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Emakina Academy #11 : Join2Grow, the network for European entrepreneurs
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Emakina Academy #11 : Join2Grow, the network for European entrepreneurs


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Emakina Academy #11 : Join2Grow, the network for European entrepreneurs …

Emakina Academy #11 : Join2Grow, the network for European entrepreneurs

An event organised by Emakina, the largest interactive agency in Belgium (

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Actively engaging the Benoit de Bellefroid Project Manager European entrepreneur Emakina
  • 2. Consumers have taken control Then Now Passively Actively Viewing Using Listening Trialling Reading Experiencing Passing Playing Absorbing Engaging
  • 3. Communication trends • Sociability and interaction with friends is part of everyday life • Sharing our experiences and discussing with people all around the world gives us an appetite for life • The internet now allows for the creation of on-line virtual communities that both individuals and huge corporations have embraced
  • 4. Implications for the advertiser •  Get consumers involved in the brand, create content for them, based on the brand’s core principles: •  Establishing dialogue  Getting them engaged  Finding out what they think  Building a community •  This is always about creating something new  A community  An event  A media channel •  Digital interactive channels are brilliant tools to drive this kind of communication
  • 5. The role of networks for entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs may be the captain of the ship, but they still need contact with others. Hence the importance of networks.  “The most useful information I get comes from the network of entrepreneurs I am part of”  “It is reassuring to work with someone who is known, who you’ve heard about” Their suppliers must also be part of these networks. If they cannot move in these circles, how can they be a partner? Source: MEC Medialab entrepreneurial spirit - Fortis Research
  • 6. starting principles Target group  Entrepreneurs active in Europe, wealthy owners of private-owned companies.  Focus on 6 European countries: Benelux, France, Spain, Italy. Objectives  Create both an innovative internet concept (image tool) supporting the Fortis ‘image to ‘getting you there’.  Create an on-line platform for European entrepreneurs where they can form a community where they can interact and exchange ideas with peers  Generate qualified leads (marketing tool) throughout the community members, which can be used in targeted marketing campaigns as well as profiling and consumer insights  No push of the Fortis image, positioning or service offering (no ‘cannibalism’ with other Fortis sites)
  • 7. Main site sections 1. 2. 1. Survey 2. Magazine 3. Network 4. Forum (Oct ’07) 5. Chat (July ’07) 3. 4. 5.
  • 8. Survey section Fortis Entrepreneurs Survey 2007: Who are today’s European Engaging the CEO: entrepreneurs? How do you catch the attention of a CEO?
  • 9. Magazine section: interviews
  • 10. Network section: member profile
  • 11. Forum section Members can interact with each other on 1.  Business 2.  Leisure 3.  Announcements 4.  Join2Grow 1. 2. 3. 4.
  • 12. Chat section Members can choose to: 1.  Visit the chat room (invite a member) 2.  Join a video chat conference at specific times (announced on the home page) 3.  Visit the video conference archives 1. 2. 3.
  • 13. Chat session examples
  • 14. Join2grow launching campaign: 360o mix Inform & organize Support action •  Intranet •  Direct mailing E-files •  Client brochure Fortis Survey 2007 •  Commercial brochures •  Press brochure Fortis Survey 2007 Consolidate brand Strenghten relation experience Advertising campaign PR 2.0 effort   Print media from Feb.2 until April 23th •  Press conference 31/1   Online media from Feb 15 until April 27th •  Press release Internet •  Local press coverage   Banners J2G since January 29th on: •  Buzz in the blogosphere / / /
  • 15. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (1) •  In addition to the traditional “Above The Line” campaign, Emakina also developed and managed the PR strategy to promote the launch of Join2Grow •  Primary target: business and tech-related media •  ROI: 21.000 euro in media value + benefit for the Fortis as a “top of mind” brand for entrepreneurs looking for a financial partner
  • 16. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (2) De Tijd
  • 17. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (3) L’Echo
  • 18. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (4) IT Professional
  • 19. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (5) Le Soir
  • 20. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (6) Banking & Finance
  • 21. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (7) Trends
  • 22. Feeding the buzz through PR 2.0 (8) •  This PR effort on mainstream media is supported by a permanent buzz in social media: Emakina and Fortis regularly invite well-known business and tech bloggers as the special guests of live chat sessions hosted on Join2Grow. •  A few examples...
  • 23. International Awards •  Bronze Award - B2B category, Horizon Interactive Awards 2008 •  Best in Class - B2B category, Interactive Media Awards 2008 •  European Cyber Cristal of the Financial Website, Méribel Ad Fest 2008 •  Bronze Award - Web 2.0 category, CMS Awards 2007 •  B2B Standard of Excellence, WebAward 2007 •  Online Community Standard of Excellence, WebAward 2007
  • 24. Network profile Country origin: initially targeted countries take up 74% of total members  France = top 1 members (19,5%)  Benelux = 32% of total members  Italy (13,82%) and Spain (9,19%) well represented  UK (6,73%) reasonably represented Age: the site seems to attract the right age profile  61% is between 30 to 50, the professionally most active age,  10% is above 50 years old  Young professionals (under 30 years) make up nearly 30% of all site members, indicating that starting professionals are also interested in joining the site
  • 25. Thank you! Any question?