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lizk_Final Wiz Iq Ppt


Published on

This is the final version with music, animation, pictures, etc.

This is the final version with music, animation, pictures, etc.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. WiZ iQ Presented by: Liz Kotlowski Teaching With Technology MSMC Summer 2008
  • 2. WiZ iQ: Traditional classroom
  • 3. WiZ iQ: Why created
    • Prime focus was to create a user friendly online teaching platform for the education community
    • Free alternative to expensive
    • conferencing tools
    • A live class module for Moodle
  • 4. WiZ iQ: Purpose
    • Connect live to others anywhere in the world to share an interactive synchronized collaborative environment known as a virtual classroom
  • 5. WiZ iQ: Components
    • Communicate live
    • Share content
    • Archive sessions
  • 6. WiZ iQ: Components
    • Communicate live using:
    • 2 way video and audio with a headset
    • or
    • through text chat
  • 7. WiZ iQ: Components
    • Share content :
    • Using a whiteboard with:
      • ppt
      • pdf files
      • word
      • excel
      • image sharing
  • 8. WiZ iQ: Components
    • Archive sessions :
    • All sessions are recorded for later review
  • 9. WiZ iQ: Application
    • Virtual Classroom:
    • Synchronous online teaching and learning
    • Equipped with live audio/video, text chat, document/whiteboard sharing & session recording capabilities
    • Unlimited free use
  • 10. WiZ iQ: Select features
    • Member search:
    • Meet other teachers/students pursuing same interests, subjects and topics as you are
    • Connect and communicate via e-mail or through live, online virtual classroom
    • Search by topic or simply click a tag
  • 11. WiZ iQ: Teacher benefits
    • Content sharing:
    • Share ppt presentations with students, teachers & friends in video format online on WiZiQ
    • Can find content created by other members or upload your own to build your content library
  • 12. WiZ iQ: Assessment tool
    • Tests:
    • Features include –
        • Rich collection of practice questions
        • Questions from subject experts
        • Quick search for topics
        • Question sharing with friends
    • Key benefits –
        • Practice & master your subject
        • Compare performance with peers
      • Fresh set questions each time
        • Ask for guidance from experts
  • 13. WiZ iQ: Spotlight
    • Teachers can promote themselves by hosting public sessions
      • Online webinars are public sessions by expert teachers on a variety of education experts
      • Synchronous interaction with teachers in online discussions can be useful for learning; recording are always available
  • 14. WiZ iQ: Advantages
    • More engaging for students
      • Realistic simulations, animations and movies
    • Students collaborate with each other
    • Supports variety of learning styles
    • Allows students to learn using format that suits them
    • Allows expansion of lesson beyond the confines of the classroom
    • Can continue discussion outside the
    • classroom
        • Especially useful to reach
        • “ quiet” students
  • 15. WiZ iQ: Disadvantages
    • Teachers find it difficult to overcome their own values to explore new possibilities for engaging students
    • There is a definite learning curve if using for the first time
    • Time consuming to set up virtual classroom and assessment questions
    • Test questions on site may not be aligned to your specific curriculum
  • 16. WiZ iQ:
    • Electrochemistry video
  • 17. WiZ iQ:
    • Resources -
    • Virtual Classroom video