Emakina Academy #12 : Siruna - Professional Mobile Solutions


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Siruna turns any desktop website into a mobile version compatible with any device available in the market.

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Emakina Academy #12 : Siruna - Professional Mobile Solutions

  1. 1. Siruna: Professional Mobile Solutions Gregory De Jans Technical Sales Siruna (formerly Mobixx)
  2. 2. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Siruna vision Siruna has the ambition to become the leading open source platform and service provider in mobile web applications based upon its mobile internet gateway
  3. 3. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Our solution: Your Content @ the Customer’s Fingertips •  Reduced development costs •  Faster & usable mobile web app’s •  Evenimproves the iPhone experience
  4. 4. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions The Siruna platform The Siruna gateway allows any user to publish content or to create applications for the mobile web without having to deal with the complexity of device diversity. 4 Our customers can stay focussed on their revenue generating applications and content while we enable their multichannel strategy.
  5. 5. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Two ways to create your mobile website Website XML Feed 5
  6. 6. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Why use Siruna? •  The Siruna Technology enables the re-integration from desktop-content into mobile applications in a highly personalised way •  It creates an optimal user experience through adaptation of the mobile application through   Device detection   The application of user profiles   The usage of location-information •  Siruna open source platform enables an easy building of mobile applications   Mobile web portals 6   Mobile websites   Mobile web applications
  7. 7. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Siruna economic benefit •  Better •  Quality of mobile content in general improves •  Collection of targeted end-user data •  Faster •  Mobile content immediately available •  Adapted to mobile devices, optimized for speed, network - & device capacities •  Cheaper •  Low cost entry into the mobile web •  No need to maintain 2 or more websites 7
  8. 8. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Siruna technical benefit •  Device detection for non-native browsers (Opera Mini, NetFront, …) •  Template based solutions + content adaptation + combinations •  Siruna platform can be installed in your company (license) or at Siruna (hosted service) •  Several versions (high/low/mid/… end) can be made without developing different templates •  Powerful high-level API using as much automation as possible and allowing configuration for usability purposes •  Open source: few dependencies and easy configurable •  Thin client development tool: the composer 8
  9. 9. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Siruna Composer (included in OS) visit @ composer.siruna.com
  10. 10. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Future product release: automated testing framework
  11. 11. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Siruna – The Reference: recent projects News and Sports Mobile Search Mobile Portal 11 m.beta.deredactie.bequot; m.goudengids.bequot; m.zita.be m.beta.sporza.be m.pagesdor.be
  12. 12. Siruna : Professional Mobile Solutions Other projects and demonstrators Mobile search Traffic info Mobility 12 12 imdb.siruna.com www.filebeeld.be delijn.siruna.com more @ m.siruna.com
  13. 13. Thank you! Any question?