Big sleep by Victoria and María


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Big sleep by Victoria and María

  1. 1. Alumnas: Victoria Huberman y María Iglesias
  2. 2. When General Sternwood asked Philip Marlowe forhelp. Someone was blackmailing him and he wasreally worried. He told him that the he began beingblackmailed by Geiger, when Rusty Regan, Vivian´shusband, left them without saying why. Thedetective told him he was going to help and then hemet his daughters, Carmen and Vivian. He saw thatCarmen was selfish and stupid, and Vivian intelligentbut cruel. But, he realized that they were two selfishchildren. After leaving the house, he saw theSternwood`s oil wells. Their money came from them.
  3. 3. Philip went to Geiger´s store and spoke with agirl. He asked her to speak with Geiger andshe told him that he wasn´t there. After sometime, he discovered than he lived in LaverneTerrace and that he sold pornography.
  4. 4. The detective went to Geiger´s house, and he saw that Carmen and Geiger were inside the house. He realised that Geiger was dead. So, he took Carmen and Geiger´s notebook. After leaving, he realised that the carpet was full of blood. After taking Carmen to her house, he returned to Geiger´s house and he saw that everything was clean and that he wasn´t there. He went to sleep and began thinking about the notebook and who had taken Geiger´s body.
  5. 5. Owen Taylor, Sternwood´s chauffeur, wasdead. That day, he met Vivian and they spokeabout what had happened to Carmen somedays before.Vivian told the detective that Eddi Mars willgive money to them to help carmen.After that, Philip had a conversation withcarmen in which they spoke about what hadhappened.
  6. 6. Eddi Mars appeared and he began threatening him, butthen the detective left that house.Marlowe went to Joe Brody´s house and there, Brody,threatened him. He was pointing him with a gun whenCarmen appeared. So, they began fighting becausePhilip was accusing him of killing Geiger. After that, hetook the guns of his enemies and Carmen left.
  7. 7. A man who worked for Geiger called Carol enteredto the room and killed Joe Brody. Then, thedetective and Carol went to Geiger´s house and hesaw that Geiger´s body was there.Thalking with Brody, he discovered that Brody hadnot killed Geiger
  8. 8. After lots of investigations and threatens, PhilipMarlowe discovered that Geiger was killed by Taylorand that Brody was killed by Carol.So, he was kidnapped and Harry Jones, Agne`saccomplice, saved him. Some days later, Harry Joneswas killed by Mar´s mans and Philip could not helphim. After some time, the detective was kidnappedanother time and there he had an importantconversation with Mrs Mars in which she told himthat she did not escape with Regan. And that herhusband is inoccent of Regan`s murder.
  9. 9. Philip did not believe what she said. Vivian help himto escape and she killed Canino who was a man thatworked for Mars. Marlowe went to his home and hemet Carmen who told him that she did not likeRegan because he did not pay attention on her. So,Marlowe realized that Regan disappeared becauseCarmen shot him and that Mars blackmailed Vivianbecause of that.
  10. 10. Marlowe and Vivian made Mars go to Geiger`shouse and there they forced him to tell his mans tokill him. Because of that, Mr Mars died. Then, Philipcalled Ohls and he told him that Mars killed Regan.