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  • 1. Learning in a Post Personal Computer World Peter Scott Director, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK. Coordinator, STELLAR, EU Network of Excellence in TEL. Peter.Scott@open.ac.uk eMadrid III, 18 JuneMonday, 18 June 12
  • 2. The long term future of Higher Education is in a world which is: open, social, filled with high quality, Will you be there? interactive, semantic, learning services. And at a very competitive price... free. Peter.Scott@open.ac.ukMonday, 18 June 12
  • 3. The long term future of Higher Will you be there? Education is in a world which is: open, social, filled So long as you have with high quality, a solution for interactive, •Assessment semantic, learning •Mentoring services. •Social Support •HQ Content And at a very competitive price... free. Peter.Scott@open.ac.ukMonday, 18 June 12
  • 4. online assessment wizards 4Monday, 18 June 12
  • 5. mentoring live we work ‘live’ with students via a variety of delivery and innovations systems here, Elluminate tutorials in languages, maths and a technology FlashMeeting peer group support meeting with embedded group work analysis 5Monday, 18 June 12
  • 6. social network support make good use of peer and mentored support via social networking platforms see e.g our own and 3rd party support ... here twitter, facebook and a ‘halloween student party’ in second life 6Monday, 18 June 12
  • 7. very high quality content we reserve most content and experiences for our own students; currently we target 5% OERMonday, 18 June 12
  • 8. Foresight is Fun Join  us  on  teleurope.eu linked data when data services are open and connected? analytics when measurement is open and easy? post personal computing when the computer disappears?Monday, 18 June 12
  • 9. the personal computer* has changed the way we learn and work a post personal computing world thin and mobile devices -> invisible (?) careless, infinite storage -> cloud always on; always connected * interesting point : a debate here whether it was the PC did this or it was the internet or email, or …Monday, 18 June 12
  • 10. What is this PPC world? consider this example using Apple GameCentre™ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXCHKYsi1q8Monday, 18 June 12
  • 11. Student  want  this? Understanding  the  needs  of  today’s  students Beliefs Desires • Use  latest  technology • Believe  ICT  improves  their   • Part  of  the  overall  learning   learning  experiences experience • Want  academics  to  use  more  ICT • IntegraBon  between  the  VLE,   • Feel  their  lecturers  need   lectures  and  the  enBre  learning   addiBonal  training  in  technologies experienceMonday, 18 June 12
  • 12. mobile open learning vision The Open University experience by 2014 more people will access the internet via a mobile device than a computer* * From Internet Trends 12 April 2010 – Morgan Stanley.Monday, 18 June 12
  • 13. SO… what is the OU experience of designing the 21st century learning experience Faculty Library Open Media Quality Office Knowledge Media Institute Learning and Teaching Solutions Institute for Educational TechnologyMonday, 18 June 12
  • 14. iTunes U in our VLE in 2012Monday, 18 June 12
  • 15. structure eProduction co-work via managed pipelinesMonday, 18 June 12
  • 16. Structured content production to mobi; epub2 and epub3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE9Zn90j5lwMonday, 18 June 12
  • 17. Monday, 18 June 12
  • 18. An Open University Music book Lyrics; Score; Listen;Think;Do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE9Zn90j5lwMonday, 18 June 12
  • 19. Monday, 18 June 12
  • 20. The Open University on iTunes U Geographical breakdown of downloads 3 June 2008 - 21 March 2011 • 30M downloads by close of 2010 • 90% outside UK • 350 collections from 150 OU modules • maybe 3-4.5 Tb p/w via Amazon and Akamai clouds All downloads external to the Open University’s intranetMonday, 18 June 12
  • 21. iBooks Author (Jan, 2012)Monday, 18 June 12
  • 22. Interaction ‘in book’ (May, 2012)Monday, 18 June 12
  • 23. apps are easy but hard to scale Virtual Microscope with 4 rocksMonday, 18 June 12
  • 24. We r s te b sit e Po o k e Bo e c tiv ra St te ud In Sample yMonday, 18 June 12
  • 25. good experience but in tablet learning experience what do you dream of that is missing?Monday, 18 June 12
  • 26. The long term So… what next? future of Higher Education is in a world which is: open, social, filled with high quality, interactive, semantic, learning services. Remember : Assessment Collaboration (Co-creation) And at a very Social HQ Content competitive price... free. Peter.Scott@open.ac.ukMonday, 18 June 12