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Emakina Academy #12 : Telenet Mobile Portal
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Emakina Academy #12 : Telenet Mobile Portal


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How cable operator Telenet transformed its Zita portal into a mobile website with Emakina / Mobile. Presentation by Thomas De Vos (Emakina/Mobile)

How cable operator Telenet transformed its Zita portal into a mobile website with Emakina / Mobile. Presentation by Thomas De Vos (Emakina/Mobile)

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Case: Telenet – Zita mobile portal Thomas De Vos New Media Expert The Reference / Emakina
  • 2. Telenet – Zita mobile portal About Telenet •  Telenet is a major actor in media and telecommunication services •  Provides cable television, high-speed Internet and fixed and mobile phone services primarily to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels •  As any telco company, Telenet is confronted with the challenges of convergence and multi-channeling: how to reach customers whenever, wherever they are?
  • 3. Telenet – Zita mobile portal Why a mobile website •  Zita is the portal site of Telenet •  Zita wants to let his customers consume media via all possible channels. One of this is mobile internet. •  Moreover, customers want to access information anywhere, anytime (a football fan can’t wait to get the latest result of his favourite team) •  Telenet wants to move the Zita desktop surfing experience into a cross-media dimension with a mobile website
  • 4. Telenet – Zita mobile portal multichannel Internet Media zita iDTV Mobile
  • 5. Telenet – Zita mobile portal Focus •  Main focus of attention: the perception of the user and which services he would like to consult on the move. •  Offer the most accessible services •  Add real added value to his customers •  A mobile portal which can be customized by the end user •  For any mobile device with an in-build browser
  • 6. Telenet – Zita mobile portal Target audience •  Everybody * Telenet clients with mobile subscription * Telenet clients with no mobile subscription * Non Telenet clients •  Other content providers •  Other companies to promote their mobile website on the portal
  • 7. Telenet – Zita mobile portal Zita mobile portal • (launched Sept ‘08) optimizes for usage from a mobile device •  An extendable modular portal which can be used as a mobile start page •  Offering useful Telenet and third party services for the mobile user •  Key services: TV guide, news, sports, weather maps... filling a consumer’s need
  • 8. Telenet – Zita mobile portal Exclusive preview •  GarageTV on iPhone! •  Same experience as YouTube app. •  Streaming video content •  Watch best of today, most recent, top rated… •  Categories •  Search movies •  Created in COCOA •  Based on the API •  Still in beta
  • 9. Thank you! Any question? 9