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Smart board overview class material

  1. 1. Educational Technology Lab - ETLab SMART Board SMART Board Overview: A) SMART Board Overview of main capabilities: Write, touch, save B) Cool Tools: Pens, shape pen, magic pen, document camera. C) Use with other applications: WS Word, PowerPoint, Excel. D) Smart Notebook overview: Gallery Essentials, Tools, Activities A) Capabilities: Write, touch, save  SMART Board recognizes touch. You can use as your finger to perform any task on that your mouse would perform in your __________________________________ computer. __________________________________  You can use a pen to write, your finger, any other object that __________________________________ does not damage the SMART Board. __________________________________ __________________________________  You can save your activities and the changes you make to your __________________________________ documents. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ______ Follow this sequence: __________________________________ 1. Double click the internet explorer with your finger. __________________________________ __________________________________ 2. Press any link to navigate the internet. Use your finger. __________________________________ 3. Pick up a pen from the tray. An ink layer will appear. __________________________________ 4. Use the pen to write or highlight the text. __________________________________ 5. Use the eraser to clean your writing. __________________________________ 6. To save your notes. Return the pen or eraser to the tray. __________________________________ 7. Touch the board with your finger. A “Save Ink” drop down __________________________________ menu will appear. Select save ink. __________________________________ 8. A screen capture will be sent to a new file. __________________________________ 9. Touch the display again and select close ink layer. The ink __________________________________ layer border disappears. __________________________________ 10. Continue to navigate the internet as you wish. __________________________________ __________________________________ 11. To view captured notes, 12. Press the Smart Notebook icon in your task bar (underneath the display).Press the save button to save the file.
  2. 2. B1) Pens Pick up a pen from the pen tray and start to write. The magic pen has three functions: Magnifying lens (draw a square); spotlight Draw a circle) and auto erasing highlights (just highlight or write text). Draw any shape and the SMART Board will perfect it for you. Draw fun and colorful lines and shapes with stars or smiling faces. Pens come in red, green, blue and black B2) Capturing Image: 1. Camera: It is a built-in snipping tool. It captures still images. The whole 1 window, the screen, or a section. 1 2 2. Document Camera: You need to have it connected to your SMART Board. If captures movements. Ideal for science experiments. The video 1 made is saved as a SMART file. C) Using Microsoft applications with the Smart Board. C1, 2) MS Word and Excel 1. Insert annotation as drawing. 2. Insert letters or numbers to the text wherever the cursor is: 1 2 3 select a pen write the text; click on number two icon; the text will appear in the same font and color in which it was written. 3. Take a snapshot of your notes. Select the camera icon, number 3. The SMART Notebook software will open and stay available in the task bar. To save, press the save icon.
  3. 3. C3) Using PowerPoint with SMART Board. 1. Open your presentation and press the slide show button. A Slide show bar will appear: Use the right arrow to move forward. Use the left arrow to move back. Pick up a pen and make notes. Touch the display once and the notes disappear. To include your note to your presentation: put the pen back; press the middle arrow in the in the slide show toolbar; select “insert drawing”; continue your presentation. To end the presentation: Press the middle arrow in the presentation toolbar and select “end presentation”. To save your notes: Click “file” and select “save”. D) Smart Notebook overview: Gallery Essentials, Tools, Activities Gallery Essentials: You will find pictures, interactive multimedia and Notebook files and pages that you can use for your own activities. 1. Open the SMART Notebook Software. 2. Click on the gallery icon. 3. Choose your subject matter. 4. Browse through the gallery or use the search box above the menu. Tools: You will find Flash tools. You can insert them in your activities and change the content keeping the animation. 1. Click on the gallery icon again 2. Select Lesson Toolkit 2 3. Select tools Activities: You will find several different types of activity templates. 1. Click on the Gallery icon. 2. Click on the Activities folder. 3. Chose a template. 4. Edit the content. If you are not sure how to edit the template, browse through the examples folder in the same menu. 5. Go back to the activities folder and edit the activity to fit your needs. 6. Save your activity.