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Four Picture Story
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Four Picture Story



Published in Lifestyle , Self Improvement
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  • 1. Writing02.03.11 How I live...I live in Africa. I live with my wicked uncle who is amushroom scientist, and my beloved cat George. I workhard all day to keep my uncle happy and to keep me on his good side. My name isBeth, This is my reality…“Get out of bed you lazy girl, I have better things to bedoing than getting you up! You have very important chores to dotoday, and how many times have I told you to keep that cat out of mysight!”I grabbed my grey cat George tightly and held him close. That was myvile Uncle. Every morning he gives me an extensive list of jobs andchores that I have to complete. I looked down at my uncle’s scrawledwriting to see what I had to do today.List:1. Pack my bag and all my science tools2. Pack your own bag with whatever you need for twoweeks.3. Tidy house4. Make sure we have enough food and water for twoweeks.“Do you understand this George? I certainly don’t”I complained to my cat as I took the list to my uncle.He sighed said, “As you should know by now, I am a mushroomscientist. We are going to the desert for two weeks to discover a veryrare mushroom called the Oancis. Didn’t you see the list, you shouldnot be mucking around, and you have to pack our bags. We leave in
  • 2. three hours.” He walked off leaving me with a bewildered look on myface.“Oh George. What has he got us into this time?”As we got out of the claustrophobic aeroplane, the scorching deserttook over and the heat was getting to me. George didn’t look too welleither.Uncle said we only had another 5 minutes in the jeep till we got to thecabin we were staying in so I justsat there stroking George.“Achoo, Achoo. Beth, Why didyou have to bring that blastedanimal,” Muttered the voice ofmy uncle.“Don’t worry George he justdoesn’t appreciate you as muchas I do” I whispered in my catsear, giving him a big hug.The cabin felt quite small whenwe arrived but cosy. It containedtwo beds, a table, chairs, and asmall sofa. I liked it very much.Soon after we arrived, we joinedmy uncle in having some lunch.George crept under the table intothe shade, only to find a littleturtle just as hot as he. “Mr.turtle I would call him”, Ithought to myself as I slippedhim into my pocket trying tokeep him cool.
  • 3. As we sat, there was a sudden fluttering of green feathers above us. Itswings were a vibrant swirl of colours, patches of brown, yellow, whiteand green streaming off it. My uncle swiped out at the poor budgie,which gave me a serious urge to scream at him! Then suddenly, thelittle bird dived at the table and plucked up my uncle’s spoon with itsclaws and flew off. This made George spring out from under the tableand chase the poor budgie.“George!” I screamed as I to leapt up from the table and sprinted afterhim into the vast desert. My uncle, looking astonished, mumbled whatsounded like “Good to get rid of you anyway” then walked awayquickly to find his mushroom investigation kit.Being in the desert was very tireing, as I could not leave George tochase the budgie alone. We all soon got very thirsty. I kept seeingpuddles of water, running upto them, only finding that mymind was playing tricks onme. I ended up havening tocarry George and Mr. Turtlebecause they were bothstarting to collapse. It felt likewe had been walking forhours seeing only sandcovered by the suns hot rays.As we scrambled over one ofthe many sand dunes, I couldjust make out the detail in the beautiful trees, the life saving shade andthe water reflecting all this in its beautiful self. An oasis. I droppedGeorge and used my last energy to sprint toward this rescuing thing.I never thought I would appreciate water as much as I did just then asI made ripples when I dived into absolute heaven.
  • 4. I looked around, seeing Georgewith a happy look on his face. Ithen realized that I could not seeMr. Turtle. I caught a glimpse ofhis tail climbing into a hollowtree. I peered inside the tree afterhim and that was when I saw it.The Oansis, the rare mushroommy uncle was looking for. He hadtold me all about them so I knewwhat they looked like. There was a magical thing about thesemushrooms. They were so moist, it looked as though they had justbeen dipped in water. I kissed Mr. Turtle on the shell with a beam onmy face, appreciating his efforts towards my uncle’s search.Finding the mushrooms would be a very exiting thing for my uncle. Iimagine he would never give me chores again, always appreciateGeorge when he does a whoops on the new carpet and hopefully letme keep Mr. Turtle. As I dreamt about all those things, I appreciatedhow my reality had turned out and what my story would be like nexttime. That was my dream and this is my reality…