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3  ppt tutorial for creating an activity with the smart notebook software and lesson activity toolkit 2.0
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3 ppt tutorial for creating an activity with the smart notebook software and lesson activity toolkit 2.0






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    3  ppt tutorial for creating an activity with the smart notebook software and lesson activity toolkit 2.0 3 ppt tutorial for creating an activity with the smart notebook software and lesson activity toolkit 2.0 Presentation Transcript

    • The ETLab presents a series of three practical tutorials
      that aim to help the ETLab students, staff and faculty
      to familirize with the SmartBoardTM environment,
      making use of the Smart Notebook Software 10 to download,
      edit or create interactive multimedia activities for their classes.
    • In this tutorial, you will learn:
      The Smart Notebook 10 interface.
      How to explore the Gallery Essentials.
      How to explore the Lesson Toolkit 2.0 folders and contents.
      How to find the necessary tools, buttons and effects
      to create your own interactive multimedia activities.
      Where to go for further training.
    • When you download Smart Notebook Software 10
      you will see an icon like this one on either side of your desktop
    • When you click on it,
      you open up a floating tool bar
      Click here and it will hide again
    • To move it to the other side of the Desktop,
      click here and drag it.
    • Place the floating bar at a convenient side for you,
      if you have too many icons in your Desktop
      it may be confusing to have it on the left side.
    • To open the Smart Notebook Software
      and start working, click on the Gallery Icon.
    • This is the Smart Notebook Software 10 Interface
      Notice the Gallery
      is on your right
    • This is the Smart Notebook Software 10 Interface
      It could be
      on your left
      To change side,
      just click on these
      little arrows
    • The tool bar can also be on the top
      To change side,
      just click on these
      little arrows
      Or at the bottom of your window
    • Let’s take a look at the interface
    • The first nine buttons are pretty intuitive,
      we are not going to talk about them.
    • This is a screen that covers whatever picture
      or text you have in this work window
      and you can reveal parts of the content
      by moving the screen in all directions, as you wish.
    • This one shows full screen, hiding the Gallery Icons.
    • This one shows two pages at a time
    • This one is used for screen capture.
      You can capture:
      • parts of an object,
      • the entire object ,
      • the window
      • the whole screen
    • The screen captures
      are saved in a different page
    • This is a kind of webcam.
      requires a Smart Document Camera.
    • The table tool and the pens are part of the tutorial
      on the main functions of the SmartBoardTM:
      • If you have gone through that tutorial,
      you now know how to use them.
      • If you have not,
      I invite you to watch these instructional videos.
    • Click on each picture in the circle to see what you
      will be able to do when using these tools.
    • Take your time
      and play a little bit
      with these pens
    • 1
      These icons are also very intuitive:
      Basic geometric shapes
      Fill effects
    • 1
      Shows all pages
      Launches the and Gallery
      Inserts files and hyperlinks,
      click on insert at the bottom
      and open the insert window
      4. Fill effects
      Floating bar changes side
      Switch between previous or next pages
      Add a new page
      Delete a page
    • Let’s explore the Gallery Essentials.
      This is where you will find thousands of:
      • Pictures
      • Interactive multimedia activities
      • Notebook files and Pages
      • Ten different Categories of folders
      with lots of sub folders full of
      very rich and colorful material
    • The 1st subfolder in the Gallery Essentials,
      Administration and Evaluation,
      is actually a tools folder.
      It has 4 subfolders with themes,
      buttons, backgrounds.
      lots of flash files with sound
      and animation.
    • You can search pictures by
      Gallery Category
    • You can use the Search tool
    • Let’s Take a look at the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0
      This tool helps you create engaging interactive multimedia instructional materials for your classes in an easy and enjoyable way.
      In the Toolkit subfolders you will find:
      • Templates
      • Special effects
      • Flash files
      • Pictures
      • Themes
      • Action buttons to create, not only
      interesting, but effective instructional materials.
    • Each Toolkit folder has several sub folders containing pictures, interactive multimedia activities and Notebook pages that
      you can use to create your activities.
    • The Activities folder contains templates
      of ready-made pages that you can use.
      You can keep the same special effects
      but edit the content to create your own activity
    • The Pages Folder is divided into categories
      by the special effects and layout they contain
      Hot Spot
      Category Sort
      Time Line
      Sentence Arrange
      Multiple Choice
    • All activities have an “Edit” button,
      Click on it and open the editing page.
    • Edit the activity, click OK and save your activity
      You can also set a password to secure your activity,
      especially useful if the activity involves students’ manipulation
      of if you need to leave the Smart Board unattended for a while.
    • If you are not sure how to edit the template
      just by looking at the blank template,
      click on the Examples Folder, bellow the Activities Folder
      look for the same activity among the thumbnails and click on it.
      A completed sample activity will open up for you.
    • 1
      Some activities in the Examples Folder have:
      Click to revel explanations or guides
      Pull-out tags
      Locks (locks the picture or tool in the same place)
      Video tutorials (especially if there are
      special effects or Flash files included).
    • It is a good idea to study the Examples
      before editing the template activities.
    • The Games Folder has board and card game templates.
      Most of the dices, cards and other tools for playing those games
      are animated: They have movement and sound
      and they are ready to use, just edit the content.
    • When you Edit the template
      the puzzle automatically
      Changes form
      to fit your new words.
    • The Graphics Folder has ready-to-use and pull-out note tags,
      signs, rectangles and bars.
    • 1
      Rotates the picture or tool
      Opens a menu with clone, save, order,
      lock and unlock, and many other important commands.
      3. Resizes the picture or tool.
    • In the menu that opens when you click this arrow,
      there is a very important tool: Set Transparency.
      Click the area you want to disappear and click OK
    • The Pages Folder has three subfolders with ready-made pages
      that you can use and reuse again always keeping the same consistency.
    • The tools folder contains interactive Multimedia flash files
      with special effects for your activities
      Question flipper: Question on one side and answer on the other side
      Voting Machine,
      the numbers go
      up or down
      Click to reveal text, click again to auto hide
      Scrolling text banner
    • You have all the information you need
      to start creating your own
      Interactive Multimedia Activities!
    • Suggested hands-on activity
      Suggested Strategy
      To foster community building, inquiry learning, higher order thinking
      and develop research skills, you can ask the students, in small groups,
      to research online for:
      • The names of the planets.
      • Their position around the sun (the closest to the farthest from the sun)
      • A short description of the planet that will help them identify each planet
      by looking at it.
    • Suggested hands-on activity
      This is what your could look like
    • Smart Notebook Education is a life long learning process.
      It is the combination of a very rich equipment with always evolving software.
      Here is where you can go for more opportunities to learn:
      2. http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-us/
      3. You tube
      Your feedback is highly appreciated: www.elzahsc@vt.edu
    • The information, screen captures and videos in this tutorial
      were taken from the Smart Technologies webpage at