Valeria, Tomás, Gustavo and Julián


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Valeria, Tomás, Gustavo and Julián

  1. 1. Ghost in the guitar Gustavo Hurovich Valeria Caponetto Tomás Baquero Julián Izquierdo
  2. 2. Tom is a young boy, who enjoys playing the guitar in his band, Steel City, with his He inscribed them on the girlfriend Katy and some Battle of the Bands. friends. When they were listening to the radio, they notice that they have been accepted in When Katy heard the the competition. notice, she run to hug her boyfriend, but accidentally she broke Tom´s guitar.
  3. 3. Katy asked her sister Rachel Tom and Katy didn´t get to lend her some money, to much money, so they had buy another guitar. to buy a cheap guitar. But there wasn´t anyone. So the shop owner offered They didn´t know them an old and dirty the hidden secret guitar. They bought it. of that strange guitar…
  4. 4. Since that moment, Tom changed, he started to arrived late to the band practises, he didn’t pick up his girlfriend from work and he started to play much better. He didn’t want to talk with anyone, he began a solitary life
  5. 5. Scared about her boyfriend, Katy went back to the music store to find out what was happening. The shop owner told her where the guitar came from. A woman sold it to him six months before, so he gave him her name and adress.
  6. 6. She went there and the woman told her a strange story, about the previous owners of the guitar. The woman, Linda, told to After the competition David Katy that the guitar drove away in his car, and belonged to David Ryan. He had an accident. was the guitarist of Circle of He died, but the guitar Gold a band of 1980. And didn’t break. So Linda´s that they had won a husband ask David´s competition. parents for it. Then strange things started to happen for example the So she sold it to the music store. guitar started to play alone.
  7. 7. Katy was confused, she was needing help, so she look for his sister. Katy told her sister the story. So her sister decided to go to the next practise of the band to check if Tom was After the check, Rachel went changed. into the library with Katy to find an old newspaper, of the day after the competition of David Ryan. After reading it well, they realized that David was inside Tom´s body.
  8. 8. Finally the day of the Battle When there was their turn, of the Bands came. After an Tom walked out on the extreme competition, they stage alone. At that reach the final. However, moment, Katy took a Katy wasn´t happy. She was decision. She took Tom´s nervous because the story guitar and broke it into a of David might happen thousand pieces. again. She would do anything to save her boyfriend
  9. 9. After she broke the guitar, David´s spirit dissapeared. Tom was him and everything was normal again.