa’a Mohamed
  85. 85. Muhammad khalid Mohmed GamalMohamed Farid Nada Kabil Name Creator Researcher Builder Name Creator Researcher Builder
  86. 86. Amira Hamdy Aya Hanafy Esraa Osama Aya Ghaleb Samah Ahmed Ahmed Nabil