Marketing to the Tough Crowds


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Erica Allison of Allison Development Group in NC was asked to speak at the 2013 SouthEast Regional Directors Institute (SERDI) Conference held in Asheville, NC. Topics covered how to market your organization so that it matters to your audience; how to market your organization to your partner organizations and the public; how to use data to enhance your message and build relationships; and how to communicate with agenda-driven or opposition groups. Erica provided a case study of a brand pivot that delivered results in a tumultuous political climate.

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  • With my own site, I changed the services line up based on traffic to my site and the fact that I had too many things – clunky lists – that made them drop off after visiting.
  • With my own site, I changed the services line up based on traffic to my site and the fact that I had too many things – clunky lists – that made them drop off after visiting.
  • I’ll talk more about this later when we discuss handling your detractors.
  • We actually were not hitting the mark with this logo; we were excluding some folks and confusing others. We weren’t even close to hitting an economic development mark.
  • The word initiative doesn’t result in positive sentiment…is it an effort? A process? General public weary of its use.Livable is a hot button term in our conservative neck of the woods. While it may “play” well in one spot (Asheville) it does not in the rest of the region. We had to create a new brand that would clearly convey overarching goals of economic development and jobs and that did NOT look like a government led effort.May prove difficult to place onto a t-shirt, letterheadRule of thumb in logo creation: avoid using more than 2 colorsLooks busy.
  • Two colors of blue and green represent growth, prosperity, hope and optimism.Simple, text driven logo.The O in Gro can convey topic areas.All about jobs and econ development Looked at anti-groups or folks not usually on board for sustainable planning efforts for inspiration.
  • Comm and Outreach Strategy is our rule book for brand integrity, particularly with regards to message and talking points.We address hot items (mind the elephants) and we provide guidance on how to use the logo, which colors to use, and how we’ll convey the message.
  • Goes beyond logo to website, collateral materials like postcards, and invitations.
  • Facebook is our social hub where we post updates, meeting dates and times, and relevant news articles to create CONTEXT and RELEVANCE for the project.
  • New Belgium BrewerySierra NevadaGreat examples of economic development that is unique to our region and that touches on health, energy, transportation, land use, housing, all elements of the Livability Principles.
  • There’s always going to be someone on the other side of the fence.
  • Marketing to the Tough Crowds

    1. 1. Marketing OurselvesSkills & Strategies to Tell Our StoryHow to Handle Agenda-Driven Groups2013 Annual ProfessionalDevelopment Conference
    2. 2. Marketing to aTough CrowdMembers, Partners, Opponents,Challengers and the Usual Suspects.2013 Annual ProfessionalDevelopment Conference
    3. 3. Set Your TimersO 30 min: Marketing Like a ProO 25 min: Marketing to the Tough CrowdsO 20 min: The Crowd Turns Tough (Q&A)
    4. 4. Who cares?O ClientsO CommunityO PartnersO CompetitionO DetractorsO VendorsO LendersO FamilyO FriendsTheyareALLthesame.AndtheyALLcare.
    5. 5. Marketing Begins With…
    6. 6. UnderstandingOWho you are and whatyou do…BEST.
    7. 7. UnderstandingO What matters MOST to thepeople you serve.
    8. 8. UnderstandingO Goals DifferO Results Matter
    9. 9. Marketing Includes
    10. 10. Research & Data: Self SearchYour Name Here…
    11. 11. Research & Data: Secure Search
    12. 12. Your Name Here…Research & Data: Google Alerts
    13. 13. Research & Data:Cross Channel Communication
    14. 14. 1. Pick up phone.2. Grab a coffee.
    15. 15. Marketing MeansUsing the Data to Drive Marketing
    16. 16. What just happened?
    17. 17. What do you do with the data?O Change your tuneO Adjust your messageO Reflect changes across all platforms
    18. 18. Solidify Your Brand
    19. 19. Hit the Message Up FrontThis Council is about EconomicDevelopment!
    20. 20. Move Quickly & Boldly
    21. 21. The Marketing R&D Hot ListSelf Reflection:Opportunities &ChallengesOutside Evaluation:Opportunities &ChallengesO Google Yourself -routinelyO Google AlertsO Google AnalyticsO Cross ChannelCommO Surveys, Emails,Social MediaO Google Others –routinelyO Google AlertsO Coffee TalkO Show Up
    22. 22. Rinse & Repeat
    23. 23. Marketing to the ToughCrowdsA Case Study: GroWNC
    24. 24. Project OverviewWhat:O HUD Sustainable Communities Grant (2010)O Economic prosperity, quality growth, and sustainabledevelopmentHow:O Existing plans and strategiesO Extensive public involvement >> SolutionsWho:O Land of SkyO Consortium to guide and facilitate + Community to leadWhere:O Western NC: Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison &Transylvania counties
    25. 25. Timing is Everything
    26. 26. Who are we talking to here?What are wesaying?!?
    27. 27. What’s in a Brand ?Were we on target?
    28. 28. Or, even on the board?
    29. 29. Logo &MessageEvaluation
    30. 30. STAY ON POINT.COVER YOUR BASES.Don’t ignore the elephants.When you pivot…
    31. 31. Brand Integrity• Messaging &Talking Points• Frequently AskedQuestions• Meeting Protocols• CommunicationTools• Templates• Graphic Standards
    32. 32. minding the elephants…
    33. 33. Brand Collateral:
    34. 34. CrossChannel Communication
    35. 35. Brand Management:MessageReinforcement
    36. 36. Not JustA-21 orTea Party
    37. 37. Fence JumpingO Understand theirmotivationsO Understand theirlanguage – use itO Show upO Help build a new fenceO Invite them over forcoffee
    38. 38. PutSuccessesResultsUpFront
    39. 39. And Remember…O We ALL want to do business or work withpeople we trust and know – get to knowthem.O While the Goals + Motivations maydiffer…O The desire for Results still remains.
    40. 40.