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Software Email Marketing by E-Goi
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Software Email Marketing by E-Goi


Easy email newsletters - Create, send, share on social networks and track the results!

Easy email newsletters - Create, send, share on social networks and track the results!

Published in Technology
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  • 1. multichannel marketing platform Integrated multichannel campaigns E-mail, SMS, MMS, RSS, social media, voice messaging and fax all in a single marketing platform! E-mail, SMS, MMS, RSS, social networks, voice call messaging and fax, all at your fingertips! E-goi is the only platform in the world combining all of these channels. Send an SMS campaign now, mail your e-newsletter later today, launch a voice broadcast tomorrow or sync them all up (eg delivering an SMS will trigger an e-mail with a link which will then trigger a voice broadcast when clicked on). Why use different systems? E-goi offers you a truly all-in-one platform designed to slash costs and maximise your marketing strategy’s ROI! Truly multichannel E-goi was designed from ground up for e-mail, SMS, MMS, RSS, fax, social media and voice messaging campaigns, all in a single online platform requiring no installation at all before use! Multichannel integration You’ve just clicked on a newsletter item that grabbed your attention. While checking it out at the store’s website you receive an SMS offering an immediate discount if you buy the item in the next 30 minutes. Can you afford to pass this up? It’s just an example of the range of automated trigger-based campaigns you can set up in E-goi! Detailed individual channel statistics Did a subscriber just sign up for your newsletter? How many times did they open it? On which day? Any click-throughs? At what time? Was that SMS successfully delivered? What about the voice call, did they answer it? Listened all the way through? Was that fax delivered or is the number invalid? E-goi gives you all the answers! 2
  • 2. multichannel marketing platform E-mail Marketing One of the most powerful marketing tools now made easy. Quick, effortless e-mail marketing campaigns! Why put a severe burden on your entire system by using Outlook to send your newsletter to thousands of contacts? E-goi enables you to create your campaign in a snap and send it out in just a few minutes! And you don’t need to worry about opt-outs, ad- dress changes and duplicated or invalid addresses. E-goi handles it all for you and also lets you know who opened your e-mail, who clicked through (and on which link), and even the city they were in when clicking through! Forget about Outlook, focus on your campaigns and leave the hard work to E-goi! Centralised on-line resources E-goi doesn’t require you to buy special new hardware or install addi- tional software. The platform is always available online, providing you with all the necessary tools to create, host and manage your newsletters, wherever you are in the world. Once you launch your campaign, feel free to turn off your computer. E-goi does the rest! Tools and reports for superior effectiveness How many opens and clicks? Just exactly who opened and clicked? And how many bounces? E.goi’s reports tell you everything you need to know! But that’s not all: the platform assesses your anti-spam scoring, checks your links, outlines e-mail client compatibility and even split-tests the campaign for you! Ready-made newsletter templates No HTML coding knowledge? Don’t worry! E-goi gives you hundreds of easy-to-use, customizable e-mail marketing templates compatible with all major e-mail clients, ensuring professional results in a matter of min- 3
  • 3. multichannel marketing platform Quick, effortless SMS campaigns! Deliver your message directly to your customers’ mobiles! SMS campaigns truly made easy! Do you want to ensure that your message is read by your cus- tomers? SMS is the way to go! E-goi is a full-featured SMS cam- paign management platform enabling you to quickly and easily send SMS messages to any number of recipients at any time. No need to install additional software - just do it all online! And you can effortlessly grow your mobile database by integrating E-goi’s subscription forms in your website! Detailed delivery reports Learn at a glance how many SMS have been delivered and which specific numbers failed! E-goi tells you all about your campaign with complete graphical statistics, which you can export to your computer at any time in a single click. Personalised sender and dynamic contents Any SMS that you send via E-goi can include the name of your company as sender! Plus, the platform’s customization codes allow you to engage your subscribers as if you were personally addressing them (eg “Hi Jen- nifer! Don’t miss out on our special offer! Check it out at jen.smith@!”). Quick delivery to any mobile network at the best price E-goi can broadcast dozens of thousands of SMS per hour and is able to reach virtually any network and subnetwork in the world - always at the most competitive pricing in the market! 4
  • 4. multichannel marketing platform Interactive, easy-to-implement voice call campaigns Record your message and broadcast it to your customers’ mobiles and phones! Send a simultaneous voice call to all your con- tacts! Imagine that you could send your message to the mobiles and phones of all your customers as an individual, personalised phone call! E-goi’s interactive voice campaign management platform is perfect for this role. Record your audio, import your contacts and send out your campaign! When someone answers, they can use the handset keyboard to leave their own message or connect to your call center! Ideal for turning leads into loyal customers! Automatic phone call messaging After you launch your campaign, your customers’ mobile or phone will ring. If they answer it, they’ll listen to your previously recorded audio message. This can be your own voice, a celebrity promoting your com- pany, a viral marketing sound effect… Basically any audio file. Automated campaign scheduling You don’t even need to be there to send out your call, as E-goi is a fully online platform. Just schedule your campaign to the desired date and time and let E-goi do the rest! Detailed voice call statistics For every campaign, E-goi will generate a real-time report including information on the exact call time, duration and recipient message and keypresses (if any)! 5
  • 5. multichannel marketing platform Complete form integration on your site! E-goi makes automatic subscription processing easy! Automate subscriptions to your newsletter with E-goi forms.. E-goi is not just the ideal tool to launch digital campaigns; you can also use it to attract new subscribers to your database. All you need to do is insert E-goi forms in your website to enable all visitors to easily subscribe to your newsletter. The subscription process is en- tirely taken care of by E-goi. If you would prefer not to replace your existing form, just use E-goi’s API to integrate it with the platform.Unlimited automatic forms, ready to use Additional forms for profile editing or unsubscription.Whenever you create a new database in E-goi, the platform also immediately In addition to subscription forms, E-goi also automatically generates other formsgenerates the corresponding form. Then all you need to do is edit it with the enabling subscribers to update their information (e.g. if they would like to receiverequired fields (e.g. name, email address, mobile phone, address, etc.) and it the newsletter at a different email address) or give a reason if they want to be re-is ready to be inserted into your site. You can have as many forms as you like! moved from the database (e.g. “I don’t have the time to read your publications”). Full customisation of formsAutomatic subscription processing (confirmed opt-in) Every aspect of E-goi forms can be customised as desired. The platform givesE-goi forms provide automatic and fully customised subscription of new sub- you access to the HTML code of each form to alter it as you like in order to per-scribers to your newsletter. Each subscriber receives an email with a link to fectly match your website’s style. In addition, all pages and emails sent by theclick on to confirm their subscription, thus preventing accidental or malicious forms (welcome, unsubscription or change of information messages, etc.) aresubscriptions. And whenever there is a new subscription, E-goi will notify you fully real time! API integration with existing forms Your subscription form uses Flash and cannot be replaced by E-goi’s forma ? Not to worry, just use the platform API to ensure that subscribers who use your form are simultaneously added to the E-goi database! You don’t have to lift a finger. Advantages Turn visitors to your website into subscribers Organic growth for your database White label integration with your website Still manually adding subscribers to your database? Does your database contain only email addresses? Use Every aspect of E-goi’s forms, from their appearance to Insert E-goi’s subscription forms into your website and E-goi’s update form to persuade your target audience to the sender of the welcome message, is fully customis- forget all about it! provide more information (e.g. mobile phone). The ideal able for total integration with your website’s branding. way to prepare multi-channel campaigns! 6
  • 6. multichannel marketing platform Full message customization Treat all your customers by first name! Communicate with all your customers at once in a customised manner. Imagine that João receives a promotional newsletter saying “Hi, João! We’ve got a special offer for you!”. This is much more engag- ing than a mere generic text, and is remarkably easy to achieve with E-goi. Just use the platform’s customisation codes. E-goi gives you the codes you need for the major items of subscriber information (name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone, subscription date, etc.) and allows you to easily create any other field you may require (e.g. branch, address, business sector, purchasing preferences, etc.).Over 30 customisation fields, ready to use Dynamic updating of database fieldsContact all your subscribers as if you The more fields you have in your database, the greater the customisa-were addressing them personally! If tion that can be achieved with E-goi. But what if all you have are emailyour database includes subscribers’ addresses? No problem, just create new fields in E-goi and launch annames, just insert the field !fname update campaign enabling subscribers to complete their customerinto a sentence in your message in record with the missing information (e.g. name, mobile phone, ad-E-goi (e.g. “Hi, !fname”), and each dress, product preferences, etc.)!subscriber will see their own namewhen they read the message. E-goi Emails with customised automatic linksprovides a wide range of other fields with which to customise yourcampaign! Have you ever received a newsletter with those links in the header and footer enabling the reader to view,Extra fields for any other kind of customisation recommend, unsubscribe, etc.? WithIf you want to customise your mes- E-goi, you can place these links any-sage with more advanced fields (e.g. where in the newsletter! And if youbranches, postcodes, date ranges, want to change the headers andproduct references, purchasing his- footers themselves, just talk to us!tories, etc.) just create extra fields inE-goi for each one. You can create as Custom subscription forms for your website sitemany as you like and insert them intoany part of your campaigns! E-goi allows you not only to insert subscription forms in your website, but also to customise the entireMulti-channel customisation form to match your corporate imageE-goi’s customisation codes work in any of the platform’s channels. You (we give you the HTML to change ascan insert them in your email, SMS, MMS, fax and even voice (using a you wish). Furthermore, all pagesTTS synthetic voice) campaigns! and automatic emails sent by the forms (welcome or unsubscription messages, etc.) are fully customisable. Advantages Talk to your customers face-to-face when you send Customise E-goi to match your corporate image Send SMS messages with your company as the a campaign. From newsletter headers and footers to forms and au- sender “Hi, Sílvia! The summer sales have arrived at SurfMo- tomatic messages in E-goi, the entire platform enables Do you want your SMS messages to display your name da Porto. Take a look at the catalogue in your email, white label integration with your company. when they reach you customers’ mobile phones? All you!” In this SMS, E-goi customised the need to do is enter a name using 10 characters. You can message with Sílvia’s name and email address and the also customise the sender of MMS messages, voice calls name of the closest branch. All automatically! and faxes. 7
  • 7. multichannel marketing platform Deploy on Social Networks and Viral marketing Viralize your campaign on all the social networks! Launch your campaign on all the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Hi5 and many oth- ers)! Have you thought what it would be like if, in addition to send- ing your newsletter to your subscribers via email, you could also persuade them to share it by means of their favourite Social Net- works? With E-goi, nothing could be easier! When your subscribers receive your newsletter, all they need to do is click on the “Social networks” link inserted by E-goi and choose their favourite one. And what if you yourself want to share your campaign on which- ever social networks you like? Just use the share on social net- works function within E-goi itself. Advantages Automatic link to over 100 social net- worksYour own subscribers viralise the campaign E-goi can insert a “Social networks” link in anyGive your audience the opportunity to spread your part of your newsletter enabling your subscribersmessage on their preferred social networks. to share it on the networks they belong to. There are hundreds of networks and link-sharing services,Encourage word of mouth from Facebook and Twitter to Hi5 and Orkut. And E- goi will immediately tell you who shared the news-With E-goi’s “Recommend” link, subscribers can senda copy of the newsletter to several friends at once letter, and to which network!, along with a button enabling them to subscribestraight away. A great way to organically expand yourdatabase! Launching a campaign directly within so- cial networksFind out which of your campaigns are truly popu- Would you like to publish your latest newsletter onlar your Facebook Wall? And how about twittering theOpen and click rates measure their potential effective- link to your campaign to all your followers? Or shar-ness, but you can be certain that if a lot of people are ing your newsletter with your LinkedIn groups? Justrecommending a campaign, success is guaranteed. E- launch the campaign in the desired social networksgoi shows you exactly how and by whom your news- straight from E-goi!letter is being recommended.Reward your greatest fans Automatic “Recommend to a friend” linkWhenever a subscriber recommends a campaign, this How about giving your subscribers the opportu-is recorded by E-goi. It is a great idea to reward those nity to recommend your newsletter to friends,fans with a special offer, thereby increasing their loy- colleagues, relatives and acquaintances? E-goi canalty to your company! insert a link in the email enabling them to do this instantly, to all contacts at once. And the people who receive the recommendation can subscribe right away if they are interested! Publishing a campaign via RSS When you publish a newsletter in the normal way with E-goi, you can also automatically launch it in RSS format. This is a great way to simultaneously share your news with subscribers to your website’s feed (e.g. with Feedburner or iGoogle) 8
  • 8. multichannel marketing platform Quick and effective Email Marketing campaigns. Forget Office and send emails more effectively without cracking your company’s resources! Deliver your Email Marketing Campaign quickly and effectively. Do you still spend hours waiting for Outlook to send your cam- paigns? E-goi sends hundreds of thousands of emails per hour without placing any strain whatsoever on your website or your company’s resources. And all bounces, unsubscriptions, recommen- dations and statistics are processed by the platform automatically. What is more, as E-goi is entirely online and requires no installa- tion, you can even switch off your computer as soon as you have launched the campaign! Monitoring delivery to ISPs This also helps to ensure that your campaign com- Sending large volumes plies with anti-spam regulations. of email is not just about running your server at full Anti-spam reportSeveral dedicated SMTP servers steam! It takes a great deal To what extent will your of care to ensure that traf- campaign be regarded asE-goi has at its disposal a number of servers able to fic volumes comply withquickly process large volumes of email. On average, spam by filters and fire- the delivery requirements of email service provid- walls? E-goi’s anti-spameach of the platform’s servers sends around 100 000 ers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.). To this end,messages per hour. report provides the an- E-goi intelligently manages these volumes (throt- swer! Using over 800 crite- tling) and maintains connections to ISPs to monitor ria, the report (based on Spamassassin, by far theA completely online platform the rate of delivery, adjusting it in real time. most popular filter on the Web) performs a thor-Why spend all night sending emails e-mail from ough assessment of your campaign and offers tipsyour computer and overloading your bandwidth? The most loyal subscribers receive the to help comply with regulations.Leave that job to E-goi’s servers and go and get a campaign firstgood night’s sleep. You can even schedule the email Case by case delivery issues When it sends the emails, E-goi sorts them accord-to be sent at the most effective time, and E-goi will ing to the subscribers with the highest open and If one of your subscriberstake care of everything for you. The platform is not click rates in the last campaign (those with the is not receiving your cam-installed on any computer, and is always online, highest engagement). These subscribers will be paign due to overzealousready to use whenever you want! the first to receive the newsletter, which not only spam filters, we are on rewards their loyalty, but also complies with the re- hand to offer technicalCampaign certification quirements of the ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). guidance on how to resolve this problem.When you use E-goi, not only are your campaignscertified using SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys and DKIM, Automatic HTML and plain text versionsthey also follow sender certification best practices of the campaignso as not to be blocked by corporate firewalls. All of For those subscribers whowhich to ensure that your delivery rate is as high as cannot read HTML emailsit can possibly be! (because they are using a mobile phone, webmail, or due to internal restric- tions) E-goi displays a plain text version of the campaign. The text can be edited by you or automatically generated by E-goi. Advantages Avoid the problems of sending campaigns using Minimise the chances of your email landing in the Automatic deletion of bounces and unsubscriptions Outlook and the like spam folder When it sends a campaign, E-goi not only automatically Emails at a snail’s pace? Computers always crashing? Certification of your campaigns, sender validation and removes soft and hard bounces, but also immediately Excess bandwidth at the end of the month? There’s no the tips offered by the anti-spam report help pre- blocks subscribers who have unsubscribed, preventing need! See how E-goi does the work for you much more vent your campaigns from being mistaken for spam. them from receiving new campaigns. quickly and effectively. 9
  • 9. multichannel marketing platform E-goi follows e-marketing best practices. With E-goi, your campaign is delivered to those who really asked for it. Bring your campaign up to speed on e-marketing best practices! When using E-goi, your campaign automatically abides by the CAN- SPAM act, the ePrivacy Directive and all ISP e-mail marketing best practices (especially Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL), ensuring that messages are only sent to subscribers with their prior explicit con- sent.Complete database protection Automated database import validationOur privacy policy is clear: your contact Would you like to use an old customer mailing list in E-goi but you’re afraid thatdatabase is safe from prying eyes, as people might not remember you and flag your e-mails as spam? E-goi is hereit will only be accessible to you when to help! The platform will automatically send an e-mail to a random sample ofyou import it into E-goi. No third party subscribers asking them to confirm that they’ve opted in to your list (you canis allowed access. Even in emergency include your own reminder message). Depending on the answers, E-goi willcases, our platform staff requires pri- approve or reject your database import.or authorisation from you to log intoyour database. We’ve earned the trustof our clients by enforcing this policyfrom day one.Confirmed opt-in subscription formsAccidental sign-ups are a thing of the past with E-goi’s double opt-in subscrip-tion forms! When site visitors sign up for your newsletter, E-goi always sendsthem a confirmation e-mail containing a link on which they have to click toverify their subscription. Get rid of subscription abuse and make sure that youraudience has truly opted in to your mailings! Permission-based user accounts Would you like your co-workers to use E-goi with restricted access to certain platform features? That’s easy as pie with E-goi’s user management! SimplyStrict adherence to ISP anti-spam standards create a new user for each co-worker and assign them individual permissionsBesides enforcing our own anti-spam policy, we ensure that E-goi follows the for specific E-goi features, account sections or mailing lists!best practices of major e-mail providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL) andblack list monitoring services (such as URIBL, SURBL and Spamhaus). For exam-ple, if someone clicks on Hotmail’s “This is spam” button when receiving yournewsletter, E-goi will immediately remove that subscriber from your database.Internal and external suppression listsWhy pester people with mailings in which they clearly aren’t interested in thefirst place? When you import your subscriber database into E-goi, the platformnot only compares it against select “do-not-mail” lists for individual countriesbut also with your own suppression list (which E-goi automatically builds upfor you)! Advantages Ensure compliance with permission-based e-mail Don’t blast out unwanted e-mails! Restricted user accounts for your clients or co- marketing Closed-loop verified opt-in forms , automated opt-outs workers E-goi safeguards your campaigns by benchmarking with and exclusion lists are just a few of the ways that E-goi If you need to provide your clients with limited access the industry’s best practices. Law-compliant headers/ helps you ensure that your campaigns are sent to people to E-goi, just set up a user account for them and untick footers and opt-in/opt-out processes are all automati- actually interested in your contents. any specific features, campaigns or mailing lists that you cally handled for you! don’t want them to use. Perfect for marketing agencies! 10
  • 10. multichannel marketing platform Easily integrate all E-goi’s functionalities in your projects Control E-goi remotely! Integrate all of E-goi’s functionalities with your website or software! Would you like to automatically send an SMS to your customers as soon as the product they ordered is in stock? And how about hav- ing your accounting software automatically fax invoices on the due date? Or having a banner on your website showing Ronaldo, saying “click here and I’ll tell you a secret” which sends a message from the player to the mobile phone of anyone who clicks on the link? These are just a few examples of what you can do with E-goi’s API. Advantages All of E-goi’s functionalities accessible by API With E-goi’s API, you can control the platform remotely, without having to access the backoffice personally.Have your software or CRM send messages via Add, edit and remove subscribers, view the status of your E-goi account, send campaigns by email, SMS,SMS. MMS, fax, voz... Basically, anything you can do with E-goi can also be done remotely with the API. An excel-João can’t wait to find out if the credit he applied for lent way to integrate the platform with your website or software!was granted. Suddenly, he receives an SMS on hismobile phone saying that yes, his application wasapproved! Who sent the message? The management An API providing easy access and interactionsoftware that you set up to interact with E-goi to send To use E-goi’s API, all you need to do is send queries in any programming language to a particular URL. TheSMS messages. All via the API! API executes the operation and returns the results in XML (to whichever callback you want). Each command has several parameters to facilitate integration. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake forA fully white label solution your technical or programming department!With API control, your company has at its disposal all ofthe functions for sending and managing multi-channelE-goi campaigns, fully integrated with your branding. Controlling the API via emailIdeal for marketing agencies or solution integrators! For software that does not send queries to a URL (e.g. Sage, PHC or Primavera applications), E-goi accepts commands sent in a simple email. It couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is write the API command in anFull integration with your website and database email, send it to a specified address, and E-goi executes the operation.Would you like to confirm access to the restricted areaof your website by sending a code via SMS? Wouldyou like your CRM to change a customer’s email ad- Full documentation and technical assistance are always availabledress if that customer changes their email address in From the moment you open an account with E-goi, you gain full access to the API. The manual is in a con-E-goi? And how about scheduling a phone call in your stantly updated HTML document. And if you think something is missing in the API or you need our help tosoftware whenever a subscriber clicks on a particularlink in the campaign? With E-goi’s API, all of this is integrate it with your project, just talk to us!possible! 11
  • 11. multichannel marketing platform Detailed reports for every channel! Get quick overview of our campaign’s deliverability, openings and clicks! Check your campaign results in real time! You’ve just sent out your mailing in E-goi! Cool! Start gauging your results right now with the platform’s real-time tracking reports! How good are your scores? Who opened and clicked through your e-mail? How many referrals are you generating? Which cities are you getting the most opens from? Any subscriber complaints? How many soft /hard bounces? Were your SMS successfully delivered? Did any fax fail? Why? Who listened to your voice call all the way through? Who left a message? E-goi is the only platform in the market offering you such a thorough array of multichannel statis- tics across your entire campaign!Complete e-mail campaign report Campaign results comparison are located in. You canIn a single graphical Was yesterday’s cam- then use this info tostatistics page E-goi paign more success- geotarget your cam-showcases your deliv- ful than last week’s? paigns (eg promoteery rates, opens, click- What about last the opening of a newthroughs, bounces and month’s? The answer store in London onlyspam complaints. And is just a click away! E- to people located inthis is just the begin- goi allows you to eas- or near London whenning! Find out which ily compare your cur- they’ve last checkedsubscribers are your rent campaign report your newsletter)!biggest fans – those who open, click and forward the most. with any other report, highlighting ups and downs for eachLearn all about your top-clicked links. Know exactly where metric! You can even drill down into segment the world your audience is opening your e-mails! E-goi Campaign statistics export Are your top clickers men or women? Did your mailing doeven shows you whether your subscribers are using Out- better in the USA, Canada or the UK? E-goi brings out alllook, Gmail, Hotmail or another e-mail client! Would you like to feed the answers! E-goi’s stats into your own software? NoComplete SMS, MMS, fax and voice call cam- problem, just export Graphic comparison of your last 5 campaignspaign report any campaign report A single click in E-goiE-goi doesn’t just as an Excel, CSV or shows you a handyoffer you detailed XML file. If you also chart comparing thee-mail metrics - all need graphs, export main performanceother channels have the report as PDF. E- metrics of your 5 lat-their own campaign goi can even auto-generate a report at a specified time est campaigns acrossresults page! Get an and e-mail it to you! any channel. PerfectSMS and MMS de- to quickly assess anylivery breakdown changes you’ve madeand pinpoint those Multichannel reports over any time span in your marketing strategy!which failed. Learn how many faxes have been deliv- E-goi makes it aered and check those that didn’t (if any) and why. Find breeze to monitor yourout which subscribers answered your outbound voice mailing list perform-call, how many seconds they were on the line, which ance over time andkeys they’ve pressed and which message they left! keep an eye on long- term trends. Why so many sign-ups in Oc-Geographical campaign tracking tober? Because you’veLearning who opened and clicked through your newsletter sent out an SMSis crucial, but E-goi goes the extra mile by letting you know campaign about your new site. What drove click-throughsin real time which country and city your subscribers up in January? That’s when you’ve redesigned your news- letter, remember? Everything becomes clear with E-goi. Advantages The most comprehensive e-marketing stats in the One single statistics platform for every digital Export any report in a single click market channel Interested in crunching E-goi’s data in your own software Outlook gives you delivery/read receipts. E-goi empow- E-goi not only sends e-mail, SMS, MMS, fax and voice call application? Don’t worry, a click is all it takes to export ers you with more than 100 metrics which you can freely campaigns but also provides you with detailed results our reports in Excel format. Don’t want to fiddle around analyse, drill down and export, including opens, click- for every channel, both on a per-campaign or time range with files? Then just use E-goi’s API to fetch the plat- throughs, referrals, opt-outs and dozens more! You’ll basis. It’s the one tool to do it all! form’s stats directly even learn which city your subscribers are viewing your e-mails from. Not convinced yet? Then how about… 12
  • 12. multichannel marketing platform Free Templates! Quickly build your campaign with E-goi’s free templates! Get your campaign up and running in a snap with E-goi’s free newsletter templates! Need to send an e-marketing campaign but you’re lacking a news- letter? Don’t fret! E-goi offers you ready-made, professionally-de- signed templates tried and tested on all major e-mail clients! Cus- tomise them with your text and logo or change them completely to your liking. Choose from hundreds of graphics and combine them with an array of shapes and colours to create your own unique look. E-goi can even fetch the colours and text style of your website and apply them to your template! Your newsletter is send-ready in a matter of minutes!Over 100 template designs Free postcards for every occasionToo much trouble and not enough time designing and building your newsletter? Christmas and New Year looming up? Are you in a last minute rush to sendE-goi has the answer for you! Start by selecting the template layout (postcard Season’s Greetings to your customers? E-goi’s here to help! We have hundredsor newsletter), tailor it to suit your brand and that’s it. Your newsletter is ready of no-frills, easy-to-use postcards for specific holidays and special times of theto use! year. Simply select a template, type in your text, insert your company logo/link and send it away! Full-featured Word-like HTML editor Once you prepare a template in E-goi, you can then further customise it to your exact liking with the platform’s HTML editor. Would that table look better in a different position? Need to resize or crop a picture? Want to add a link to a particular sentence? No problem, change anything you want with E-goi’s editor. If you’ve used Word, Frontpage or Dreamweaver before,Unlimited newsletter variations you’ll feel right at home!E-goi’s free newsletter templates are not plain-old fixed, pre-built de-signs. Select a template type (right-hand column, upper left-hand picture, Template compatibility with major e-mailetc), pick a graphic banner (dozens are available, sorted by business sec- clientstor), mix and match colours to suit your preference (or let E-goi automati- All E-goi templates have not only been de-cally generate it for you) and there you go! Now just type your text, cus- signed and developed for proper display intomize the newsletter formatting and insert any pictures and links! Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, but also comply with anti-spam software best practices! SMS templates In addition to e-mail templates, E-goi offers you templates for extra channels. For example, the platform’s default SMS messages cater for the major holidays and busiest times of the year, with customization codes already built-in for you to reach your target audience with a personalised call to action! Advantages Create your newsletter from ground up in just a Hundreds of free postcards for all major times of Custom-tailored newsletter design and develop- few minutes the year ment Three quick steps are all you need to have your newslet- Valentine’s day is just round the corner and you need to Does none of E-goi’s templates meet your special news- ter up and ready to send out with your own unique look. hurry your special offer along? Just log into your E-goi letter requirements? Our design experience is at your E-goi can even polish it for you with your own website’s account, select a postcard, enter your text and logo and disposal! Submit your request to us and we’ll handle all look and feel! that’s it! the details for you, from conception to HTML coding. The service will be charged to you in E-goi credits. 13
  • 13. multichannel marketing platform Unlimited auto-responders for your campaigns! Combine multi-channel auto-responders in synchronised campaigns! Create unlimited auto-responders for your campaigns. Do you usually send a manual welcome message to every sub- scriber to your newsletter? There’s no need for that! With E-goi, you create an auto-responder which is sent to recent subscribers either immediately or after a certain length of time. And you can have more than one. You can prepare a series of sequential auto- responders to be sent at regular intervals to whoever subscribes to your newsletter. In addition, as E-goi is a multi-channel platform, how about automatically sending an SMS to subscribers who click on a link in an email? The platform does all the work for you!Unlimited auto-responders create each auto-responder in E-goi, schedule them followed by an SMS reminder a few hours beforeWith E-goi there is no limit to the number of auto- for the desired intervals (1 day after subscription, the event? You can do this with E-goi.responders you can use. You can create as many as 2 days after, 1 week after, etc.) and you’re like, whichever channel you are using (email, That’s all you need to do! Sit back and let E-goi do the work for you. Campaigns activated by events in otherSMS, voice, etc.). campaigns Imagine you re-Automatic welcome messages Automatic birthday campaigns ceive a newsletterWould you like E-goi What do you think for home appli-to send a welcome of sending an email ances and click onmessage whenever with a special offer a TV. You’re read-someone subscribes to all your custom- ing about the TV’sto your newsletter? ers on their birth- product details onEasy! All of E-goi’s day? Too much like the website whensubscription forms hard work? With suddenly you receive an SMS offering a 10% dis-can be set to send a E-goi, it’s entirely count if you buy it in the next 30 minutes. Can youwelcome message to new subscribers. All you need automatic. All you need to do is create a campaign resist? E-goi can activate auto-responders based onto do is create a form in E-goi, add it to your web- in E-goi, activate it with the event “Birthday”, and other campaigns (in this case, clicking on a link insite, customise the welcome message, and that’s it! each subscriber will receive the campaign on their an email caused an SMS to be sent). A great way to birthday. Entirely customised for each customer encourage impulse buying! without having to lift a finger!Fully customisable sequential auto-re-sponders Multi-channel auto-respondersImagine you sub- With E-goi, your au-scribe to a financial to-responder doesinvestment website not have to be re-in order to receive stricted to an recommen- It can be an SMS,dations over the a voice call, a fax,course of a month. etc. And you canFrom that point on, combine them all inevery few days you receive tips in your email. At synchronised campaigns. For example, would youthe end of the month, you are offered a discount like people who enrol in a workshop you’re organ-on a book about trading! Would you like to have a ising to receive an immediate confirmation email,similar system on your website? No problem, just Advantages Create as many auto-responders as you like Turn leads into loyal customers Reward subscribers who update their details With E-goi, you are not limited to a specified number of Make sure anyone subscribing to your newsletter never E-goi’s auto-responders can also be sent to subscribers auto-responders. You can prepare any number of auto- forgets you. All you have to do is create a customised who update their personal information. This is a great responders, over the course of any length of time, with welcome message in E-goi (maybe even offering a way to encourage subscribers to provide additional in- no limits. special discount for a particular product). This relational formation (e.g. mobile phone, address, etc) with a prize marketing message will be automatically sent to anyone or special offer. You can then use the information to registering with your website via E-goi’s forms or API. launch multi-channel campaigns! 14
  • 14. multichannel marketing platform Unlimited Split-testings! Quickly create automated split-tests with just a a few clicks! What e-mail campaign will have the best re- sponse? E-goi’s split-testing decides it for you! Are you really using the most effective call to action in your sub- ject line? Will the product featured in your weekly specials actually bring in those clicks? Run an A/B split-test on your campaign and leave that call to your own audience! E-goi will send two or more different versions of your e-mail to a small sample of your database (eg 10%) and then monitor the results for a few hours. The version with the best response rates will then be automatically sent to all other subscribers! Advantages Unlimited split testing Segment split-testing E-goi places no limit on the number of A/B tests E-goi doesn’t restrict your A/B tests to whole lists –Have your own subscribers pick your most effec- that you can run. Use them as and when you see you can split-test individual list segments! Are youtive campaign fit – at no extra cost! announcing the opening of a new store in LondonWhich of your two special offers should be more prom- and want to split-test the campaign only to peopleinent in your newsletter? Create 2 different campaigns in or near this city? Or perhaps you wish to narrowfor each offer and split-test them to 10% of your cus- Full campaign split test your test down to just female subscribers? E-goitomers. A few hours later, E-goi will then automati- makes it a doodle to set up! How will people respond to subtle differences incally send the campaign with the most clicks to theremaining 90% of your audience! your campaign (eg subject line)? What about major ones (eg your featured product)? Will placing article links on the left or right-hand side of your news- Automatic sending of the winning cam-Split-test any change in your campaigns letter drive better results? E-goi’s A/B split testing paignA/B testings which limit you to subject lines only? Not gives you the answer! You can even test different Once E-goi determines the best campaign, the plat-with E-goi! Split-test your contents, image positioning, senders and customization codes! form will wait for you to check out the results. Bute-mail sender, customisation codes, anything! Even if necessary you can just as easily have E-goi sendstructurally different newsletter designs ! out the winner e-mail as soon as the test is over!Do as many tests as you needE-goi doesn’t confine you to a set number of A/B test- Real-time result trackinging rounds. There’s no limit to the amount of split tests You’ll never be out of the loop on your A/B test.that you can run in the platform – and no extra charge! Simply open the split test report and gauge the cur- rent results. How many opens? How many clicks? Which campaign is edging out? E-goi tells you eve- Comprehensive A/B test settings rything and even sends you an e-mail with the re- E-goi’s split-testing is completely customisable! sults when the test is finished! Select your campaign. Choose the sender percent- age. Set the number of hours for analysis. Select whether the winning campaign will be calculated on the number of opens or clicks. Run the test now or schedule it for a specific date and time. You’re in full control of the test criteria, all in a single configu- ration page! Multi-campaign split-testing You don’t have to restrict your split test to just two versions of your campaign. How about split testing 4 different subject lines? Simply create those 4 cam- paigns, select them for testing and let E-goi do the rest! 15
  • 15. multichannel marketing platform Automated subscriber management ! Managing your lists is no longer a headache! E-goi automatically manages all your subscribers Are you still manually deleting from your database people who no longer want to receive your newsletter? There’s no need for that! With E-goi, you no longer have to worry about subscriptions, unsubscriptions, bounces, invalid email addresses, duplicate con- tacts, auto-responders, etc. E-goi takes care of everything for you automatically, and keeps you posted on what’s going on in your distribution list.Automatic subscriptions and unsubscriptions number of attempts). And, being a multi-channel platform, Unlimited database fields it also removes invalid mobile and telephone numbers, al-Insert E-goi’s subscription forms in your website and let the lowing you to save on your SMS, voice or fax campaigns! E-goi is not just the most complete multi-channel market-platform take care of the entire double opt-in subscription ing platform on the market; it is also excellent for CRM!process. And if a subscriber no longer wishes to receive the In addition to the usual fields for each subscriber (name,newsletter, all they have to do is click on the “Unsubscribe” email address, mobile phone, etc.) you can create anybutton which E-goi inserts in the email itself. other field (address, branch, date of birth, customer type, product preferences, retailer code, etc.). The ideal way to prepare segmented campaigns! Automatic updating of subscriber profiles Have you ever had to manually change the email ad- dress of a subscriber who wants to receive the newsletterSubscribers tell you why they unsubscribe from at a different address? What a bore... With E-goi, this isyour newsletter no longer necessary. Subscribers themselves can change their information. All they have to do is click on the “EditWhy would someone want to be removed from your data- subscription” button which E-goi inserts in the newsletter.base? Is it a lack of interest in your products? Is it because And you are immediately notified of the update to the sub- Multi-channel history of subscriber actionsyou are sending too many emails? Is it because they are scriber’s profile!moving to another country? Or another reason? With E-goi, Which newsletter did this customer receive last week? Didsubscribers can give a reason for wanting to unsubscribe, they open the email? At what time? Which city were theyproviding you with a valuable first-hand indicator as to in when they opened it? And was the SMS for that specialwhat you should change in your marketing strategy. offer delivered to them? And did they take that voice call? Did they listen through to the end? Did they leave a reply? What was it? With E-goi, nothing that your subscribers do escapes your attention! Database import wizard It is a simple matter to safely and reliably import your mail-Processing and automatic deletion of bounces ing list into E-goi. Choose the file type (Excel, CSV or TXT), match up the columns, and you’re ready to go. The platformDo you often receive large numbers of replies saying immediately checks for invalid or duplicate email addresses“invalid email address” or “Inbox full” after sending an or phone/mobile numbers and deletes them from the da-email campaign? You no longer have to worry about that! tabase.E-goi takes care of all those returned emails and removesthe hard and soft bounces (immediately or after a certain Advantages Stop worrying about subscriber management Easily import your database Be aware of everything that goes on in your dis- Does your newsletter still include a sentence such as You can import your mailing list into E-goi in three quick tribution list “To unsubscribe, send an email to X”? There’s no need steps. And any special fields you have in your database Whenever someone subscribes, unsubscribes, recom- for that! E-goi automates the processing of subscribers, (e.g. business area, product code, etc.) can immediately mends, edits their subscriber profile or suffers a large as well as word of mouth and dissemination via social be reproduced within the platform. number of bounces, you will receive an automatic no- networks. tification from E-goi, making sure you always have the most important information at your fingertips! 16
  • 16. multichannel marketing platform Automate your subscriber segmentation! Improve list hygiene and maximize effectiveness! E-goi automatically segments your campaigns! Ready to send out your weekly specials only to customers with a loyalty card? Want to promote your new store in the UK but don’t want to bother people living outside the country? No problem! E-goi’s segmentation features allow you to engage your audience with targeted, relevant contents. And not just on a single channel! How about saving money on your SMS campaigns by broadcasting only to subscribers who don’t open your e-newsletter? E-goi can do it all for you, whatever the channel – and you don’t have to lift a finger.Effortless database segmentation Unlimited database fields Dynamic campaign contentCreating a segment in E-goi is as simple as doing a search E-goi can use any field in your database as a segmentation Have you ever won-in your database. Want to send a newsletter to your Lon- tool. Combine multiple segments into one (eg lawyers and dered how much timedon clients only? Just search for “London” in the “Address” judges and accountants), invert any criteria (eg all custom- you could save by send-field! Do you want to e-mail it to those who’ve bought a ers except non-openers) and slip segments into other seg- ing a special offer cater-certain software application? Simply type the application ments! You can even have E-goi’s opt-in forms automati- ing for men and anothername in “Software”. What about those who signed up over cally sort out your website visitors into your mailing list. for women, all in theChristmas? Set your time range under the “Subscription Then simply select the desired segment when publishing same mailing? Wonderdate”! The more thorough your database, the better E-goi your campaign. no more! E-goi’s if-basedcan filter it for you! templating will dynami- cally switch the contents of your newsletter according to each subscriber segment! Automatic behavioural segmentation Just the thing for Valentine’s, Christmas and clearance sales! E-goi’s segmentation is fully dynamic, right down to the way your audience’s behaves. How about rewarding your most loyal subscribers (those with the most opens and Statistical reports by segment clicks) with a “thank you” discount voucher? Or perhaps re-engaging old, dormant subscribers who rarely click E-goi’s segments are linked to your campaign reports as through? It’s simplicity in itself with E-gois’s ready-to-use well. When checking out your results, simply select any behavioural segments. Ideal for cleansing and monetising segment to hone in on a specific share of your audience your database! and compare it with the overall scores. Great for findingAutomatic geographical segmentation out which demographics had the most opens or whetherAs E-goi geolocates your your campaign scored higher among British or Americansubscribers whenever subscribers! Real multichannel ROIthey open your cam-paign, the platform will With E-goi, “multichannel return on investment” is not justfilter your subscribers by fancy talk, but actual, tangible results. For example, if youcity, region and country usually send out simultaneous SMS and e-mail campaigns,on the fly! Do you want E-goi can bring you tremendous savings by launching yourto announce a con- e-mail campaign first and broadcasting the SMS a day latercert in Bristol to every only to those people who haven’t opened your e-mail! Thesubscriber who was in cherry on top? Have the platform’s scheduling features doSouth West England at the time they’ve opened your latest this automatically for you!newsletter? E-goi does it for you! Advantages Reach those customers who are actually interested Check out our automated segments Make dramatic savings on your SMS campaigns in your mailings E-goi gives you a host of ready-made behavioural seg- Why are you texting a discount offer to every customer Put an end to miserable response rates in your cam- ments (engaged subscribers, dormant contacts, etc), if you also e-mail them that very same offer? Cut down paign! E-goi’s gives you all the necessary tools for you which you can use right away or customise at will! costs and boost your ROI by having E-goi send your SMS to easily segment your subscribers, improve list hygiene messages only to those people who haven’t opened and maximize effectiveness! your e-newsletter! 17
  • 17. Please contact us at:Av. D. Afonso Henriques, nº 1122, Sala L4450-011 MatosinhosPortugal|T| +351 229 363 772|F| +351 22 9363774|@|