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Ghost in the Guitar

Ghost in the Guitar



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Sol, Julieta, Gastón M, Gastón A, Martín Sol, Julieta, Gastón M, Gastón A, Martín Presentation Transcript

  • We want to tell you… …a very strange story!
  • The story was called The Ghost in the Guitar
  • • There were four friends who played in a band, Steel City. Those friends were Tom (who played the guitar), Katy (piano), Danny (drumms) and Aruna (bass). They practised all the time that they could.
  • • One day, Tom arrived to Danny’s house, and he said that the band will participe in the Battle of the Bands! • Everyone was very happy. In that moment Katy (Tom’s girlfriend) jumped to Tom and gave him a big kiss, but when she jumped, she didn’t see the guitar and broke it...
  • So, if they don’t have a guitar, they couldn’t play in the Battle of the Bands. That night, when Katy arrived home, her sister wasn’t in the bed. She asked her if she could give her a some money to buy a new guitar. Katy told this to Tom. So quickly, they went to a music shop.
  • • The guitars were more expensive that what they thought, but there was another one very cheap… • Tom bought the guitar because he loved it. Katy thought that he looked like a Star with that one, with a cold smile, and was afraid for a second.
  • • The next day the band practised in Danny’s house. Tom played incredibly the guitar, he was much better: But his attitude was worse, he said that Aruna, Katy and Danny were terribles •Aruna and Danny were happy because Tom played the guitar like a Star, but Katy was very sad. Why did he say those things?
  • • Katy wanted to investigate about the guitar, so she went to Tom’s house when he isn’t there. When She was alone in his room, she felt that someone was watching her. She turned round and there was only the guitar, like watching her. • Katy run out of the room, and then she heard a sound of a guitar!
  • • After that, Katy went to quarrel to the music shop about the guitar, and the owner told her about the woman that selt him the guitar. •So Katy decided to go to Linda Carter’s flat. When they met, Katy thought that it was clear that the woman wanted to save her husband from the guitar…
  • • In the chapter 5 , katherine go to the Linda Carter house and they talk about the twenty years ago. Linda Carter say that your husband Phil carter is report to the band Circle of Gold and say that the band is excellent because the guitarist is David Ryan. Linda say about the one problem , the problem is David Ryan because he is only interested in the music and he lose your job because he practised with the guitar all the time.
  • • David thought that your band is horrible because you friends didn`t practise enought.Then the band sang and David went very angry.He drove his vehicle so fast and he had an accident. After the accident David died anda your spirit stayed in the guitar. Katherine talk with Rachel about the accidente.Later Katherine and Rachel went to the library for to do research into the newspaper about twenty years ago.They take the newspaper and it isn t complete because the library catched fire.Then Rachel and Katherine went to practise with the band.
  • SOMETHING WAS WRONG!! • Katherine and Rachel were afraid of what could happen to Tom, because everything looked as if he was going to go through the same David had 20 years ago - that means, dying.
  • • So they went to the library and seized the diary of 20 years ago. • At the “Battle of the Bands” of that year there was a picture of circle of gold. They realized of Ryan belonged similar to tom!!
  • Katherine and Rachel knew that David had quarrel with his band and went away angry and furiously. So he drove so quickly that he had an accident. Anyway, David’s guitar was kept intact!
  • So they had an idea! They thought that to save Tom of the terrible accident they had to win the competition of that year, so then Tom won´t be angry.
  • THE BIG NIGHT CAME AT LAST • It was the night of the competition. Finally was Steel City moment. Everyone played their best. • But the judges have not been able to make a decision and they said “both bands will come back on stage and play one more song”
  • It was time for Steel City Katy didn't want to play, because she was afraid that Tom would kill himself. Tom started to play. Everybody thought it was wonderful. Katy felt really pleased because that beautiful song was her song, but also felt terrible because she knew that Tom was going to die.
  • The End She didn’t know what to do. Then, she ran into the stage, she took the guitar and destroyed it, the crowd got angry. David’s spirit was finally free, then Tom came back to himself. Steel city didn’t win that night, but they saved Tom and David, the Ghost in the Guitar.